The best part ~

The best part of being a backend is there is no backend at the back end of the backend. ~ Anup


In the computer world, the “backend” refers to any part of a website or software program that users do not see. It contrasts with the frontend, which refers to a program’s or website’s user interface. In programming terminology, the backend is the “data access layer,” while the frontend is the “presentation layer.”


hills and valleys – elfje

Photo: Nue Galerie

Fingers Squeeze
Climb a Hill
Slide into the Valley

Face Down

While waiting for my Master to arrive at my apartment, I fell asleep on my belly.  I must have looked like a starfish, all spread out in the sun. His Collar and Cuffs were on at His request.

Master had let himself in and must have quietly connected the straps to the corners of my bed and gently connected the straps to the ankle cuffs. I didn’t wake up until he place a vibrator directly on my clit. At that moment, I tried to roll over and my spread legs wouldn’t let me, Master said, “Stay on your belly” and used the vibrator to cause an orgasm.

I felt lube drip on to my ass and Master worked it into my asshole with his finger. He popped in an anal plug, then left to wash his hands.

” Get on your hands and suck me, dievca”, I worshiped His cock in that awkward spread position until it was hard.

Master placed two pillows under my hips, grabbed my ass and plunged into my wet pussy.

Going deep and pressing on the anal plug. I shuddered once, twice and orgasmed. Master kept moving in/out and stopped to tell me to move on His Cock. He snaked His hand around my ass to my clit and played with it until I orgasmed, again. This orgasm was so hard the anal plug went flying out.

I felt Master put lube on His thumb and he started to play in my ass. I felt the larger glass anal plug replace the first plug. Stretching me open.

Master washed His hands and Cock, only to return for me to suck Him hard and put a condom on. He unclipped my ankles, removed the glass plug, added lube and guided His Cock into my ass, one inch at a time.

By now I was dripping and my asshole was opening up.

Master fully entered my ass and started to move, holding my hips. I orgasmed twice and started to ride Master’s Cock. Master handed me the vibrator and said, “Hold this to your clit.” After a bit of time, I began to buck violently with the strength of my orgasms, Master held my hips for the ride. I finally squeezed Master out and fell flat on my tummy with exhaustion. He went to remove the condom and wash His hands, then lay down to hold me.

After some time, I asked Master’s permission to suck Him. Permission granted, he grew large in my throat. He flipped me over, on to my back, and came into my pussy to orgasm. We passed out for 30 minutes, in the sun.



I started my shower with the intent of washing the dust, sweat and grime of the day away. Alone, in my bubble, with the hot water rinsing the fatigue – the door opened.

“May I share your shower?”
What part of absolutely don’t you understand?

I want to touch and soap up every piece of you. I want to play with your testicles, rinse
and lick your ass, suck your cock. I want to slide my breasts up and down your soapy chest, feel your fingers slip through my pussy then play with my clean ass as we kiss.

I want you to play with me until I am coming all over and opened up wide. Then bend me over to enter my ass as I grab my ankles. Holding my hips to create a rhythm.

I want to squirt and orgasm hard as only my Master can make me. I want my Master to Orgasm hard as He slaps my ass and pinches my nipple.

Then I want to rinse and towel off my Master and myself, only to stumble to the bed for a short nap.


Then I will sew this patch on to my jean jacket:


Safety First

Presentation outfit: something totally slutty. Skirt. Stockings. Heels.
Sent from my iPhone

I know that you like surprises, but I am stuck on shoe choices. Could you help me?

I have two options for safer balance. Which shoes would you prefer?

Thank you,
your wet dievča

Alaia Thigh High Wedge Boots

Red Tango Dance Shoes

Baby Got Back. (18+, nsfw) repost

The best things in life are unexpected – because there were no expectations. Eli Khamarov

dievca’s Master asks for variation.

Master does not want anything to become stagnant or expected for himself or for his dievca.  The variations do not have to be large, they just need to exist.  dievca keeps an eye on what clothing/shoes she wears with Master, the presentation outfits she creates, the jewelry that accentuates her creations, and her hair/make-up, etc with variation in mind.

One simple way that dievca makes her Master happy is with beautiful unexpected surprises.  Nipple nooses, clit clamps, body chains, pasties can work, but a favorite for dievca and something surprising for Master is the crystal anal plug.  The plug is not noticeable under clothing and it feels lovely for dievca to wear– she feels a bit full. Plus, the anticipation that she will be giving Master an unexpected treat is delicious.

