Reflecting with Mom’s birthday and…

Marilyn Monroe Birthday Cake

doing Tedious Tidbits.

  • Organizing receipts for taxes
  • Cleaning house for the week
  • Making meals for the week
  • Switching phones
  • Switching computers
  • Switch SIM cards on tablet
  • Mailing two international packages

We all have things that need to get done – but they aren’t that important so you push them off…

The good news is dievca is starting to take care of those tedious things she let go during dealing with her Mom/ Dad. 

Next her focus moves on to selfcare: dry heels, waxing, mani/pedi, haircut, swimming, skin discoloration on cheek, cronic swollen knee, updated eye exam, hormones check, etc.

So, how are you doing with your petty chores?

Autumn Clean-Up

What’s on your agenda for this Fall Sunday?
dievca has:

  • Change to Winter Bedding
  • Wash and Store Summer Linens
  • Wash the Floors
  • Wash the Windows
  • Back Master’s Birthday Crisp – WI sour cherries this year!

Sometimes it’s nice to simply be domestic and get things done – you can see the fruits of your efforts.

Enjoy your Sunday. XO

Anyone else do too many chores this weekend?

As today is the first Monday in October, it is National Consignment Day. The new holiday celebrates consignment as the smart, sustainable way to shop, earn money and extend the lifecycle of your items.

Right on time for dievca:

  • 26 items accepted to the RealReal
  • 4.5 bag loads sold at Buffalo Exchange
  • 5 bag loads donated to Goodwill
  • 8 items listed on eBay


  • Floors vacuumed and wiped
  • Bathroom heavy clean
  • Laundry loads
  • Pantry clearance and wipe down

Now, coffee!

Vintage 1984 coffee mug
(check the photo to buy)

Good Morning!


“Guests, like fish, begin to smell after three days.”

Some things are lost in translation. dievca understands that…converting from one language to another is tricky. Appropriate behavior is cultural. But, “using” someone is something else. dievca has a young person in her Life, from Europe, she has known for many years.  This young person separated from a long-term partner (8 years) and came running to dievca in NYC for regrouping.

No problem.

Deciding whether you are a Lesbian or Straight takes a more “open” atmosphere.

In the following 6 months, she has been back 3 times. Twice staying with dievca 9+ days.
dievca has a pullout bed in the middle of her open kitchen/living space. The logistics get awkward after too long.

fish and visitors stink after three days

dievca had a discussion with her about finding her own spaces if she continues to visit NYC. This trip, the young’un stayed elsewhere – but showed up on dievca’s doorstep to eat….bringing friends….expecting dievca to have food.

Which is why dievca ran into that coffee sign, above. After buying fresh fruit and pastries (the easy way to prep for a Brunch) – the sign made her smile, take a deep breath. get rid of her ire and grab a cappuccino.

Yes, there was offer of payment for the meals. It was half-hearted, but there. And the young’un thinks of dievca as a second Mother. mi casa es su casa

dievca decided to make the young’un pay via in trade. Grunt work. Get your pound of flesh via hard work. The apartment is clean, windows washed, boxes are moved to storage, dievca’s eyebrows are groomed, her make-up sorted and updated with instructions.

dievca is no longer irritated with her friend/daughter/houseguest/whatever. she’s really a sweet person and dievca got her pound of flesh.

But, dievca will be happy to have her coffee in peace, for the near future.

Psychology Today: The Trouble with houseguests

PS. Master’s opinion is that dievca is being used…


strongly prejudiced against women.

Oh, so that’s what that word means.

Wow!  dievca hasn’t really run into this in her Life.
she’s lucky, she’s surrounded by some wonderful Men.

That said she had an issue with one of her building’s maintenance men.

Photo: Michael Goldman Woman Doing the Dishes

It all started with the dishwasher breaking. The maintenance guy truly did not listen to what was happening and just told dievca that she’s using the wrong soap (Cascade?!?!). The guy didn’t touch the dishwasher, nor did he come back to work on it – then he closed the work order, that evening, citing that dievca agreed there wasn’t a problem.

There’s black water in the bottom – it’s not draining.

(Note: dievca has seen this maintenance man having deep discussions with Men in the building, never a Woman. she didn’t get to say a word and she thinks it was more than just a bad day.)

dievca re-opened up that work order so fast, your head would’ve spun and she hit up a couple of doormen and maintenance crew with her ire.

It was noticeable when they sent another person the next day. The sink needed snaking for a blockage and he listened to a cycle of the dishwasher —  and determined that the pump is burned out.

Put dievca on the list for a new dishwasher!

The work order is still open and apparently dievca is not a lunatic.
Oh, and using Cascade is ok.

Looks like dievca will be washing dishes in the nude until the new machine arrives!