A little 💛 goes a long way on a rainy day!

Good Morning!

Your Morning Joe!

Josh Hara draws funny comics
on the back of his coffee cups
and posts them to Instagram.

(click a photo to see greater detail)

What a great way to wake up!

More about Josh – click here!

What do you look like this Morning?

May your Day kick in effectively, ASAP!

Good Morning!

For those who are crazy, like dievca….she’s been known to reuse paper cups.
Please don’t re-use the grounds, compost them. XO

May your Coffee be an eye-opener this morning~

Photo: MaisonBentleyStyle, click here for post

Seen on the Subway


Disbelief~ (A Mishap)

When your $4.00 Cappuccino ends up on the floor upside down.
And all the caffeine has flowed out…
Hope you have a better morning than dievca.