The Fat Friars – whoops, Swinging Friars

Now that dievca’s beloved Chicago Cubs have traded the team away to rebuild, (Note: Anthony Rizzo is playing well for the NY Yankees…) dievca is open to perhaps choosing a second favorite.  A Fat Friar with crossed toes might fit the bill!

San Diego Friars

The San Diego Padres (Petco) ballpark is easy to manage, the crowd showed a lot of families and an equal amount of male and female fans, food choices can spin healthy if you are in the mood.  The Women’s bathroom had lots of loos with vacant/not vacant signs. dievca and another Lady watched a guy dash in to use the facilities – they both just laughed. Cripes, dievca’s done that to the Men’s room enough times… And both Male and Female bathrooms offer baby changing stations.

If you get a chance to see a game – do it!

Rooting for the home team.

How they get the rain off the Yankee’s infield is amazing.  dievca would like to see the drainage blueprints. 


OK, the home team didn’t win – but the evening was lovely. Going to a baseball game without being jostled and bumped was a novelty.  No spilled beer.

At least Aaron Judge got on base and hit a homer.  He is quite tall.


Photos: dievca June 4th, 2021 Yankees home game against Boston

The Morning Coffee response….

click photo to purchase cup

…to the Chicago Cubs.
Have a better week!

Putting on the colors~

The 2nd night on Governors Island was much quieter than the 1st.  No hurricane winds.  Now, the focus moves on to another disaster – the Chicago Cubs.

dievca has put her colors on!

Have you known pain? dievca doesn’t think so~Rooting for the Chicago Cubs 40+ years.

Bear with her — no pun intended. Really.


Victoria’s Secret Chicago Cubs Perfect Pink Boyshort Panty

dievca’s Dad had them on the radio, Summer after Summer.  He wasn’t a fan , but it was background noise while he cut the grass.  dievca’s family wasn’t living in Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh Pirates), they lived outside of Chicago and dievca’s Dad was/is a sports fan.  By default, dievca became a Chicago Cubs Fan.


For the European readers…dievca knows that American Baseball is, well, boring.  Let’s say your favorite football team (soccer) has never won….ever.  But it was super fun to go to a game. Great venue.  BUT THE TEAM HASN’T BROUGHT IT HOME SINCE 1908.

They were the “loveable losers”.
And dievca isn’t going to blame the Curse of the Billy goat.

This is the first year, that it might happen.  The Chicago Cubs American Baseball Team might be able to convert — there is a chance (cross fingers), the team might win the whole kit and kaboodle.

The World Series of Baseball.

nike-cubs-tankdievca knows, she knows – you really don’t care…

But if  you are feeling generous, please help deivca root them on.

Any little bit helps.

They won their first game of the Division Series on Friday and are playing, now, leading 5-2 at 9:30 pm EDT. They are playing the San Francisco Giants. (Watching Bill Murray whoop it up is pretty funny. He’s a HUGE fan, too.)

Actually, they just won the game. Whew!

Thanks, all. XO

PS. Something she would wear (below).

PPS. BTW, Master is not a baseball fan – but he is being kind enough to root for the Cubs for His dievca. XO


Cubs Boyfriend Style