Agent Provocateur Athletic Endeavours (lingerie)

Agent Provocateur Athletic Endeavours – Play To Win.

dievca’s Mother (85+) said something kind and profound when dievca was irritated about her muscles and curves.

I see a lot of frail and sick people.
You are so strong and healthy, its beautiful.

The comment made dievca stop and think about how it is not how thin your thighs are, its what you thighs can do that matters. Shapely is nice but healthy and functioning is 100 times better.

Think about that the next time you become frustrated when your glute muscles take up a lot of space in your jeans.

The bodies above are primo athletic and gorgeous in the lingerie. Something to emulate, strength and tone rather than crazy juice cleanses to thin out.


Feeling a Flash (lingerie)

Agent Provocateur’s Franni offering a sexy Flash.
Similar to this:

Get your dance on!

(click photo to purchase)

Lingerie: obsessed with Fishnet

We’ve spoken about Fishnet stockings and lingerie several times.

dievca would like to bring it back up, this week, in the lingerie section because
Agent Provocateur is offering Fishnet, again, as Riho

dievca is feeling that this is something for Master…
Is it something for your Sir or Madame?

Sheer Delight~

Agent Provocateur Geri

roll the stockings
adjust the clasps
settle the breasts

sheer delight in primping for the evening

Grace, Elegance, Lucidity: a submissive’s quest (repost)

If God wanted us to be naked, why did he invent sexy lingerie?
~Shannen Doherty

Grace, Elegance and Lucidity
Perhaps your Dominant seeks to build an environment of grace, elegance and lucidity within the D/s relationship.

To that end (loosely based on Protocols from Robert J. Rubel, PhD):
• The submissive is responsible for identifying and employing ways of incorporating graceful movement into her presentation and style.
• The submissive is expected to have and to use high-level language skills. The submissive will use correct grammar and develop a vocabulary commensurate at ease with that of a person with a college degree.
• The submissive is responsible for learning a pleasing vocal tonality, to modulate her voice, and to enunciate words clearly.
• The submissive is responsible for being sensitive to personal dress and appearance at all times.

Sometimes being sensitive to personal dress calls for erotic elegance.

dievca suggests Agent Provocateur Baroness Slip (photo) or something similar.

It delivers Grace, Elegance and Lucidity in High Style.

Posted Oct. 21st, 2013

Interesting Tan Lines~

Agent Provocateur Swimsuit - lines

Corset + Fishnet =
a crazy tanning pattern on your Sir’s body.

(Agent Provocateur Swimsuit 2016)

Desperately Seeking a Collab…

Agent Provocateur _caughtincharlotteswebAhhhh — dievca would love to be the proud owner of a couple of collaboration pieces: Agent Provocateur and Charlotte Olympia to be precise.  Too bad she almost choked when she saw the prices….

14 K Gold Vintage Cartier watch vs. Bra/Knickers set?

the Watch

Agent Provocateur caught-in-charlottes-web_suspender_front Agent Provocateur _caughtincharlottesweb back Agent Provocateur caught-in-charlottes-web_suspender_back