Et tu?

Coin Purse from BlueQ $4.99 (click photo to purchase)

Good Morning!

Small submissive delights~

Amsterdam pocket tin

dievca doesn’t smoke, but…
Hair pins, pills, mints, hair ties, safety pins, coins, etc.

To store something in a fun tin can make your day.
The Amsterdam Tin Pocket Box.
Plus, the Lady wears a Corset and Collar.
On sale for $2.99.
If this is too sassy there are other styles of tins available.
Construction is an exact replica of a 1920’s cigarette case.
0.75″h x 4.25″w x 3″d

BlueQ: Items that make a sassy submissive (or Lady) smile!

BlueQ Shoe Zipper Pouch
dievca’s make-up bag.
Classic shoes galore.

The bag that travels to and from Master’s apartment, work, travelling, etc.
Yes, dievca has khoi-le Swiss Small Dopp Kit which is leather and more elegant ~ but this inexpensive bag is practical and a 95% post-consumer zippered pouch that does the trick. Plus, 1 % of all sales of BlueQ bags supports the conservation work of The Nature Conservancy. So it allows dievca to be girly, sweet, sassy and a do-gooder.
Here’s the description of the pouch which offers facts about dievca’s shoe craziness…
To say that she likes shoes is like saying there are a few people who like surfing the web. You can’t touch the bottom of her closet. She doesn’t travel with less than 4 pairs.
By Christine Berrie 
7.25″h x 9.5″w

Just to make your Sunday — dievca has gathered some other sassy and risqué  BlueQ items for your review…whether you are a submissive or not:

BlueQ Shoe Whore Petite Cigar Box

Petite Cigar Box

BlueQ Nice Legs When Do They Open  soap


BlueQ Medical Supplied Messenger

Messenger Bag

BlueQ Fifty Shades of Brown Lavatory Mist

Lavatory Mist

BlueQ Dirty Girl Mini Notebook


BlueQ socks Love You Weirdo


BlueQ Thank You For Telling Me My Butt Is Not Big wipes

Wet Wipes

BlueQ The Penis is a Finger Which Doesn't Realize that Pointing is Rude gum


BlueQ Evidence Bag


BlueQ Coffee Monster Socks


BlueQ When You Die I'm Taking Your Shoes soap


BlueQ Wash Away You Sins liquid soap

Liquid Soap

BlueQ Wait - Was That Slutty hand sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer

BlueQ You Smell Delicious Socks


BlueQ If the Shoe Ftis Coin Purse

Coin Purse

BlueQ Calender Girl Crossbody


BlueQ socks Getting Freaky Deaky is Okey Dokey


BlueQ Cell Phones Shoulder Tote


BlueQ You're Beautiful Don't Change Soap


BlueQ1-232x300“Makers of smart, sweet and snarky gifts.
We just want you to be happy.”