Protection via a Submission Day Collar: Loren Stewart

Not only can jade save you from disaster, but it is purportedly that it can protect you from evil, attract love and, of course, bring good luck… Jade is an ornamental stone, considered the imperial gem in ancient China and used for centuries to make weapons, tools, jewelry and other decorative pieces

Now offered as a Collar: from Loren Stewart:

Loren Stewart LA – Jade Link Choker $640 (click link)



\ ˈjād  \

Definition of jade

1either of two tough compact typically green gemstones that take a high polish:
2a sculpture or artifact of jade


1a broken-down, vicious, or worthless horse
2aa disreputable woman
2ba flirtatious girl

Fireworks for your submissive – September Sapphires

Suzanne Kalan 18K Sapphire Fireworks Collar

A Sapphire Personality:

A Sapphire loves socializing, they’re the life of the party, and they are motivated by fun. They like to be around a lot of people.

They love variety interacting with others. They never see the negative side of a situation. They love recognition. In fact, they will work harder for recognition than they ever will for money.

From Sapphires, we can learn to not be so serious and that life can be fun if we let it.

However, Sapphires can improve by understanding not everyone is as positive as them. Sapphires often hurt other people’s feeling by seeming to not care, when really they’re just looking at the positive side of things

Sapphire is one of the two gem-varieties of corundum, the other being ruby (defined as corundum in a shade of red). The iron pigment in the corundum makes sapphire blue, while the chromium element in rubies makes them red. Sapphire actually has a range of colors, from blue to yellow to green to orange-pink including gray and black and they can be colorless. Colorless sapphires are occasionally used as a substitute for diamonds in jewelry. A pinkish orange variety of sapphire is called padparadscha.

Sapphire is said to be the wisdom stone, stimulating concentration, enhancing creativity and promoting purity and depth of thought. It is believed to focus and calm the mind as well as remove unwanted thoughts, depression and mental tension. It is known as the stone of new love and commitment and is claimed to be useful in encouraging faithfulness and loyalty. Sapphire is thought to bring peace of mind, serenity, and prosperity.

Sapphire (8.6 ct)
18k gold
Made in the USA
Choker necklace

Diameter: 4.25in / 10.5cm
Circumference: 13.35 inches


Available at Shopbop

Launched nearly 30 years ago as the result of what she calls “an accident”, Suzanne Kalan’s namesake fine jewelry label has nonetheless gone on to achieve worldwide renown. Though the brand is most well-known for its award-winning Fireworks collection, all Suzanne Kalan jewelry is rendered exclusively in the best available gold and gemstones. Thanks to her commitment to a fiercely independent artistic vision, Kalan’s work is, like that of all great designers, often imitated but never replicated.

dievca is born in September and the sapphire describes her personality. This lovely collar would express her Joy in D/s nicely. Too bad she has such a “thick” neck. XO

Pendu – “Post Fetish” elegance

Todd Pendu Zana Bayne “Magnum Opus” Collection SS14

dievca ran into a collection of leather goods from Todd Pendu & Zana Bayne called, “Magnum Opus” SS14.  she purchased two items: a bracelet and a necklace which she modified slightly to make it a leather collar. How? she added holes at the buckles to tighten it and removed the attached triangle piece so Master could attach His lead.

The term “Post-Fetish” was coined by Todd Pendu as “decontextualizing traditional fetish gear into aesthetic accessories to be incorporated into everyday wear”.

Originally, dievca was focused on the person in the co-collaboration whose name was on the worked leather, Zana Bayne. But, she starting looking deeper into the gorgeous work of co-Creative Director, Todd Pendu after viewing some of his photographs.

Paz de la Huerta, lensed and styled by Todd Pendu
All wardrobe from the Zana Bayne “Moonbathers Collection”.
Shot in Los Angeles, August 2016

Todd Pendu is a multi-disciplinary artist and image-maker currently living and working in NYC and Los Angeles. PENDV JOURNAL is an online platform and portfolio for his creative projects and art/photographic works. He is the founder of DEVIL’S WHOREHOUSE STUDIO. He is also co-Creative Director at ZANA BAYNE.

Email: info @ pendvjournal . com


I am a self-described ‘Duchampian Punk’ and a proponent for Libertine Culture. I work independently outside the Establishment. My art doesn’t always fit in to convenient aesthetic categories. I’m interested in personal freedom and expression. I do what I want. I create for those outside society – for those who live by their own rules – not for everyone, but for everyone else.” – Todd Pendu

Cheyenne, lensed by Todd Pendu
Shot in an apartment in Paris. March, 2017.

