Sun shining through the Rain = Life and Death

Life is about Ups and Downs.
You need the rain to appreciate the sunshine – etc., etc., etc.

It’s been a weird year for me:

  • College Best Friend passed away
  • College Roommate passed away.
  • Close friend passed away (85), last night
  • Parents getting stronger with help.
  • My body is apparently quite healthy.

It was interesting finding the 85-year-old friend, last evening. She passed away on her bed – having a lie-down. She looked very Zen. 
She was having some unidentified health challenges.

FDNY, NYPD, a Detective, the ME, the morgue all trooped through the small apartment.  All polite, kind and working to the best of their abilities. NYPD had to seal the apartment because there wasn’t a spouse or roommate. The apartment will be opened up after the courts allow it…..paperwork.

Here I thought it would be my Parents to move on — with all their challenges. Instead, it was a lovely elderly friend who lived her Life on her own terms.

I’m sad, yet happy she moved on in a peaceful way. 
The rain with the sun shining through.

The Dry Cleaners

WOMEN and PANTS a constant challenge: dievca’s local dry cleaners
dievca has a certain pair of pants. she bought 4 pairs of them, 2 black and 2 grey. she wanted to buy more – but she couldn’t get them.  There isn’t a Sears in the City~

Metaphor quilted ponte leggings black Sears

click on the photo to see corresponding post about these pants (Metaphor – Sears)

Why Sears you ask?  Because they have pants that are cut for Curvy Bodies — dievca thinks they cater to the Hispanic crowd with curvy design.

Why so many? It’s hell for dievca to get pants which fit well. When she finds them, she buys in bulk.

Anyways, dievca had to take one pair of pants to the dry cleaners/tailors to be repaired.  The place is across the street from her building.

The Asian Ladies who work the intake/payment till and the sewing machine are an absolute delight!

Full blown conversation about finding pants for curves, being short, shopping, living in the suburbs, and crazy work hours…

  • Really? You are Asian and you have an ass and curves? Amazing! Try Sears~
  • Shopping Century 21 in the Suburbs vs. locations on Manhattan
  • You can’t get there? You work 6 days? 9-7 pm? Holy Toledo!
  • Who goes to Queens to shop? Not me…

dievca finally picked up the pants after a month and mentioned, “Oh, yeah, I need two pair of jeans hemmed.”  The till Lady literally commanded dievca, “Go and get those pants on NOW – otherwise you will forget.”  So, what did dievca do? she went and put on one pair of pants with one flip-flop and one sneaker, then brought the 2nd pair with platforms.

The lengths were determined and dievca realized….she had no pants to go home in if she left both pairs at the dry cleaner. By now, the Ladies are laughing at her, the doorman is laughing at her — but by damned — she got those two pairs of jeans hemmed, in a timely manner.

J Brand Allegiance Tailored High- Rise

J Brand Allegiance Tailored High- Rise

Current Elliott The Girl Crush in Retro Sky Blue.

Current/Elliott The Girl Crush in Retro Sky Blue.

And…it was determined by dievca and the till Lady (the seamstresses’ English wasn’t as good) that they both wear J Brand and J Brand Jeans are amazing for Women of any Ethnic background with Curves! dievca set the Lady on a quest to try Current/Elliott for the future.

Those Ladies made dievca’s day.
she loves NYC. ♥

People think NYC a cold, impersonal place – it’s not true. Lots of humor, humanity, and joy to be had. dievca hopes you get a kick out of this post series.

Future Episodes:

  • Kid on the subway with “God Bless You”.
  • Wisdom at age 17:  “Call them on their shit”
  • Growing up in the projects, learning chemistry from Weeds.
  • Buskers
(a NYC/dievca series) Neighborhood Anecdotes Episode #1