Light Bondage Belt Bag – Alexander Mc Queen

Restrained with a Belt:
Alexander Mc Queen – The Curve Bucket Bag is approximately $1400


What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the Master calls a butterfly.
Richard Bach

You are the butterfly.

Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen SS2011, "Butterfly Dress"

(Asking for opinions, please!) A lot going on – two Alexanders

dievca always has her eyes open for new dresses (at least new to her…) and she’s one who looks good in army green, mustard yellow, burnt orange, rust — Fall colors. (sigh, puke colors)

she ran into this Alexander McQueen Green Draped Goddess Mini Dress for McQ from Fall 2010.

A draped goddess style, but short. That’s not a worry – dievca is short.

It is a press sample Size 6

Bust 38″ Waist 26′ Hips 40″ Length 36″

Coming for the UK, its on offer for $300 and $14 shipping.

So, dievca’s question is…with that draping, is that going to be too much going on for a short, curvy, muscular body? Or is that going to look fabulous?  dievca sees black or brown high heeled sandals for dress up or flat leather sandals for casual. Maybe even boots!

She does think it is an easier piece to wear than the Alexander Wang 2008 dress she picked up at at a Barney’s Warehouse sale years ago for $80 and hasn’t worn…


Honestly, both have a lot going on….maybe dievca should avoid both.
Any thoughts?

The first dress can be found at 1stDibs (click here), the 2nd is in dievca’s closet…

For the Roses

What though youth gave love and roses,
Age still leaves us friends and wine.
~Thomas Moore~

Alexander McQueen Medium Printed pouch pink

Joni Mitchell – For the Roses

A closer look: Alexander McQueen Dress Collar

A closer look: Alexander McQueen Dress Collar

The Alexander McQueen Gold Bar Collar almost looks like a posture Collar —
elongating the neck in an elegant manner. dievca ran into it, again, on Net-A-Porter.

Editor’s Notes: Alexander McQueen’s gold-tone choker was one of the key accessories from the runway show.
The hook-fastening chain has multiple links so you can adjust it to suit your look.
Wear this statement piece with an all-black outfit for the greatest effect.

Very bold. Worth a second look.

Alexander Mc Queen Choker Neck

Something for my Friends down under…Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen Wool Floral DressAlexander McQueen: Wool Floral Dress, Evening Book with Chain, Show Collar
Exquisite for the cooler evenings. A night out with your Sir.
XO dievca

Alexander McQueen Evening Book Clutch with chain


Alexander McQueen Show Collar

A chance for great vintage dressing – behold: 1950’s Household Kink

More Social than Sexual

1950's Holly Hoelscher Hand Painted Silk Chiffon Party Dress

1950’s Holly Hoelscher
Hand Painted Silk Chiffon Party Dress

!950's Chocolate Chiffon Dress

1950’s Chocolate Chiffon Dress

Vintage 1950's Ciel Chapman Black Dress

Vintage 1950’s Ciel Chapman Black Dress

Vintage 1950's Lee Jourdan Black Lace Dress

Vintage 1950’s Lee Jourdan Black Lace Dress

Vintage 1950's Satin Brocade Dress

Vintage 1950’s Satin Brocade Dress

Vintage 1950's Susie Perette Black beaded Dress

Vintage 1950’s Susie Perette Black beaded Dress


Vintage 1950’s Green Pleat Print Dress

1950's Cocktail Dress

1950’s Cocktail Dress

Yves Saint Laurent Vintage Peasant Dress

Yves Saint Laurent Vintage Peasant Dress

1950’s Household Kink  involves the playing of “traditional” gender roles. The man is the head of the household, and the woman is the housewife under his domain. The nice thing about 1950’s Kink is that you can do it tongue-in-cheek if you wish or you can take a more serious view. You can do it just for a while, and then return to equitable roles when you feel like it — unlike the actual 1950’s housewives, who were probably grabbing a drink behind the china cabinet to deal with their subservient lives.

In modern-day 1950’s play, the woman is to be submissive and serve her husband. The man is to be the man of the house, bringing home the bacon, and do all the manly tasks around the house. The woman may wear an apron, full makeup, high heels, and whip up a casserole before greeting her husband at the door. Clothes are fun to play with in this dynamic. The woman might only be permitted to wear dresses. The man should  wear a tie so he can loosen it when he gets home.

Any fun-loving kink couple can play 1950’s for an evening or even a weekend while the kids are a grandma’s. You don’t have to be married! Some couples may choose to live 1950’s as more of a 24/7 dynamic. The wife literally stays home and keeps house. The “homemaker” form of slavery seems to be popular these days-at least in the minds of many who are seeking a Master. However, it is a fairly unrealistic expectation for one simple reason: most couples lack the resources to live on one income. It is no secret that most Western families require two incomes to make ends meet.

Overall, 1950’s is just a fun way to explore traditional “retro” gender roles and play with stereotypes, while working in a spanking or two. If you are looking for new scene ideas as a Dom/sub couple, you may find 1950’s a real adventure.

And as you can see, the Vintage Era Dresses are FABULOUS!

*** A Thank You to and for information about 1950’s Household Kink***

ALEXANDER MCQUEEN SS 2014 film release: BDSM Fantasy?


Just a “heads up”, dievca is feeling a bit emotionally raw and angry today — this gritty short film fits.

BDSM, Portable Camera, Futuristic, Goth, Punk, Leather, Stalking, Bondage, Neo-Noir

Kate Moss stars in her first campaign since turning 40 years old and it is for British label Alexander McQueen. She takes a stab at acting in a gritty short film by Steven Klein, which was developed to accompany the campaign stills. Klein is an American photographer based in New York.

The short film was inspired by the 1960s British thriller, Peeping Tom in which a serial killer murders women and uses a portable camera to record their dying expressions of terror.   In this case, the camera zeros in on Kate and highlights her features, fashion and last expressions. Not quite terror, not quite welcoming~

BDSM: Would one of your fantasies include being pursued in Alexander McQueen leather clothing? Are you an exhibitionist desiring to be filmed by a Peeping Tom?   Would you like to drop your leather kilt, be stripped of your leather bustier and restrained with belts on a bed?  
All thoughts that went through dievca’s head. Hmmmm~still thinking.

Kate Moss Alexander McQueen 2014 Cuffs and Clutch Kate Moss Alexander McQueen 2014 Purse Bed

Please don’t lose it, Sir — pin it to your sleeve. The key to my heart.

The key to my heart -- please don't lose it. Pin it to your sleeve.Alexander Mc Queen Red key fobIf dievca’s head wasn’t attached, she would lose it.  The same thing happens with her phone, keys, gloves, hats, etc.  dievca’s solution is to have brightly colored accessories so she can find them in her bag or tote.

With a hint of punk, BDSM and Rock and Roll —

McQ Alexander McQueen 

has offered a Safety Pin Key Fob which helps out  when they come in a bright Yellow, Red or Kelly Green Faux Patent Leather.

Who said your accessory had to be black to be subversive?

Subtle Subversion and a helping hand at the same time.  —

Now, that is multitasking!

Alexander Mc Queen Green key fob