La Vuelta

dievca doesn’t see those heels making it through the 73rd edition of the Spanish Grand Tour.
But those stockings? They will stop traffic.
Something to consider when choosing your lingerie.

Morning Buzzkill

Something that just killed the morning…
the lid popped off,
I tried to save it,
it all spilled when I stopped.

 Photos: dievca, NYC 2017

New to You

dievca: Vintage Bicycle, Brooklyn Museum 03/2017

With daily use, dievca’s bike takes a beating.
she’s looking to upgrade for the Summer.
Here’s something she spotted in the Brooklyn Museum archives.
dievca thinks this a “look” worth fighting for~
Can you see her arriving at Master’s in such style?

Life in the Big City

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWHY: F**k! It was my fault. I was in a hurry and I didn’t park where I normally do. I put a small lock on it. Shit, they snipped it.  It was Holiday time, people look for an easy target. I know better. But, I was in a hurry and it was only for an hour. Sigh.

JUSTIFYING: It was 20 years old. The gears were slipping. It was heavy to lift. I would have needed a new one, at some point. Damn! Well, I hope someone can use it – if they needed it that badly.

GAMEPLAN: I’ll buy one of the rentals from my local shop. Oh, crap there are only two choices in Women’s — let me try them. #1 — NO WAY, slipping, strange build, uncomfortable, beat up. #2 — PHENOMENAL, comfortable, light, way too nice, much more expensive. Argh! You really don’t have anything else? Let me try the Men’s. Yes, I am that short, not much I can do about it.

WHEEL AND DEAL: Let me make you an offer, I have cash right now. Can you throw that into the deal? You can? Fabulous. I’ll take it.

1ST DAY: Is it going to rain? I don’t want to get it wet — it is so clean. Holy Cow, it is so light to lift up the stairs. God, it rides like a dream. I think I am going faster. So easy to make changes. Lovely.

VIGILANT: I paid for this space, who’s the asshole who keeps not closing the door fully? Where’s the key to that third lock. These locks are heavy in my bag. If that damn thing gets stolen – I’ll hit the roof.


Photo by Colin Talcroft