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dievca’s current backpack – its holding up well!

Something of Use.

A cut above: Primecut Bags

dievca was seeking a shearling piece of clothing or bag – nothing on eBay was catching her attention. The prime designer’s had boring offerings…except for Bottega Veneta.  Their shearling bags were/are too dear ($2500). dievca stepped away from the search.

Then she ran into PRIMECUT BAGS by accident – on Black Friday!

This well-made backpack is now hers (from Urban Outfitters on sale):

Primecut Bags blocks-patchwork+copy

The back is black leather and the interior is lined in linen.

Here are some other options:

Primecut bags are handcrafted in our Portland, Oregon workshop. Each bag is carefully constructed, taking into account the unique properties of the materials used.

Founded in 2013, deep in the confines of her basement, Lizzie began experimenting with leather bags. She was intrigued by the diversity and unique properties of hair-on-hide. Using her mother’s old Pfaff sewing machine along with an old Yamata industrial machine, she experimented with different leathers, sizes, proportions, and manufacturing techniques.

In 2017, Lizzie moved from her basement to Primecut’s current Studio. Since 2013, she has upgraded her manufacturing to include new machines, employees, and a light-filled production studio.

Our process begins with carefully sourcing cowhides and shearling from tanneries throughout the world. Each material is selected based on its quality, weight, and durability. Speaking to the nature of the material we love curating our designs with both a sense of aesthetic proportion and a bit of playfulness.

Our bags reflect our playful design aesthetic. Slight variations in pattern, color, and texture represent the uniqueness in each Primecut piece.

Surfs Up!….DAGNE DOVER backpacks (So 2014~Neoprene)

O’Neill Runway

2013 was the beginning of Neoprene appearing in fashion, used by designers such as Gareth Pugh, Balenciaga, Rick Owens, Lanvin and Vera Wang.

In 2014, it went mainstream.

Neoprene is a synthetic rubber that’s often used to make wetsuits, hence its alternative name “scuba.” … The weight of neoprene also means form-fitting skirts and dresses are more forgiving.

It is stiff and very warm to wear. But the mainstream 2014 offerings were fun!

Spring Clothing designed this lovely neoprene coat in 2017 and there are neoprene outwear pieces still floating around the Athletic and Athleisure sector.
(Note: Zoom in to take a look at her awesome BDSM cuffs)

Neoprene was invented by DuPont scientists on April 17, 1930 after Dr Elmer K. Bolton of DuPont attended a lecture by FatherJulius Arthur Nieuwland, a professor of chemistry at the University of Notre Dame. Nieuwland’s research was focused on acetylene chemistry and during the course of his work he produced divinyl acetylene, a jelly that firms into an elastic compound similar to rubber when passed over sulfur dichloride. After DuPont purchased the patent rights from the university, Wallace Carothers of DuPont took over commercial development of Nieuwland’s discovery in collaboration with Nieuwland himself. Arnold Collins at DuPont focused on monovinyl acetylene and allowed it to react with hydrogen chloride gas, manufacturing chloroprene.

DuPont first marketed the compound in 1931 under the trade name DuPrene, but its commercial possibilities were limited by the original manufacturing process, which left the product with a foul odor. A new process was developed, which eliminated the odor-causing byproducts and halved production costs, and the company began selling the material to manufacturers of finished end-products. To prevent shoddy manufacturers from harming the product’s reputation, the trademark DuPrene was restricted to apply only to the material sold by DuPont. Since the company itself did not manufacture any DuPrene-containing end products, the trademark was dropped in 1937 and replaced with a generic name, neoprene, in an attempt “to signify that the material is an ingredient, not a finished consumer product”. DuPont then worked extensively to generate demand for its product, implementing a marketing strategy that included publishing its own technical journal, which extensively publicized neoprene’s uses as well as advertising other companies’ neoprene-based products. By 1939, sales of neoprene were generating profits over $300,000 for the company (equivalent to $5,403,589 in 2018). ~ Wikipedia

Neoprene has continued to be popular for lifestyle and home accessories including laptop sleeves, tablet holders, lunch bags, wine bottle holders, remote controls, typing wrist pads, mouse pads, etc.

Neoprene provides cushioning, insulation and is water-resistant. It is quite durable, as well.

And it’s being used as one of dievca’s favorite accessory designs – the backpack.

Check out the current offerings from Dagne Dover:

Medium = $175, Large = $195 – available at ShopBop, Nordstrom’s and its own website (link above).


Useful in the City….Backpacks


It’s not elegant, it’s not “pretty” – but for a dievca with back issues and someone who bikes to work — it’s a necessity.
Have you ever biked with a Tote Bag on your shoulder? Brutal.

That said, dievca tries to mix it up with styles and colors. Some of her backpacks are selected for rainy days, some are just practical “go to” bags and some are the closest thing to elegant you can get in a backpack.

Yes, dievca has a lot of backpacks… but she sold or gave away many of her crossbody, shoulder bags and totes — she kept only the excellent basics and/or heartfelt memory bags. dievca did keep a number of evening bags / small bags that fit into her backpacks and will finish an outfit properly.

dievca’s backpacks in current rotation:

Jack Gomme Lami Backapck

Note: a couple of backpacks dievca has shown in the past have bitten the dust – fallen apart, faded or got stained so badly…. she really uses this type of bag…something useful!

The only backpack dievca is lusting over at the moment is from the French brand Jack Gomme:
(she blew her $ on that Issey Miyake Bao Bao black backpack…totally worth it.)

