It’s a long drive to Mom

coffee gif

Do you think they will look at me strange when I take all of the coffee at the motel?

Good Morning!

A late start~

Conde Nost: Vogue Photo 1959 Chevy Impala and model

dievca was busy trying to get the ball rolling~


On the Road, Again

dievca is behind the wheel and singing Willy Nelson while heading West.
she is wondering with people avoiding flying, will road trips come into fashion?
Is there a call for the vintage places of interest maps?

(click on the map to purchase a reprint)

David Rumsey Historical Map Collection
Author: General Drafting Company
Date: 1962
Short Title: Trip Planning Map Of The United States
Publisher: General Drafting Co.
Publisher Location: Convent Station, N.J.

The widest State on dievca’s trip is:

It might be worth it to stop and see something!

For a Deathtrap…it’s kinda cute.

dievca saw this car parked with its T-top open. she didn’t ever remember seeing something like it in the past so she checked out the brand.
suzuki-x90_open t topWHAT WAS IT?

The 1996-98 Suzuki X-90 defies categorization. Neither fish nor fowl, the X-90 was a targa-topped mini-S.U.V. that had neither the utility of an S.U.V. nor the handling of a sports car.

AHA! dievca was living in Europe when this oddity was released —
that’s why she didn’t see it before….

suzuki-x90_frontside suzuki-x90_rearside


The X90 had a two-seats and was small. dievca read that Suzuki needed a replacement for the Samurai and came up with the X-90. Apparently, from 1996-98, Suzuki sold fewer than 8,000 X-90s in the United States. Not good~

suzuki-x90 salvage


Jeremy Clarkson of the BBC show “Top Gear” called the X-90 “the worst car ever.” A look on eBay showed only one X90 for sale and the price was at $3000.00.

Well, dievca thought that it might be fun to take it for a spin.
But the reports said it was loud and a bumpy ride
and not bumpy/ bouncy in a good way.

Too bad. dievca was looking for Diversity!