Proud as a Peacock!

Hedy Lamarr, wearing a ‘peacock dress’ in a promotional photo for the movie ‘Samson and Delilah’ (1949)

Meaningful Peacock Symbolism in Culture and History

The peacock might be thought to have some of the most admired human characteristics. They are a symbol of integrity and the beauty we can do when we endeavor to show our true colors.

In history, myth, legend and lore, the peacock symbolism carries portents of: Nobility, Holiness, Guidance, Protection and Watchfulness.

You might like to contemplate the powers of the peacock when you need more vibrancy and vitality in your Life

The peacock can rejuvenate self-esteem levels too. If you’re feeling “blah” and blue, imagine the glorious, techno-color display the peacock provides. This puts us in a proper mood to embrace your own nobility. In no time, you’ll be walking tall and proud as a peacock!

Here is a list of keywords linked to peacock symbolism:


In Greco-Roman mythology the peacock is identified with Hera (Juno) who created the peacock from Argus whose hundred eyes (seen on the tail feathers of the peacock) symbolize the vault of heaven and the eyes of the stars. (Note: there is something about Argus watching the bovine form of Io…..)

In Hinduism the peacock is associated with Lakshmi who is a deity representing benevolence, patience, kindness, compassion and good luck.

2009 Vera Wang Peacock Wedding Dress

Similar to Lakshmi, the peacock is associated with Kwan-yin in Asian spirituality. Kwan-yin (or Quan Yin) is also an emblem of love, compassionate watchfulness, good-will, nurturing, and kindheartedness. Legend has it that she chose to stay a mortal even though she could be immortal because she wished to stay behind and aid humanity in their spiritual evolution.

In Babylonia and Persia the peacock is a guardian to royalty, and is often seen in engravings upon royal thrones.

In Christianity, peacock symbolism represents the “all-seeing” church, along with the holiness and sanctity associated with it. Additionally, the peacock represents resurrection, renewal and immortality within the spiritual teachings of Christianity.

You know, the ego isn’t a bad thing, as the peacock clearly indicates. There’s a reason somebody coined the phrase, “proud as a peacock”. If you watch the male – they are about as cocky as they come. Showing off and wooing his ladies. It takes a lot of brass to attract a bevy of peahens. This is a symbolic nod to us encouraging us to get some hustle in our bustle. The Peacock reminds us sometimes it’s totally okay to flaunt our stuff and show off our skills. Peacock energy can remind us we are amazing, and we should fan out our assets to land the opportunities we are seeking.

No reason not to dress in fine feathers as a female, too – Alice + Olivia Peacock pieces to help:


Basque – which one? Ah, lingerie.

Asier Etxeandia, actor

Basques are indigenous to and primarily inhabit an area traditionally known as the Basque Country (Basque: Euskal Herria), a region that is located around the western end of the Pyrenees on the coast of the Bay of Biscay and straddles parts of north-central Spain and south-western France.

In college, dievca dated a Seminarian who was of Basque decent — as he told dievca, he hadn’t committed to being a priest, yet. And he was quite good-looking and exceptionally nice. she doesn’t know if he committed to being a Priest or not. They stopped dating when he had another year to go~

A basque is an item of women’s clothing. The term, of French origin, originally referred to types of bodice or jacket with long tails, and in later usage a long corset, characterized by a close, contoured fit and extending past the waistline over the hips. The name of the clothing came to be when the French fashion for long women’s jackets was adopted from Basque traditional dress.


In lingerie terms, a basque refers to a fitted garment, with a cup, extending down to the waist line or just above. It is usually made of lace, or stretch lace and has plastic boning to support the shape of the body. It has suspender straps for holding stockings in place, which are sometimes removable. It is intended for beauty, not  for warmth.

Adiskide onekin, orduak labur.


What do you call “Home”?
Physical location? State of Mind?
Is it where you began?
Or is it whom you stand next to?

Growing up “Home” was defined by a 10 hour car trip to Family. Then it was who stood next to me. It became certain people, certain places and experiences. But as I travel back to my Parents, I realize I hold “Home” inside of me. I do not have to travel to find it and if I do travel, I will never lose it.

something beautiful connected to the photo above (click)

Oh My! something necessary

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(Something for the Littles or anyone who is feeling the Joy! Cinn? XO)


Feelin’ Green~


Little Green Bag

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Simple elegance and feelin’ groovy and green.

A favorite color.

