dievca, Master, Coffee Rat

Apparently, ALL New Yorkers need their morning coffee!

Coffee as medication…

dievca knows her coffee is as important as Dad’s seizure meds. 😉

Could use some of this~

(click photo if you need a Justin Timberlake jump)

How ’bout you?

Good Morning!

And a ‘Good Morning’ to you, too!

Photo: dievca – cappuccino from La Grainne Cafe NYC

Good to the last drop~

Coffee and other fluids…

Sweeten your coffee…

If you can bypass your ‘frozen shoulder’ the salt from your skin might sweeten the

A little known fact, salt reduces bitterness. …

Add a pinch of salt to every quart of coffee grounds for smooth, sweet coffee that has lost its bitter tendencies.

Something a little stronger this Morning.

Sexy Coffee Pot Molly Kiely 2009

Have a good week.