Jack Gomme color options

Buying something unfashionable the 2nd time around…

Because of this:

and this:

dievca wears this, daily:

It’s not fashionable, it’s not elegant, but it helps dievca feel safer as she is shooting through the line-up of Dump Trucks, flatbeds of Steel and general chaos on the ride to work.

dievca’s only objective it to be seen, so she avoids this:

NY Post 10/15/2016 Women’s Leg Severed After Being Crushed By A Dump Truck

dievca’s worn the backpack so much that it has become dirty and faded, so she lurked on eBay to buy another one in the same color. Success!  Sometimes your random spur-of-the moment purchases become the ones you live and avoid dying by….

NYC Photos- dievca, Dump Truck- Christopher Sadowski, Backpack- Nike Swim

Travel Disaster: Lanvin – Travel Savior: Núnoo

Did dievca tell you that she managed to lose her wallet during her travels? None of her accounts or creditcards were used, etc. she thinks it fell out randomly from a new backpack when she didn’t adjust the clips properly.
(Lanvin Petrolio Goat Skin Small Backpack A/W 2015)

One of dievca work colleagues teased dievca by saying she should get a wallet that she can wear with a cord around her neck. deivca took that to heart and found a small crossbody bag with credit card slots to use for the rest of the trip.

The brand is “hot” in Denmark, being that it designed by a family in Greenland (which still has close ties to Denmark, Greenland is a self-governing overseas administrative division of Denmark since 1979.)

Beautiful soft calf leather, silver metallic zippers, adjustable shoulder strap. dievca wanted the blue – but it was sold out in the country!

Núnoo Small Shoulder Bag in Black

Nunoo is a family business with one thing on their mind: creating beautiful handbags and accessories, that gives you a luxurious feel and a quality-conscious expression.

dievca did keep the gorgeous, but unlucky Lanvin backpack…she ties the interior strings and has adjusted the closure clips. Should be ok, now. Sigh~

Color Therapy: Redland London

redland london colors

Holdall, Large Laptop Backpack, Laptop Backpack, Mini Backpack, Convertible Backpack

dievca likes the Convertible Backpack:



Practical for Life in NYC


Don’t be shy—show your true color with this boldly hued backpack by Redland London. In beeswax….or:redland-london-minion yellowInspired by the world-renowned Pantone color-matching system, each backpack comes in a singular, statement color. This slim sack features a fleece-lined laptop pocket to keep your laptop safe and snug. Other perks include comfortable padded straps, a protected base, and two front pockets. And the best part? You get to flaunt your favorite color all over town.

Perfect for laptops or tablets up to 14″

Care : Spot Clean
Brand : Redland London
Material : Polyester
Color : Yellow
Measurements : L 14” W 12”
Weight : 1 lbs

How about the Large Backpack in Logonberry:


Adding a little joy of color to your day!


Click on the colors to head to Redland:

Redland Patone Colors

Desire battles with $$$. Common sense prevails.

Givenchy Feather Print backpack $1320 SsenseGIVENCHY

Nylon backpack featuring multicolored feather print throughout.
Gold-tone hardware.
Top carry handle and adjustable shoulder straps in black leather.
Zip closure at main compartment.
Raised logo at front zip pocket.
Leather panel in black at base.
Zip pocket at canvas lined interior.
Tonal stitching.
Approx. 12.5″ length x 14.5″ height x 3.5″ width.
Textile, leather.
Made in Italy.

dievca cannot afford it for a nylon backpack, can you? $1320

My Life is in that Bag….

Mueslii Black Puffer BackpackA BLACK BACKPACK
dievca has held on to it as long as she can….it’s peeling and finally one of her friends said, “I think you really need to get a new backpack.”

A black backpack is a staple in dievca’s life. she rides her bike to work — her life is in that bag.

Tumi 92380 Alpha Bravo Deluxe LEATHER Lejeune Backpackshe tried a gorgeous black leather Tumi backpack, but it was so heavy that she passed it to Master.  His broad shoulders are able to take the load and the bag is very masculine – it’s better with Him.

dievca could get the same backpack she has carried for two years, but she thinks it is going to peel again. Mueslii Black Puffer Backpack (first photo).

alexander-wang-black-dumbo-studded-pebbled-leather-backpack-product-1-20104412-2-939403412-normalAfter waiting and watching and lusting over the Alexander Wang Dumbo backpack (too heavy, too expensive)

dievca is going with this black leather backpack (the leather is soft and lighter, no studs on the bottom adding extra weight)


Ash Large Star Black Leather Backpack

Ash Star Large Backpack, Black
  • This beautiful, roomy backpack design features an embossed star pattern print; 1 zip, 3 slip interior pockets; 3 exterior zip pockets; 4″ handle drop with adjustable shoulder strap
  • Closure: Zipper
  • Country of origin: China
  • Material: Leather
  • Lining: Textile
  • Item Dimensions: height 15.5″, width 10″, depth 6″, shoulder drop 12″

Cross fingers — it will be a “keeper”. dievca is transferring her Life into it as we speak….  😉

Baby’s Got A Brand New Bag!

Too Cool for School


Not always sexy, but sometimes necessary when you are starting to have shoulder problems from carrying too many work items, school books, gym clothes, D/s paraphernalia: Cuffs, collars, leads, chains, floggers, lingerie, heels, lube, etc.

Too Cool for School:

The UNIF Gammaray Backpack is so stellar it kicks every other backpack out of the water.

On trend with the hologram fabric, shiny and bright, dievca needed this backpack in her life!

So, she made the purchase, yesterday.

And it is o.k.~