Beautiful for Master

Tie belt
Mid length

Bribery in College: Grateful Dead Concerts: Alice + Olivia

Tie Dye Smiley Facedievca was bribed by her lab partner in college. Something about going to the Grateful Dead concert in Alpine Valley, WI. In return for doing the P-Chem Lab, dievca would receive a tie dye t-shirt and friendship bracelet. Yep — dievca has to say it was a really great tie dye tee. (she wore it until it shredded…)

The Grateful Dead may be one of the most beloved groups in rock history, and Alpine Valley Music Theatre may have been amongst the Deadheads’ favorite places to see the band jam.

But between nostalgia and, um, substances enjoyed at the shows, those Deadheads may not remember that the shows weren’t always “groovy” experiences.

The group performed 20 times at the East Troy amphitheater, from Aug. 23, 1980, through July 19, 1989, with fans traveling from as far as Massachusetts and Arizona, according to Milwaukee Journal and Milwaukee Sentinel archives.

Once, before the show, 1,000 parking spaces were lost due to heavy rain, prompting a traffic backup that stretched up to six miles. “This was the worst traffic jam I’ve seen here,” Sgt. Todd Wiese of the Walworth County Sheriff’s Department told the Milwaukee Journal.

Grateful Dead traffic jam

Grateful Dead traffic jam

They hadn’t seen anything yet. For those two problematic shows, about 28,000 Deadheads descended on Alpine. Two years later — the first of a four-show, five-day run — an estimated 60,000 people arrived, about a third of them without a ticket.

That is the year that dievca’s lab partner went to the show. People arrived early to party all day, forcing thousands of fans who actually had tickets to park alongside roads, in front of houses, and trek up to four miles on foot to the show.

The challenges continued after the concert ended. Sheriff’s deputies were on site until 3 a.m. directing traffic until they gave up. Fans slept in the lots overnight —  and neighbors complained of people sleeping in farm fields and woods on private property. Some Deadheads even slept in nearby ditches.

Apparently the demeanor of the concert goers was generally “pretty mellow“. A few angry fans threw bottles at police officers, but only about 25 arrests were made.

As a goodwill gesture, the Grateful Dead donated $1,500 the following month to the Lake Geneva Rotary Club, and $500 to help pay for police overtime.

The band came back the next year, with a new rule in place only allowing ticket holders into the lots, and Alpine Valley was able to avoid the previous year’s chaos. But rain still caused problems, with drivers getting stuck in the mud attempting to leave, causing delays as long as two hours.

The following April, Joseph Entertainment Inc., the Milwaukee firm that owned Alpine, announced it would ban the Dead from the venue in 1990, trying to reduce tensions with Walworth County officials.

The band would never play Alpine Valley again.

In 1995, the Dead came to an abrupt end with the untimely death of the band’s leader, Jerry Garcia. Splinter Dead projects, including The Other Ones, with Kreutzmann, Weir and Phil Lesh, and Hart’s band Planet Drum, did make appearances at Alpine in later years.

Why did dievca go off on this Memory Lane tangent?

Behold the Alice + Olivia , Grateful Dead Collaboration…really.

The flashback is killing dievca.


Thank you to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

Don’t know who the Grateful Dead are?
Rolling Stone offering from Alpine Valley, WI 1989
Touch of Grey – their biggest hit.

“You can’t always get what you want”


Alice + Olivia Elenora Indigo Poet Sleeve Flare Dress

Following in the immortal words of the Rolling Stones — dievca can’t wear shift dresses. she desperately tries and tries, but it’s a disaster with a capital “D”.
Too many curves.

alice-olivia-berry-dress-dora-ruffle front

alice-olivia-berry-dress-dora-ruffle back

Though dievca desires the Alica + Olivia Elenora Dress (above), she opted for the Alice + Olivia Dora Dress.

So? Shift or Flare for you or yours?

And a little Stones to get your morning Rolling….yep, she did just say that~

(Rolling Stones – You can’t always get what you want live 1973)





  • a person who derives ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources.

dievca likes to think that she is an eclectic — and as she is clearing her closets, she thinks there is evidence to that claim.  But, maybe she should ask Master what he thinks about His dievca’s style. He must have formed an opinion from going through dievca’s shoes and purses with her.

Here is something that this eclectic would like to ask her Master if she can add to her collection:


Alice and Olivia Mollie Dress Pre Fall 2015

Alice + Olivia Mollie Dress Pre Fall 2015


The Jury’s Out: Embellished Boxy Jackets

Boxy Beaded Jacket alice_and_olivia_ILIANA DROPSHOULDERAlice & Olivia offered some Boxy Beaded Jackets in their line for F/W 2015 and S/S 2015.

dievca was intrigued and sent down Memory Lane with the offerings.  Flashback to the late 80’s early 90’s with the shoulders and beaded offerings….dievca had a killer multi-colored jacket she wore for many occasions (similar to the photo on the right).Boxy Beaded Jacket Vintage eBay  Should she do it again?  Alice & Olivia or go the vintage route?  Or bypass the idea completely….

