What is beautiful? Jolie laide

Realillusion Feature_Expression_muscleuiBy now we humans have learned that looks are in the eyes of the beholder.  There is a mystical quality of the soul that can turn a beautiful face into an ugly one and vis versa.

People who have “beautiful” exteriors can begin to look ugly after you get to know them, while someone with a somewhat “average” face or even an “ugly” face can become the most beautiful person you know. This shows that beauty isn’t just a façade but an incandescent quality that is not solely dependent upon one’s gene pool.

Tom Robbins once wrote that the only way to burn is “Brilliantly, ecstatically, irrepressibly”.

This incandescent quality is what elevates a person above just hot or sexy. It’s the way they walk, talk and present themselves. It’s the way the person radiates from the inside out. It is the soul, spark and that thing you just can’t put your finger on. 

Je ne sais quoi – They have got that thing~

It might be the someone you didn’t notice at first, the one who didn’t stand out. But they are the person you need to get to know, whose beauty becomes more defined with every conversation, every glance. Je ne sais quoi is a phrase that describes people who can’t be classified as just “hot”.

Plumb the depths: They’ve got a soul

High Adventure: They are open to new ideas and experiences

Awareness: They pay attention to needs and wants of people.

Mystery: They share information, but there is always more to be found in conversation.

No need for a crutch: They can go it alone

They know how to talk

They don’t chase the limelight

They show you their real face

Their passions define them more than their looks

Inspired by a Laura Martin post on Elite Daily

BTW — you can consider dievca “Jolie laide”

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