astonished and happy that something advertised actually happens

Have you ever wondered about something advertised and it turns out to be true because you’ve seen it with your own two eyes?
Reminds one of the state nickname for Missouri –  the “show-me” state.

Bombas Socks do actually donate socks to homeless people in NYC.

Remember that the City is empty due to COVID? The homeless folks have been out in neighborhoods and parks, in force. In fact, brouhahas are stirring on the UWS where hotels have been opened up to the homeless New Yorkers so they do not have to share a large space and cots in a homeless shelter. Their neighbors aren’t too happy, but that is another story.

Anyways, dievca spotted a Gentleman who has made a local park his home during COVID sporting black low-rise Bombas socks and they look to be in good condition. Apparently, Bombas is not donating the same sock they sell to customers.
They are donating a sock that is specially designed for the homeless with the following features:

Nice to see altruistic marketing in action.

dievca owns a number styles of Bombas Socks and has given them as Christmas gifts to Master and members of her family. Everyone loves them.

“Made you look”

“It’s real,” stated company spokesman Tim McIntyre. “The ad was created and pitched by an agency to the independent franchise in Israel. It never ‘officially’ appeared anywhere, because it was ill-advised, unfunny and not brand-appropriate. In a word, it was stupid.”

In fact, McIntyre thought that the ad was a joke when he first encountered it. “When I first saw it myself, I thought it was a parody, just in time for the premiere of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey.’ I’m still shaking my head.” (Huffington Post / NY Daily News)

What do you think about the ad? — and the tagline “you’re going to suffer and enjoy every moment”? — dievca looked twice and laughed.

The Bare Bones ~

Stripping it down for Halloween!
xray-pinup-octoberxray-pinup-april xray-pinup-january xray-pinup-november xray-pinup-february xray-pinup-march xray-pinup-december xray-pinup-september xray-pinup-may xray-pinup-august xray-pinup-june xray-pinup-july

EIZO Pin-Up 2010 Calendar

EIZO medical imaging high precision displays for the examination and diagnosis of radiographs.

Very popular among craftsmen but quite new for medics: pin-up calendars. At last, one that shows absolutely every detail.

Advertising Agency: Butter, Berlin/Duesseldorf, Germany
Creative Director: Matthias Eickmeyer
Art Director: Nadine Schlichte
Illustrator/CGI: Carsten Mainz
Copywriter: Reinhard Henke

Commercials: uncategorized
Country: Germany
Ad type: Ambient & Guerrilla

Beauty Vs. Reality

everythig-has-beautydievca always took pride in her strong body and abilities.
It took dievca a long time to start loving her looks.
Broken and rebuilt nose.
Larger cheeks.
More masculine, severe features.
Crazy curly hair.
Large eyes that can not decide what color to be~

You would have noticed none of these issues. They were of dievca’s own making.
She is not alone in these strange – unreal perceptions.
And she is always surprised when she runs into a lovely photo of herself.

These videos state the same point nicely.

How do you see yourself?

LONG: Dove Real Beauty Sketches |
You’re more beautiful than you think

SHORT: Dove Evolution | With some images, all is not what it seems

PS. dievca knows that her Master finds her beautiful everyday. He has told her. she also knows that she finds beauty in every person she touches. Now, after another birthday she has finally accepted that she is a beauty just in the act of being. It took awhile.

Age and Advertising…

dievca doesn’t look 24 anymore….Master will say, “How old are you now? 39, right?”…she’s not sure if He is joking or not…but she knows that she is on the downside to 50.  The beautiful thing is that she feels young, vibrant and that translates to how people see her. And….she’s found that she prefers to see Cate Blanchette, Naomi Watts, Lauren Hutton, Helen Mirren in photos – rather than the young stars. They have a history, they are interesting, they have Lived.

Plus, NYC is a hot bed for gorgeous older women – AGING WITH STYLE – ‘ADVANCED STYLE’ DOCUMENTS BEAUTIFUL OLDER WOMEN AGED 62-95

Recently, dievca saw some of the new advertising for St. Laurent, Giorgio Armani, Calvin Klein and Balmain:


“For too long fashion has targeted very young girls, ignoring the swathe of older, confident consumers who have a high disposable income and are unsaddled by debt. They are a powerful and stylish army and don’t particularly want to dress in a uniform of wrap dress and nude court shoes,” Stella Editor Marianne Jones, 50, once said of this stylish demographic of women.

dievca may not look like those models, but “Three Cheers”, for the age range!

The Telegraph UK: Jane Birkin’s new Saint Laurent campaign is another sign fashion might finally be embracing grown-ups

Nurse, Nurse – I need you!

The nurse/patient relationship lends itself to many Dominance/submissive/Fetish scenarios.  But in the end, as dievca watched the dynamics of the Hospital, it was proven over and over who keeps the clockwork running and who should be honored daily.

Honored with a sense of humor, of course, because the Life/Health/Death dance can be tough.

Starting with some creative advertising from India. (click to make larger)

Nirlife / Oneuse: Sex Positions, 3

“Non-Disposable Syringes Are The Second Biggest Cause Of HIV”

Advertising Agency: DDB, India
Creative Director: Ravinder Siwach
Copywriter: Ravinder Siwach
Photographer: Mukul Raut


December 2011

And continuing with a little musical humor.

Scrubs Magazine: VIDEO Parody of Ice, Ice, Baby – Nurse, Nurse, Help Me

Here’s to the nurses of the World~

Thank you!

(PS. That scrubs magazine website is pretty fun – makes you think as a future patient.)