Master will not see or feel the plug until he begins to play with his dievca. dievca can always sense when Master runs into the plug. He pauses, smiles and then taps the crystal to let her know that he is pleased.


With the variation theme the plug is not used all the time and dievca makes sure that it’s appearance does not coincide only with certain outfits.  Both Hi and Lo styling have seen use of the plug.

dievca just wanted to mention the plug to other submissives and Vanillas because it is an inexpensive way to make your Master or partner smile.

Now that your bottom is dressed, let’s get your weekend started…..

From Nov. 8th, 2013

Master’s ass~

The one attached to His submissive
is delightfully sore…

Make my hair curl~

“I will arrive at 5:30 pm, be ready to present.”

“Master, what would you like me to wear?”
“Anything you want, dievca. Surprise me.”

Master and dievca connected upon His return. Both at the end of being sick with Summer colds.

“Should we kiss?”
“Can’t be any worse than what we had…”

Kneeling, waiting patiently for Master to get out of the shower after a hot subway ride. My hair was still damp from my shower, earlier.

Master came out dripping and sat in His favorite chair.


Taking the time to place His collar on His dievca’s neck and attach the lead.  Master pulled me in close for a kiss.

“It’s been a long trip.”
“Master, I offer you my Lips….my Breasts….my Pussy….my Ass
“You put a plug in for me – Good Girl.”

Gentle kisses and licks along Master’s hard Cock caused me to grow wet by orgasming spontaneously. When Master massaged my clit and inserted His fingers to check on His pussy, the satisfying sound of wet suction broke the silence.

“dievca, edge of the bed, legs spread wide.”

Master slid His hard Cock into my wet pussy, pressing on the anal plug – causing an immediate orgasm. Grabbing my legs with the heels still on them, Master placed my legs on His shoulders and tilted my hips for deeper penetration.

“Feels good to have Me inside of you, right? Did you miss Me?”
“Yes, Master” said through an orgasm.

My pussy was gushing fluid when Master pulled out and told me to turn around, lay my torso on the bed and open my legs. After removing the anal plug, Master spread lube on my anus and played with the opening using His thumb. After the gentle massage, Master’s Cock entered slowly, but firmly. Trying to relax my anus, Master passed me a vibrator for my clit. As I used the vibrator to orgasm, my sphincter muscle relaxed and then clenched Master’s Cock fully.

“Ahh, dievca, that’s what I want.”

Moving in a back and forth motion, tilting my hips, the pleasure of Master’s Cock in my ass was tremendous.

“Master, may I add a vibrator to Your Pussy?”

The vibrator slide easily into my wet opening and Master could feel the vibration along with me. Hip and ass motions getting larger and stronger cause small orgasms along the way until clenching violently on Master’s Cock, I squirted all over the floor.

“That’s My dievca, that’s what I wanted to start out with.”

Master removed His Cock and went to shower, then called to me to shower.

We lay on the bed catching our breath and savoring the moment.

“Let’s have a little something to eat and some wine, before starting again.”

As, I stepped out of the bedroom, I caught sight of my hair….a profusion of curls exploding off of my skull – untamed and wild.

“Master, will you look at this chaos on my head?”
“I love MY curls, it represents our time together – Explosive, Exuberant and Joyful.”

The time ended up a blend of D/s, Lovers and Friends just happy to reunite.

Serving with limitations~

nude-on-bellyWhen I was a child I slept on my belly.  As an adult, I shifted to my back to limit face wrinkles. When my back goes out, I sleep in whatever position happens to not cause me pain.

Right now? That’s on my belly without a pillow and my arms stretched above my head.
Wrinkles be damned.

My back is in alignment and I have made up for lost sleep.  Deep and drooling, but good sleep.

cuffs-in-frontDeep enough that I never felt Master put the cuffs on and attach my hands to the bead frame with the leather straps.

I did feel Him kiss the nape of my neck and then run His hands along my hips. After a time, He raising them to a position where He knew I was comfortable and then slid pillows under my hips to wedge me up. My ass opened and that’s when I realized I was restrained and available to Master’s touch.

Master played with my pussy to get it wet and added lube to my ass for an anal plug. After washing His hands, He came back to play with my pussy some more and slide into my warmth gently.

“How do you feel?”

“Beautiful, Master.”

“Tell me if you have any pain.”

Master kept a gentle consistent rhythm which cause me to orgasm softly over and over. His Cock getting larger and harder.

Opening up my ass, He removed the anal plug and massaged my asshole with His thumb – then slide in. I gasped a little.

“Your back?”

“No, Your size.”