Todd Pendu is a multi-talented person who is able to walk the edge and create elegance. dievca would like to Thank him for allowing her to share some if his work. Please stop by His site and wander.

A Collar for Christmas: Eddie Borgo

dievca’s first post: “Eddie Borgo creates beauty for the submissive” was offering a cuff as an elegant solution for a submissive to wear in the pre- 50 Shades of Grey World. Wearing something symbolizing BDSM was an edgy choice and trying to find something subtle, yet elegant was hard.

Times have changed in the 5+ years and now BDSM clothing and jewelry options have expanded. The BDSM flavor has been on many runways and in various collections. Now, it is easier to find elegant BDSM pieces and easier to wear leather collars, o-rings, chains, etc. in public.

That doesn’t mean an elegant, yet direct BDSM reference jewelry piece is no longer sought out. One of the first jewelry designers offering a BDSM edge was Eddie Borgo and this thicker collar came out in 2015. The collar is still gorgeous to wear, either symbolizing your submission – or not.

And helping the Homeless of NYC via an auction is not a bad thing, too.


* Gold-plated metal or Rhodium-plated metal

* Thin, dangling link chain

* Lobster claw closure, adjustable

* Double-hinged opening

* Stamped on inside of cuff

* In new, unused condition


4.25″W x 4.5″D x .75″H

MSRP – $375

dievca is not sure how the measurements are taken, there are three settings. A circle with a diameter of 4.25 has a circumference of 13.35 inches.  Note: dievca would like to mention that you should measure your neck before bidding – and keep in mind that you need a little room to swallow.

Auction ends at 10 pm EDT on December 15th (click on the photos above to bid)

a Frozen moment

Frozen elegance in Bryant Park!
This year was the coldest Thanksgiving since November 30th, 1871.
According to the National Weather Service, that year there was a low of 15 F(-9.4 C) and a high of 22 F(-5.55 C) .
This year’s windchill took the temperatures downward.
Black Friday started out chilly (17 F or -8.3 C) — after this Frozen Moment we are back to 50 F (10 C).
Yet, dievca did cycle to work and Jury duty…
And people wonder why they are sick~

Photos: dievca Bryant Park fountain 11/2018

Perhaps, getting a little wet~

(click photo for website)

Coco de Mer’s collection of luxurious bondage pieces offer both visual and tactile delights to inspire exploration, excitement and enjoyment. Crafted from sumptuous cow hide, butter soft lamb’s leather, plush suede and beautifully polish wood, each item has been created for unbridled eroticism after dark.

Why do I have to wear them after dark?
They look so beautiful I want to wear and use them in public.
In the sunlight.

Chanel Chain and Velvet Collar – Auction

(click on photo to bid)

* Silver toned metal
* Velvet ribbon woven through
* Lobster claw clasp
* Made in Italy
* 22″ including extender
* 2013 Collection
* Great condition

AUCTION ENDS AT 10:00 PM, July 3rd EDT

The ‘Louis Vuitton’ submissive~

If you are looking to up your BDSM elegance game
you and your Madame/ Sir  are label conscious:

(click photo to purchase)

Maybe the designer locks on your collar and cuffs are not enough, you can add the Louis Vuitton Baxter collar and lead. (note: you need to have a thin neck, max circumference 11.4 inches/29 cm) The collar and lead are about $300+ each.

Decisions, decisions…

Got it!

Remember when dievca said that she and Master were in the market for a new black leather collar?

she picked up this Fleet Ilya buffed leather choker in black.

  • O-ring hardware.
  • Logo embossed leather at back.
  • Adjustable pin-buckle fastening.
  • Silver-tone hardware.
  • Height: 4.5cm (1.8 inches), Circumference: 38.5cm  (18 inches)

The height makes the Collar almost a posture collar for dievca. The smell of the leather is divine. Well-made, sturdy, beautiful.

Originally $265, on sale for $101.

dievca will keep an eye out for the matching black leather lead.

No emergency, Master has a silver chain lead. 


Chains of Love: Alexander Wang

Does your submissive/ slave love to be restrained?
and to be chained?

Alexander Wang offers a way to show your ownership in a simple, clean and elegant way:

dievca has talked about this Alexander Wang Collection from the Accessories standpoint.

she has two pieces of her own:

she just thought other submissives, slaves, Masters and Sirs might be interested to know about the pieces.

Another elegant way to show your BDSM leanings.

Tangled Tongues

there is only enough time for our tongues to dance
tantalizing, teasing

you walk out the door with my taste on your lips
tantalizing, teasing

and the memories of which promise more to come
tantalizing, teasing

dream of me
dream of me

Sometimes You are Ready: Dreaming of a new Play Collar and Lead

BDSM leans towards black leather, studs, locks
– serious accouterments.

