Foggy Morning

Photograph: NYC Courtesy Creative Commons/Flickr/Several Seconds

Looking for something to cut the fog in my head — this looks interesting:

It’s available at Cosco – has anyone tried it?
Is there a Cosco in Manhattan?
I have no clue, its foggy, 5 am and I need that chaser~

Good Morning!

Bonjour, Buenos días, Buongiorno:

Fill me up!

Good Morning, Welcome Home!

A weird week + Master’s traveling, again.

The goals beyond work?

  • workout 3x
  • schedule and buy tickets to visit parents
  • plan contracting work trip to Europe during the Summer
  • complete taxes
  • accept furniture delivery
  • schedule and complete old furniture donation (remember, no car…)
  • schedule a physical and Women’s Wellness appointments
  • complete transfer from one storage unit to another before 03/31

OK, tediously boring….I am sure you have a week, too.

Good Luck for your week and enjoy your Monday coffee. XO

Still alive on a Monday~

And if you are still feeling a little deep and dark on a Monday:

”more than a handful is a waste” ~ Coffee Cup


      Placed on a simple saucer and covered by a plain bowl, the naturalistic nipple causes instant surprise! The sensuous detail can be taken as a hint for the bowl’s designation: to be filled with milk – and blended with some coffee, if you like! Of course, A-Cup may be used for cereal, soup or the like as well …


      Design: Anna Maschmann
      Material: glazed porcelain,
      details: bisque ware
      Bowl: Ø 5,5/12 cm, 8 cm high, ca. 300 ml
      Saucer: Ø 16 cm

dievca found the nipple plates on Auction at Housing Works (click here)

or the set can be found the German Amazon, for shipment to Europe, here.

Originally sold from Pension für Produkte

she would really like to buy them for some lesbian friends.



Photos: dievca 02/2016