A certain age of Female…


Will know who Jake Ryan is…

and can know that dievca was the same year in High School as Samantha, but she runs a year younger.


Personalized with Cocks

Available on Etsy in Black, Brown and White with your name. (Click Here)

Look Closely…


Coffee and Cock – this submissive’s Monday Morning Dream.

Did anyone else watch curling?

Curling Women's

dievca caught the UK/Japan Curling at the Olympics. she was astounded at the flexibility and delicate motions of the throw and the aggressive actions of sweeping.  That said, she was entertained when she found this coffee cup on Etsy:

Curling Coffee

a shift


There were a number of years where it was awkward to be from the United States.  Explaining choices made by the general public to individuals from other countries got to be tiring. dievca found herself  slipping into the “you cannot figure out what country I am from” behavior.  It was just easier.


she starting to feel a bit more patriotic.

coffee cup from Society 6

Taking it to the next level


And the coffee gave me some weird visions

Look Human Butt Mushroom Coffee Cup

Not sure dievca would like to look at this cup in the morning…..

~adding a little elegance to your week~

Good Morning!

Wide awake and on FIRE!

Are you a bear in the morning?
Did you wake up cranky?
Let’s get that coffee in you and cause that brain to fire up!

Instant numerate – just add coffee~

dievca: coffee 06/2020

A little morning coffee to get the neurons firing….
A little Math to get the neurons firing…
Good Morning!

Insider: Viral Math Equations which Stumped the Internet

Mashup Math: 10 Super Fun Math Riddles

Something for your submissive’s morning coffee routine. ☕

Good Morning!


‘After Christmas’ Coffee Humor with Conde Nast

“Now we’ll need a sitter for New Year’s Eve.”
~Sidney Harris

Are you ready for the New Year celebrations?!?!

A little Nip in the Morning

Topless Mug Urban Outfitters Sale $9.00 (click photo)

An engaging way to start your day if you love breasts!


Please hand the cup to my Madam/Sir.

click photo to purchase

Many ways to read into this coffee cup on a Monday…

Are we talking about the coffee inside?
A female partner?
A male partner?
Letting someone know your anticipation for an activity.
It’s nice when an item has many uses…XO

Well Read!

Gianluca Biscalchin Literary Coffee

Food illustrator Gianluca Biscalchin combined two of Master and dievca’s loves, coffee and books, into a fun illustration.  Literary Coffee, shows famous authors defined by their cups of java. Which ones do you know? Which ones do you have to think about?

Gianluca Biscalchin’s website

A "Thank You" to MyModernMet.com

Naughty (wink, wink)

(click photo to purchase)

(especially of children) disobedient; badly behaved.
“you’ve been a really naughty boy”
mildly rude or indecent, typically because related to sex.
“naughty goings-on”
synonyms: indecent, risqué, rude, racy, ribald, bawdy, broad, spicy, suggestive, titillating, improper, indelicate, indecorous, off color;

Olympia Le-Tan handbag