Enter my coccon~

Entangled in the sheets.
Enmired in the depths.
Soft fabrics, cozy temperatures,
I won’t emerge soon.

10.5 hours and I’m still reading in bed….my coffee craving will kick me out.

(Photo: Marilyn Monroe by Milton Greene 1953)

Reclined In White: New Year’s Morning

Reclined In White: New Year's Day

Jacquelyn Bischak: Reclined In White

Sleep, my love, sleep……

One of the most beautiful locations for a bed and its bedding was a stone cottage set on a vineyard in France. The location offered dievca the best night sleep of her life. An excellent mattress, sumptuous white linens, down comforter, peaceful location, and a cozy austere setting. Gorgeous.

This experience happened before meeting Master and is something dievca desires to recreate for him.  The italian linens brand, Arte Pura, can help form dievca’s dream for a soothing rest after the long New Year’s Evening.

Arte Pura Bedding Arte Pura Bedding2 Arte Pura Bedding3 Arte Pura Bedding4

 Wishing you a cozy and gentle start to 2014~
Master’s dievca