Would Master like to see it? Hmmm~

Weigh in and let dievca know. XO

Channeling Dorothy Shaw in Alice & Olivia

Jane Russell Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

Jane Russell: Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

Dorothy Shaw:
“I like a man who can run faster than I can.”

alice_and_olivia_CARAGENVNECKFITTEDGOWNWITHSLIT_blacknude_1 alice_and_olivia_CARAGENVNECKFITTEDGOWNWITHSLIT_blacknude_2 alice_and_olivia_CARAGENVNECKFITTEDGOWNWITHSLIT_blacknude_5 alice_and_olivia_CARAGENVNECKFITTEDGOWNWITHSLIT_blacknude_6Alice & Olivia


•Deep v-neck
•Zips at back
•Fitted throughout
•Seam at waist
•Features front slit
•Black lace with nude lining
•Floor length

Pop of Color!

dievca has been dealing with many challenges in 2015. It’s made for a division of tasks and luxuries. Did you realize that BDSM is a luxury? dievca didn’t realize that either.
What she means is that as Dominant/submissive, Master and His dievca just are…But taking time to fully focus, the pleasure to dress, to serve, to create elaborate scenes has to be put to the side in the events of illness and death.

Those pieces of BDSM are a luxury.

It has been both Master’s and dievca’s families in an equal distribution of challenges. As one becomes more stable the other tilts~

dievca needed a short and easy mental break, as her challenges are in full swing at the moment. No chance to catch up with Master for a hug, so she chose to take a quick look for things that would make her happy.

Perhaps, they will make you happy, too.


Loewe Small Woven Leather Tote Bag, Multi BG $3390

Loewe Small Woven Leather Tote Bag


Alice & Olivia Paradise Dress


Alice & Olivia Paradise Dress Back

Fendi Paillette Baguette Shoulder Bag, Multicolor BG $2900

Fendi Paillette Baguette Shoulder Bag, Multicolor

Rebecca Taylor Short sleeved Lace Dress Blue ShopBop $450

Rebecca Taylor Short sleeved Lace Dress

Rebecca Taylor Short sleeved Lace Dress Blue ShopBop $450 sleeve

Lace Sleeve

Mary Katrantzou Lobelia Peach Plie Boat-Neck Jersey Dress Orange-Multi BG $1040

Mary Katrantzou Lobelia Peach Plie Boat-Neck Jersey Dress

Christian Louboutin Loubiposh Multicolor Spiked Clutch Bag BG $995

Christian Louboutin Loubiposh Multicolor Spiked Clutch Bag

Valentino Red Leather & Suede 1973 Printed Sneakers SSENSE

Valentino Red Leather & Suede 1973 Printed Sneakers


Alice & Olivia Veronica butterfly paradise tote bag

BDSM Alice + Olivia Style: Collar Attached

You may be owned…

alice_and_olivia_EVYLEATHERCHOKERBUSTIERDRESS_black_1.jpg alice_and_olivia_EVYLEATHERCHOKERBUSTIERDRESS_black_2.jpg

Evy Leather Choker Bustier Dress | Alice + Olivia

  • One Piece Garment
  • Connects at back with leather trimmed zipper
  • Sleeveless
  • Leather collar at neck, tube style crop top with boning and high-waisted pencil skirt
  • Fully lined

alice_and_olivia_evyleatherchokerbustierdress_black_3.jpg_8 alice_and_olivia_evyleatherchokerbustierdress_black_4.jpg_8


…but you will own the room.



    • playfully quaint or fanciful behavior or humor.
    • a whim.
      plural noun: whimsies; plural noun: whimseys
    • a thing that is fanciful or odd.

Presentation Clothing, a hint of Snow White: Alice & Olivia

Alice and Olivia september2 2014
Queen: And because you’ve been so good to poor old Granny, I’ll share a secret with you. This is no ordinary apple, it’s a magic wishing apple.
Snow White: A wishing apple?
Queen: Yes! One bite, and all your dreams will come true.
Snow White: Really?
Queen: Yes, girlie. Now, make a wish, and take a bite.