Master and dievca came at dievca’s presentation and their playing with a more lighthearted approach. Colorful or embellished Play Collars, elegant chokers for Presentation in public.

Black Leather and Rhinestone Play Collar

Master and dievca have beautiful play collars and leads:

Sometimes you just need a plain black collar for Presentation.
(Are you seeing a theme with the combat boots? What is up with dievca?)

It has been years since dievca has treated Master and herself to a new (and more durable) black play collar. Master happily approved of her plan. So, she’s started her search with:


Hand crafted in premium genuine leather, this simple and elegant leather collar design is both comfortable and durable.
1.625 inches (41mm) thick. Fits neck sizes up to 16 inches (41cm). Includes a retainer pin, but can be locked with a small padlock (sold separately).

Each collar is hand-made from premium quality double-back belting leather, and then lined with a padded, ultra-soft hand-bag leather. The edges are folded for maximum comfort and sewn with oversized nylon thread for superb durability. The retaining pin is designed to fit a small padlock (not included $18.00).

Matching Lead is $55.00


If you have a suggestion for a black play collar, dievca would love to hear about it!

Bold submissive Day Collar: Jennifer Fisher

Can you be BOLD and a submissive at the same time?
Can you wear a BOLD symbol of your ownership in public?

Gold-plated and Silver-plated Chain Collars by Jennifer Fisher available at the OutNet.

And if you would like more subtle offerings:

It’s CHANEL, Sir/Madame : submissive Day Collar

Vintage CHANEL Dog Collar from Etsy

  • Vintage item from the 1980’s
  • Primary color: Black
  • Secondary color: Gold
  • Materials: Leather, Metal
  • Ships worldwide from France
  • $1000.00

Double Dip with David Yurman Day Collars

Two David Yurman Collars/Necklaces on Auction from Housing Works NYC, perhaps you Sir/Master will find them attractive for Their submissive/slave.

Or just something elegant to wear with your Summer Maxi Dress ~

(click on the Lot ID to bid – there is about 6 days left, as of 07/27/2016)


Lot Id



.5″w x 16″l


* Sterling silver construction

* Diamond accents

* Push-button clasp

* Marked on clasp

* Shows very little signs of wear


Lot Id



Necklace: 1/8″w x 18″l Pendant: 1/4″ x 5/8″h


* Sterling silver box chain necklace

* Sterling, 14 kt. gold, and pearl pendant

* Lobster claw clasp

* Marked by clasp and on pendant

* Shows very light signs of wear

Hey Chica –no, Chika Kisada


noun:US informal
a girl or young woman (often as a form of address).
“you rock, chica!”

Black Loop Choker

Buffed leather and faux leather choker in black. Hoop hardware at face. Adjustable post-stud fastening. Silver-tone hardware. Tonal stitching. Approx. 14.25″ length. Leather, synthetic. Made in Japan.

Play collar was available on sale from ($159.00), but it looks like it’s sold out….There is a Fleet Ilya collar available though (click photo to purchase):

Rumi: A submissive’s Collar

‘Wait with silent passion for one glance, one touch…’ ~Rumi

Dionea Orcini choker inscribed with “wait with silent passion, for one glance…” worn by Gemma Arterton in 2015 at the Olivier Awards.

Something Gorgeous to honor your Master.
(dress isn’t bad either)

Precious submssive daytime Collar -14K


Sarah and Sebastian Foam Neckwire 14K and diamond

dievca is very happy with Master’s submissive daytime Collars.
They have hinted at BDSM in a very subtle way.

Alexis Bittar Liquid Gold Thin CollarJ Crew Hinged Choker trifari-crown-trifari-vintage-belt-buckle-mesh-choker-necklace-Giles Brothers Cortina CollarGiles Brother_archer_necklace_large
Emily Wiser Initial Necklace from MasterMaster's Dodo NecklaceMaster's Vintage Chain
Master's Vintage Brass Cylinder Necklace Etsy

Master’s exquisite simple sterling silver collar has been on-trend and gorgeous
(even though it got her stopped by security going in to the NYC Ranger’s Game….).

Sterling Silver Collar Etsy

Sterling Silver Collar Etsy

dievca has been wearing more delicate 14 K yellow gold jewelry, lately.
She has the chain and Pomalleto Dodo jewelry from Master,
but no formal Collar shape in 14K.

Yes, this Betony Vernon 18K collar, would be used daily until dievca dies —
but the cost is beyond dievca’s dreams.

