Something of use — tissue control.

Tan Super Puff Coin Purse in Catalina (click photo to buy)

Spill your coffee?
Wipe your hand?
Leaky nose?

Ask dievca, she always has spare napkins on her.

Those napkins, paper towels, and tissues were shoved into the bottom of a bag – drifting around and disintegrating with daily friction.
Lost when needed….

dieca tried putting the napkins in a ziplock sandwich bag.


Then dievca found a vintage LeSportsac Tissue Holder:

Cute. But hard to use. Folding the napkins to fit? Too much work.
And the little bag got lost in the chaos of her backpack.

Finally, dievca discovered a great solution:

The Aritzia Tna Super Puff Coin Purse!
You can stuff napkins/tissues into it – any which way – and it attaches to the exterior of a bag with the clip. Anyone can grab a tissue without bothering dievca’s bag of tricks.

Something of use.