How low do you go?

Low Tech…dievca goes low tech.

Years ago, dievca had a Palm Pilot V (remember?!?!?) that crashed and she lost everything. Since then, she uses the computer/phone calendar – but she backs it up with …. moleskine.


But that soft black cover is…well…boring.

Adding a Anya Hindmarch leather Pac-Man Ghost sticker in flame red, creates pizzazz.


So….dievca wants to know how you go “low tech”?

(PS. Master takes pride in going low tech for getting His dievca to orgasm, manual manipulation with fingers…)



A Monday Morning Smile~

A/W 2016 Anya Hindmarch Ebury small Giant Pixels Tote

A/W 2016 Anya Hindmarch Ebury Giant Pixels Tote (click photo to purchase)

It’s the little things….

…that bring Happiness!

ANYA HINDMARCH Smiley leather sticker ANYA HINDMARCH Arrow leather sticker Anya Hindmarch Clouds leather sticker anya_hindmarch_chaos_fashion_i_love_it_sticker ANYA HINDMARCH Ouch leather sticker Anya Hindmarch Opps leather sticker ANYA HINDMARCH E leather sticker ANYA HINDMARCH Eyes leather sticker Anya-Hindmarch-At-Sticker ANYA HINDMARCH Egg leather sticker Anya Hindmarch comment leather sticker

Created in collaboration with ANYA HINDMARCH and Charlotte Stockdale of CHAOS FASHION, these beautifully-crafted leather stickers can be used to ‘sticker up’ anything – from your handbag to your phone or notebook – to create your own personal artwork. Please note, these leather stickers are designed to adhere to any surface permanently, so once they have been attached they can not be removed.

Anya Hindmarch SS15_Making_Of_Stickers_1We use a two-step process to achieve our luxurious embossed leather stickers. Once the leather has been screen printed, we use a process called alta frequenza to achieve the three-dimensional embossing. Although it’s a labour-intensive process we think it’s much more fun and luxurious than simply printing the design onto leather.


Is anyone else having a FLASHBACK?

Hello Kitty Puffy Stickers Little Twin Stars Puffy Stickers
And for those of you who are too sophisticated, too young, too lazy for DIY or don’t get the whole “sticker” thing…the work is done for you in the
Anya Hindmarch RESORT 2015 Collection.
Anya-Hindmarch-Ebury-Sticker-Print-Tote Anya Hindmarch Cat Header_SS15-Cruise

Cutting Down On Crisps: the next best thing…Anya Hindmarch

Cutting Down On Crisps: the next best thing...

Anya Hindmarch: The Crisp Packet Purses

dievca is working towards limiting fat and sugar from her diet.  This includes the Salt & Vinegar Potato Chips (Crisps — Good Bye, Taytos). dievca’s thoughts are if you shouldn’t eat it, wear it!

The Crisp Packet evening bag that has taken the fashion world by storm is a humourous and stylish take on the humble packet of Walker’s crisps.

Designer Anya Hindmarch’s offbeat creation took months to perfect, but the final outcome was totally worth it, given the attention to detail that translates to a perfect high-shine finish and vertical opening of this Crisp Packet bag. These special clutches are made by an Italian factory that specialises in jewellery and the time it takes to craft an individual piece stands at seven hours. The bags are varnished with coloured ink added to transparent varnish which is then sprayed on in thin layers until the perfect shade is obtained.

The clutches are metal with a suede lining and detachable chain strap. The intricate process ensures that each clutch is a unique piece of wearable art. Originally offered in 4 colors, Anya Hindmarch has unveiled a lovely metallic green version for Spring. This is the Crisp Packet dievca would prefer to own.


Sold Out. Sigh~


Anya Hindmarch “Earl Valentine” Tote/Shopper

It was Spring/ Summer 2013 and dievca never saw it until now……dievca missed it. she missed the ultimate accessory to represent “Master and dievca“….. It is sold out. Serious bummer because this tote would make dievca smile and Master smile.  It’s a statement of the joy of D/s or a Vanilla relationship with a fun, quirky sense of humor.  Right up dievca’s alley.  she is really bummed.  Guess who is going to be lurking on eBay~ Again, serious bummer.

There is second tote.  Quite fun, but not as subtle as the first tote.  Also, sold out. Sigh~

Anya Hindmarch "Earl Bottom Pinch" Tote/Shopper

Anya Hindmarch “Earl Bottom Pinch” Tote/Shopper