Photos: dievca 02/2016

(said breathlessly) “Coffee….Master?”

“Have a wonderful Monday”

Yeah, right, after I finish moving the shoes.

Fact: dievca owns a lot of shoes
Fact: dievca has a hard time getting rid of shoes
Hairbrained Idea: dievca should start a shoe museum

If you need a size 37-38 and have a special event….give dievca a call.

Morning Buzzkill

Something that just killed the morning…
the lid popped off,
I tried to save it,
it all spilled when I stopped.

 Photos: dievca, NYC 2017

Good Morning! Ready to dig in for the Season?

Let’s have that first cup before the chaos known as December begins~

A little 💛 goes a long way on a rainy day!

Good Morning!

Your Morning Joe!

Josh Hara draws funny comics
on the back of his coffee cups
and posts them to Instagram.

(click a photo to see greater detail)

What a great way to wake up!

More about Josh – click here!