Click to View the:

GORGEOUS VIDEO of Alice & Olivia: Autumn 2014 Arrivals

(note: video link is below the offerings, at the bottom of the page)

Celestial Being with the Alice & Olivia ‘Nelson’ Dress

Shel Silverstein Polish the Starsalice_and_olivia_NELSONEMBELLISHEDVNECKBLOUSONDRESS_natural-silver_3alice_and_olivia_NELSONEMBELLISHEDVNECKBLOUSONDRESS_natural-silver_4alice_and_olivia_NELSONEMBELLISHEDVNECKBLOUSONDRESS_natural-silver_1alice_and_olivia_nelsonembellishedvneckblousondress_natural-silver_2_4
Someone listened to Shel Silverstein and has polished the Stars well because the Alice & Olivia Nelson Dress is twinkling brightly! Light for Summer or it can move you in to Winter. The stars shine all year round.

Wild Strawberries

1950's Strawberry Dress


“Are Wild Strawberries really wild?
Will they scratch an adult, will they snap at a child?
Should you pet them, or let them run free where they roam?
Could they ever relax in a steam heated home?
Can they be trained to not growl at the guests?
Will a litterbox work or would they leave a mess?
Can we make them a Cowberry, herding the cows,
Or maybe a Muleberry pulling the plows,
Or maybe a Huntberry chasing the grouse,
Or maybe a Watchberry guarding the house,
And though they may curl up at your feet oh so sweetly,
Can you ever feel that you trust them completely?
Or should we make a pet out of something less scary,
Like the Domestic Prune, or the Imported Cherry,
Anyhow, you’ve been warned and I will not be blamed
If your Wild Strawberry cannot be tamed.”

 ― Shel Silverstein, Where the Sidewalk Ends

Welcome Spring!

Alice and Olivia pre-spring-headers_pants_2The first day of spring is one thing,
the first spring day is another.
The difference between them is sometimes as great as a month.
Henry van Dyke (1852-1933)

What dievca is wearing to welcome Spring — with a down jacket nearby just incase…
Alice and Olivia Ethan Ombre Boxy Sweater and Red Floral Wide Leg Pants
Pattern diversity for Master.

(Click on the left photo for sweater information, click on the right photo for pants information)

alice_and__olivia_ETHANOMBREBOXYSWEATER_red_and Super Flared Wide legged pant alice_and__olivia_ETHANOMBREBOXYSWEATER_red_and Super Flared Wide legged pant back

Sadly….no Spring Gala on the calendar for dievca

Gala Season is ending for dievca. There is one more event in April, but a cocktail dress will do rather than a gown.  dievca really treasures attending the larger Galas because it is a chance to dress up. she dresses down for work.  On that note, dievca would like to offer a suggestion for someone else who might have an upcoming Gala, or this could be just an elegant something to wear for dinner at home with Sir.

Alice and Olivia by Stacey Bendet




  • Fabricated in: polyester, nylon and silk chiffon, dry clean only.
  • Fully lined, ruffle detail throughout skirt, zips at back, all over lace detail.
  • Total body length 61 1/2″.
  • Color Black/Sesame

This gorgeous gown has tiers of black-on-cream lace cascading down to the floor. The scalloped low V-neck style in front and deep V in the back gives the gown a sultry sophistication and the neckline would highlight your Sir’s Collar so beautifully. Sigh~

Consider Pink for a Valentine’s Day touch~ Alice + Olivia Moss Coat

Alice and Olivia Moss Long Men's Tailored Coat

Alice and Olivia Moss Long Men Tailored Coat with Fur Collar


Back with Zippered Cuffs in Berry Punch

Pink is not dievca’s favorite color to wear, but she could be persuaded to wear this Alice and Olivia Moss Fur Collared Long Coat in Berry Punch.  The coat could be a luxurious topper to a gorgeous outfit in black, navy, grey, brown or burgundy.  Something unexpected for your Valentine’s Day dinner.  It’s on sale at Alice & Olivia by Stacey Bendel.

Leather + Knit = Cozy

Alice & Olivia Carrie Double Collared Leather Jacket

Autumn is here and Master is not around all the time to wrap dievca in his warmth. So, she has to seek out coats and jackets to do the job in between Master’s care.  dievca ran into this beautiful piece from Alice & Olivia  by Stacey Bendet that fits the bill: Leather + Knit = Cozy.

The jacket features:

  • Sweater knit double-layer collar
  • Italian lambskin
  • Leather is treated with a quilted effect
  • Moto Styling
  • Long sleeves with stitched elbow detail
  • Asymmetric zip front
  • Slash zip pockets
  • Raw edge collar, cuffs and hem
  • Back yoke and center seam
  • Fully lined

Yes, it’s cozy but not dowdy.  In fact the jacket is a little bit downtown sexy. When dievca meets her Master for an espresso she will feel toasty and look good enough to eat!