And so it goes~ Gala Night

The Moon was rising over Manhattan when dievca set out to the show and the Gala:


she opted to wear:

dievca doesn’t know if the COVID epidemic caused her to go back to her Generation X roots of being a “loner”, perimenopause is causing her to get tired/irritated or starting work at 6 am put her over the edge by 10:00 pm – after 3 hours she wanted out. So, she left after the meal, before the awards, to hike up her skirt and bike her a** home. 


Photo: dievca – Moonrise Chelsea NYC 10/2022, dievca’s bike, foot, dress, coat and bag…10/2022

Poncho as a kite ~ cycling in NYC


Hunter Rain Poncho orangedievca was trying to hustle to PT (Physical Therapy) on her bike.  The remnants of Hurricane Ian drifted past NYC to create a surge of wind and rain.  It just happened to be directly against dievca’s cycling path and she was wearing a Hunter Rain Poncho — no, actually she was wearing a kite to catch the wind.  No matter how dievca tried to grab it, the poncho filled with wind.  It was a long slow slog.

This young lady (above) was very happy – dievca was very unhappy.

Looking for Lingerie

bed lingerie

Your Master/Mistress has arrived home from a long trip —
you’re digging frantically for something fabulous!

Then you realize that you have to work, run to Physical Therapy
and immediately afterward ride your bike uptown.

What can you get away with in that scenario?

Something practical that makes your Sir or Madam smile
(and pack your lingerie incase you get lucky with a shower):

Outdoor Voices Exercise Dress

Outdoor Voices Exercise Dress $100

Saved a life this morning, pre-coffee

When you are riding, walking, running, scootering in the City – you can’t be worrying about the people you are with – its every Man (Women, Child) for themselves. FOCUS!  An older runner was following her “pack” across the Westside Highway – not looking at the lights – the youngsters sprinted (like fools) and she was trotting behind straight into oncoming traffic. dievca yelled and the Lady turned to make it back to the sidewalk right before getting hit.  Even though the Lady was older, dievca hollered at her and said, “focus on yourself” after the Lady muttered, “I assumed my girls were watching the lights”.

When a human head cracks on the pavement it sounds like a watermelon thumping. dievca is not interested in hearing that sound and sticking around to help with the mess. If you come to the City – please pay attention and don’t depend upon others – depend upon yourself. XO

dievca was little too shaky to have coffee immediately – her adrenaline was surging.


Cycling the City

Irina Demick rides a bike

Looking at neighborhoods and apartments,
while wearing “real” (non-athletic wear) clothing…
dievca is channeling her inner Irina Demick.
Now if she was just biking somewhere on Holiday…
Ah, well.

Morning Buzzkill

Something that just killed the morning…
the lid popped off,
I tried to save it,
it all spilled when I stopped.

 Photos: dievca, NYC 2017

Lumos Helmet

dievca may be looking at moving uptown (closer to Master). That means her bike commute would be extended. Less biking on main thoroughfares, more biking on pathways. Not a big deal in the Summer – lots of light. It does make a difference in the Winter, especially when dievca has to do an early morning ride.

dievca spotted this helmet at MoMa:


But what is the price of safety?

A dream on Kickstarter in 2015

Be safe and visible on the road with the world’s first smart bicycle helmet that integrates lights, brakes and turn signals. When you slow down, the helmet’s rear lights automatically turn red. The turn lights are activated by a small handlebar remote that’s easy to remove, water-resistant and lasts for months before requiring a charge of battery. Each helmet battery charge lasts over three hours of use. Includes rechargeable batteries for both helmet and remote, and magnetic charging USB cable. PU foam, polycarbonate, and ABS. Water-resistant. One adult size, adjustable. For ages 12+


Spring Blossoms

Bee to the blossom,
moth to the flame;
Each to his passion;
what’s in a name?
~Helen Hunt Jackson

Photos: dievca 04/2017
The smell of the Blossoms catch dievca each Spring. she has to stop and take a moment to immerse herself in the Joy.

Next, we will…

An OV-fiets bike share bike.hop on a bike at the train station, ride to get the apartment keys, get lost, stop for a fabulous dinner and continue to the ferry – slightly drunk.

Where we went to dinner in my friend’s own words:

We went to Freud.
It’s in the west part of town, near the Westerpark. That area is hip and trendy, there are not many tourists. You have to make reservations, it is always booked. The restaurant is about half an hour walk from Centraal Station through a very nice neighborhood.

Restaurant Freud
Spaardammerstraat 424
1013 SZ Amsterdam
T: +31 206885548

And then:


Can you do it?

It’s a 3 am wake up call to catch the plane to Crete….

Of course you can — just don’t fall off the bike.


Something for the City: Bike to Beach

Alite Bike to Beach Bag Canvas $135

Something fabulous for the City in the Summer!
dievca rides her bike to work all the time and Master just bought a bike.
Looks like dievca and Master will be riding around the City this summer checking out some of the other neighborhoods. This bag might come in handy for the rides.

ALITE Bike to Beach Bag

– converts from backpack to beach tote
– 18oz duck canvas is sturdy, yet lightweight
– foam backing insert for extra comfort
– special U-lock pocket
– leather straps offer extra storage on exterior
– made in San Francisco

Specifications: volume 28L, Weight 2.1 lbs, H 19″ x W 13″ x D 8″

Bike to Beach Bag