Beauty in Motion

Don’t Look for what Fits
I am Beauty in Motion
You must Catch Me
In a Moment

Photo: Taras Polataiko, Eadweard Muybridge - Human Locomotion

Via Barbara Edwards Contemporary
For conceptual artist Taras Polataiko, the idea is primary and the medium is the mode of its conveyance. Consequently, his work takes on many forms from painting, photography, video and performance, to cultural and political interventions in response to historical events. Through his manifold manipulations, Polataiko has achieved a conceptually rigorous and thematically cohesive practice concerned with notions of rupture and repair.

Polataiko studied painting, art history, and philosophy at the Moscow State Stroganov University of Fine and Industrial Arts, moving to Canada in 1989 to pursue a Master of Fine Arts degree. Polataiko’s own experience of displacement, as a Ukrainian Canadian is central to recurrent themes of cultural conflict and translation in his work. For his celebrated piece Cradle (1996), Polataiko traveled to the Chernobyl alienation zone, exposed himself to radioactivity, and did a full blood transfusion upon his return to Canada. This blood became a core element of an installation, which dealt with the issue of contamination as the imperceptible element. Here exposure is a means of addressing the past, thereby resolving the future through dialogue and awareness.

They come in all sizes.

With the following “Words of Wisdom” from her Mother rattling in her head
(Note: dievca’s Mum is becoming frail at 84, yet is still hitting the exercise bike for her arthritis)
“Honey you may feel big, but I see you as strong and healthy which is so beautiful”.
Thanks, Mom XO

dievca is getting older (she’s a Libra) and she’s feeling her body losing muscle mass.  In response, she’s working on it…

To motivate her progression – she ran into these photos of (young!) Athletes. she knows that she won’t be there anymore, but she can work to be the best dievca she can be.

There may be different heights, structural differences and muscle development which is endeavor specific ~ who cares?

Look how beautiful these Ladies are:

Are you feeling motivated?

A little morning Fun!

dievca knows that Master has worked hard on His flexibility and strength, yet she doesn’t think that her Master will be joining these boys any time soon. No matter, she can appreciate Master’s efforts, privately, and share the two well-trained bodies with you.

Good Morning! 😁

A Modern Venus 1786


What goes around, comes around.
~ dievča

What is beautiful? Jolie laide

Realillusion Feature_Expression_muscleuiBy now we humans have learned that looks are in the eyes of the beholder.  There is a mystical quality of the soul that can turn a beautiful face into an ugly one and vis versa.

People who have “beautiful” exteriors can begin to look ugly after you get to know them, while someone with a somewhat “average” face or even an “ugly” face can become the most beautiful person you know. This shows that beauty isn’t just a façade but an incandescent quality that is not solely dependent upon one’s gene pool.

Tom Robbins once wrote that the only way to burn is “Brilliantly, ecstatically, irrepressibly”.

This incandescent quality is what elevates a person above just hot or sexy. It’s the way they walk, talk and present themselves. It’s the way the person radiates from the inside out. It is the soul, spark and that thing you just can’t put your finger on. 

Je ne sais quoi – They have got that thing~

It might be the someone you didn’t notice at first, the one who didn’t stand out. But they are the person you need to get to know, whose beauty becomes more defined with every conversation, every glance. Je ne sais quoi is a phrase that describes people who can’t be classified as just “hot”.

Plumb the depths: They’ve got a soul

High Adventure: They are open to new ideas and experiences

Awareness: They pay attention to needs and wants of people.

Mystery: They share information, but there is always more to be found in conversation.

No need for a crutch: They can go it alone

They know how to talk

They don’t chase the limelight

They show you their real face

Their passions define them more than their looks

Inspired by a Laura Martin post on Elite Daily

BTW — you can consider dievca “Jolie laide”

Inglorious fruit and veg

Body Awareness: what dievca is thinking about…


dievca has thought hard about
body types, body images, perceptions and acceptance.

Look at these athletes, their bodies are appropriate for their Sports.
Not the easiest Bodies to dress.

But, each is owned by a human being
and ALL are gorgeous.

dievca and Master have had conversations
about eating properly for health.

Many people are in hospitals for things that could have
been solved by eating better.

dievca knows when she feels better about herself
and she is not hurting,
she eats better.

It’s a circle which feeds upon itself:
Body Image, Eating, Health

How can we offer solutions that bring positive images to females?
The Fashion Industry is starting to take a look at their image offerings,
but is it enough?

Click for the The History of Plus Sizing

What if we go with something more like this?


How can we get properly fitting clothing for
the beautifully diverse bodies in the World?

Tough questions…
any suggestions?