“Give it a minute”

anal-sexAnd He reached to play with my clit. Soon,  I relaxed and opened up more and Master’s Cock slid in fully. Snug in my asshole. I orgasmed immediately, and Master waited till I finished to move. Holding my hips, He started the same rhythm used in my pussy and I kept pressing back for more, pulling hard on the restraints. Greedy for the feeling of fullness, with so many nerve endings pressing and squeezing Master’s Cock.

One orgasm, two orgasms…five orgasms – continuous orgasms and Master picked up the pace. He exploded into the uncontrolled squeezing muscles of my ass. I drop the tension in my arms.

“Are you ok?”

“Are you with me?”

“Yes, Master.”

“I hate not seeing your eyes.”

“Let me wash my hands and release you.”

All was well, a little stiffness – but no lingering pain after the chemical cocktail subsided.

A gorgeous way to welcome the morning after some good sleep.

Photos: Belly -, Cuffs - Scott Church, Anal Sex - unknown



It turned on You…

Your submissive was addressing Your needs with Cockworship.

You planned to come in her mouth and watch her swallow.

Keeping it short, before going to dinner.

But, You caught sight of her luscious curvy ass.

And it called to You.

Dinner might have to wait.


バック(bakku) “back”

black-and-white-cropped came before
what comes after

doesn’t matter

it’s the now
in focus

back up, move

hit the top
slide away
and stretch

hit top
slide away
and stretch

slide away
and stretch

and stretch



a butterfly touch to the clit
and the World EXPLODES

Reaching for her cappuccino –

Coffee Foam

dievca blinked a few times…
and it was still there!

(Look….its been really hot in NYC, with the heat index the temp has hit up to 110+F, dievca was a little dizzy after Farmer’s Market and Brunch this weekend…so, she’s allowed to be slow.)

Loyd / Ford: Fun with frou frou! (Tossing up your submissive’s skirt!)


Loyd/Ford strapless tulle dress

Four Weddings and a Funeral (click for a past post!)

Scarlett: [At wedding one, the bride walks down the aisle] Isn’t she beautiful?
Fiona: Scarlett, you’re blind, she looks like a big meringue.

But wouldn’t these dresses be fun
for tossing up your submissive’s skirt
and having at it?

loydford-pale-green-strapless-ballerina-dress-pale-green- loydford-pale-green-strapless-ballerina-dress-pale-green-back
loydford-pale-pink-strapless-ballet-dress-pale-pink- loydford-white-strapless-ballet-dress-white-

Launched in 2012,
LOYD / FORD is a luxury women’s clothing brand
based in Palm Springs, California

So, like…

woman's bottom with chocolate dripping onto it

How was the Chocolate?

Fine and Raw?



Strong and intoxicating

Sent from my iPad

your submissive’s Delight~

Ass and Heels

It’s so amazing ~
something I never thought much of, has become a focus.

My ass delights in your attention.
Thank you, Master.
your dievča

Tutoring dievca: if she were to do it again~

NJOY Training Plugs

NJOY Training Plugs


dievca came to Master to let her submissive side shine.
she also arrived without a great deal of creative sexual experience. One of the first items Master addressed was Cock Worship. It was considered a necessity for the relationship to proceed and in the post Tutoring dievca: Camille Crimson and Fellatio, Master sent dievca on a wonderful tour of Cock Worship.

Anal Sex was another area that Master was interested in but it wasn’t a deal-breaker. Master touched upon it but never set-up a training program or game plan for dievca. dievca quietly took it upon herself to start training her anal sphincter to relax.

When she finally told Master what she was doing, He assumed that because His dievca was so physical and she had trained her bum a little – anal sex would be a breeze. Wrong. dievca wasn’t able to relax enough.

Master and His dievca discussed options for more training. 

SHHHH…dievca admits…she stopped listening to Master’s “advice” when it didn’t give enough baby steps to make sense to her.  dievca continued with the smaller sized plug she had used.  she wore it at home, multiple times, for longer periods to train her muscles to relax. Then dievca bought the next size plug when she felt she was ready. The plugs were a “mishmash” of styles chosen by trial and error, plus availability and wearing comfort.

The progression:

Silver clear crystal anal plugThis small plug hurt to wear for a long period of time, so dievca sought something more comfortable for training in the next size.

Bootie Plug and Sliquid Booty Lube Combo

Bootie Plug and Sliquid Booty Lube Combo

This black plug was the workhorse of dievca’s training, something she could wear comfortably for a long period of time.

Gold Anal Plug A medium-sized option was weightier and gave dievca a more “full” feeling.

