A Glowing Presentation

Belly Dancing Light Up Wings

dievca had a lovely Greek Dinner her first night at the beach. The entertainment for the evening started with a Belly Dancer in LED wings.  dievca took a couple of Belly Dancing classes when she arrived in NYC- she shimmys well, though her rib cage undulations needed work.  It wasn’t her thing, but she might have enough movement to make her Master smile with the wings….

The two questions are: How much are the LED wings? (around $50) and is there enough room in a NYC apartment for the wings to flow? (No)

An odalisque attempts to become a concubine~

If an odalisque was of extraordinary beauty or had exceptional talents in dancing or singing, she would be trained as a possible concubine. The trained odalisque had to be selected by the Sultan to serve him sexually and only after such sexual contact would she change her status, becoming a concubine.

dievca doesn’t have the exceptional beauty — but she has been well-trained as a dancer.
Here is her chance!

Turkish belly dancer Sabine Sevan

Turkish belly dancer Sabine Sevan

dievca and Master haven’t been able to catch up with each other in person. Life, Family and Work have gotten in the way. They have been touching base through e-mail, texts and phone calls.  But, it is a poor second compared to meeting face-to-face.  (How do those long distance D/s couples manage?)

At the end of April, it is going to get worse because Master needs to travel across the pond.  So, before Master leaves, He and dievca are planning on spending some good quality time together.

dievca needs presentation outfits for a variety of activities. she would like to share some with you in the next few posts.  Some are real, some are fantasy, some are being purchased as we speak.

Today – let’s start with something real:

Note: during the time Master and dievca haven’t been able to meet, dievca has been able to get to the gym more.  dievca is looking a little more svelte — still curvy, but less jiggly and more toned.
One of the types of dance classes dievca attended was Belly Dancing.  she didn’t really enjoy it, but it is a workout and she was doing the classes for a reason.

Presentation Outfit: Belly Dancer

Belly Dancing Teal

dievca plans to borrow something from a friend who is a professional belly dancer.


Slave Anklet Copper Catherine Cole

Slave Anklets

Belly Dancing Headpiece









Slave Bracelet

Belly Dancing Earrings


dievca will NOT be wearing:

Belly Dancing Candlabra

dievca’s friend has also been helping her choreography a dance using fluid and percussive movements as well as shimmies, shivers and vibration. dievca’s dance will be using a scarf.

Belly Dancing Scarf


The music she is planning to use is  Bellydance Music “Tamr Henna”

dievca knows that she cannot make it through a whole song at 7 minutes 35 seconds, so she cut the music down to 3 minutes 30 seconds. she is well-rehearsed, open to options and changes with Master’s behavior and has a selection of food and wine to offer Master at the end of her dance.

Tell dievca to “break a leg”.