The large crystal plug dievca bought was…too large.

This is the point where dievca asked Master if they could try anal sex, again.
It still didn’t work well. Master’s Cock doesn’t get small at the top like the plugs do — dievca’s sphincter muscles needed to stay open.

Glass Anal Plug dievca added a glass plug with a wider neck and a homeopathic muscle warmer to help with relaxation,  The effectiveness of the “warming” spray might have been just mental, but…Anal Sex is a “mental” sport.

It worked!

It worked beautifully. dievca gained so much pleasure from anal sex and she knows that Master was thrilled, as well.

Would dievca do it the training again? Absolutely, in a heartbeat — BUT she would choose the NJOY training set in metal with an “o”-ring pull (first photo). Why? They look nicer, the curved shape avoids angles, the plugs should be easier to pull out of the bum and the 100% seamless metal looks easier to clean.  dievca would then finish the training with a large neck glass plug to mimic Master’s girth.

diecva hopes that you are inspired and helped by her tail (whoops!) tale. It’s not as glamorous as her Cock Worship learning experience, but the results are just as good! XO



Umm? Does this remind anyone of an….Anal Plug?
(Granted, an elegant…Anal Plug.)

Colors Available:

New Linens (nsfw)

New Linens — all white to deal with the Sun that pours into dievca’s apartment. Easy to wash loads in hot water with the white towels. As suggested by Oprah – in a past life…

New down pillows, light coverlet, cool crisp cotton, ready to be messed up.White Bed Sheets

Music blaring, dievca starts to make the bed, but gets distracted by the vibrators and anal plug that have been left to air dry from their cleaning. The day is lazy and there is time for an orgasm before picking up the apartment.

Using the lube, dievca inserts the glass anal plug. It stretches her and leaves her feeling comfortably full.  The yellow Iroha vibrator slides in to her pussy slowly with the anal plug taking up extra room — the vibrations move the anal plug.

Tan Legs in Bed

dievca flips over on to her belly and sticks her ass in the air, assuming the presentation position for Master (sometimes called the submission position). Burying her head into a pillow , she takes the pink Jimmyjane Form 2 and places it on her clit.  Moving the yellow banana in and out of her pussy, dievca starts to clench her asshole.


dievca freezes – Holy Shit, Master arrive home unexpectedly.


Still holding the vibrators, dievca doesn’t move. she hears Master ripping open a condom packet.


dievca feels Master remove the glass anal plug, lube her asshole and insert His hard cock slowly. she orgasms immediately which clenches her muscles and then opens her asshole larger. Master slides in fully when her hole opens wider.

Impaled, dievca stops to breathe and absorb the fullness of Master. The yellow vibrator has fallen out and dievca knows that Master loves to feel it – so she slowly puts it back in her Pussy.


dievca slowly rocks back towards Master and asks, “Master, may I use the vibrator on my clit?”


dievca starts to rock on Master’s Cock coming towards orgasm. she orgasms and clenches her pussy and ass muscles hard, squeezing Master fully. Master keeps pulling at dievca’s hips, pumping in her. dievca orgasms again and the vibrators fall away as she concentrates on Master’s cock. A third and fourth orgasm cause dievca to fall forward and Master follows her, but His cock slips out of her ass.


dievca flips over and lies across the bed while Master removes the condom and washes in the shower. When he steps into the bedroom dievca has her head dropped off the side of the bed and she opens her mouth.


dievca attends to Master’s Cock upside down, licking the length, circling the tip with her lips, playing with the slit using her tongue when Master begins to face fuck her rapidly.  The Cock grows harder and harder when Master flicks dievca’s clit with His finger she explodes into orgasm and squirts.


Tan belly white hands

Master grabs dievca’s waist and comes into her pussy.  He hands her the yellow vibrator and places her feet over His shoulders.  Pulling her off the bed to lower her hips, Master hits the top of  dievca’s  womb and she gasps with the invasion. Master begins to pound the top of dievca’s uterus, fully embedded into her body.


dievca turns the vibrator on to her clit and comes immediately, and again, and again.


Master continues to come deeply into dievca’s pussy and dievca cannot stop the orgasm waves from hitting the shore.  About when dievca is ready to pass out, Master tenses and ROARS like a lion, celebrating his deep penetration and orgasm. He falls forward on top of dievca – both are spent fully.

Slowly, Master removes his cock from dievca’s body and turns her to lie fully on the bed.  He joins her in the sun and  they just lie together, spent.

Morning Tease

A lazy, gorgeous moment on dievca’s new linens.