BetonyVernon Gold Collar

Betony Vernon 18K Gold Collar $13, 100

And truly, the Sarah and Sebastian Collar is not something that dievca needs either….
Master has been more than generous.
sarah-sebastian-foam-neckwire-1700-need-supply-14k-and-diamond-2 sarah-sebastian-foam-neckwire-1700-need-supply-14k-and-diamond-4 sarah-sebastian-foam-neckwire-1700-need-supply-14k-and-diamond-3 sarah-sebastian-foam-neckwire-1700-need-supply-14k-and-diamond

Though with the delicate 14K wire, diamond and o-ring –
it is something to be admired and desired.

Available at Need Supply, $1700

Get your SUGARFIX – submissive collars

SUGARFIX by Baublebar for TARGET


Chain Wrap Choker $16.99


Pearl with Ribbon Wrap Choker $16.99


Gold Wrap Choker $16.99


Crystal Choker $19.99

An inexpensive way to show your BDSM leanings to the World,
while being fashionable and subtle.

To Shine for Sir or Madame

Elizabeth Cole Rhinestone and Crystal Earrings and Collar,
stunning for New Year’s Eve with your Sir or Madam.

Stephanie Owen’s jewelry label Elizabeth Cole takes inspiration from the American West and vintage designs. Her outfit-transforming spike necklaces and fierce animal rings are a hit with the Hollywood elite.

Pretty Kitty Bow


Alexis Bittar Origami Bow Encrusted Collar

Description: Matte rhodium with high shine 10K gold-plated brass choker necklace with Swarovski crystal accents

  • Leather wrap closure

Measurements: 14½” long, ½” at widest point

Material: Rhodium, 10K gold, brass, leather and Swarovski crystal

Brand: Alexis Bittar



custom-made beauty: Lock and Chains

dievca ran into it by accident.

A place where Master can customize a lock and chain for His dievca to wear daily.
she was salivating as she wandered through the website.

You can choose a lock:

And choose a chain:

To create a personal piece:

How lovely for a dievca.
How lovely for your submissive.

A piece of Master.
A piece of you.



Stately submissive DRESS COLLARS: (AUCTION) Nina Ricci and Christian Dior

To be elegant for your Sir or Mistress.
Or an exquisite gift to your submissive or slave
Dazzling for the Holidays and beyond.


Auction Closes in 2 Days:
.5″w x 15.5″ long

* Gold-toned metal construction

* Crystal accents

* Box clasp

* Marked by clasp

* Shows very light signs of wear



Auction Closes in 2 Days:
.5″w x 15.5″ long

* Gold-toned metal construction

* Crystal accents

* Folding clasp

* Marked on clasp

* Shows very light signs of wear

Vice? or Virtue~


Depends upon your POV.Cast Made in LA
Sometimes silence and saliva are a desired look for a submissive. Cast of Vices honors the choice of a Dominant with a Ball Gag Choker. An edgy way to wear your BDSM leanings. cast-of-vices-bondage-ball-necklace cast-of-vices-bondage-ball-necklace-leather
Or perhaps your Sir or Mistress prefers a Ring Gag.cast-of-vices-ring-gag-choker

It was a pleasure to see….Saturday, in the Park.


❤ Chicago – Saturday In The Park (1973)

A couple out for a Sunday walk, a park located in the middle of Berlin.  Baby stroller being pushed by the Mama who was walking behind the dog on the lead with the Father.

dievca didn’t think twice until she caught sight of the bold, silver BDSM collar worn as a choker with the o-ring in front.



Love, appreciation and then a burst of jealousy — to be so open about BDSM.


No time for a photo – so you will have to imagine it.

But, the joy from seeing them lives on.


Bold Vintage submissive Dress Collar and Cuff


Click photo for purchase: Etsy for just the Collar $295

This vintage Danish Modernist silver plate necklace and bracelet cuff (click to purchase set) was designed by metal artist Jacob Hull for B & D, Buch & Deichmann, circa 1970s. $238 for the set.

  • The bracelet measures 7″ around on the inside, end-to-end metal.
  • The opening is another 1-1/2″ for a total circumference of about 8-1/2″.
  • The width of the bracelet is 1 1/2 inches.
  • It weighs 44.1 grams.
  • Necklace measures 13″ around and has a opening of 2-1/4″. Is 1-1/4″ at its widest.
  • The necklace weighs 65.6 grams total weight.
  • The inside is hallmarked with the B & D logo, the JACOB HULL signature name – DENMARK.
  • Necklace and bracelet are in excellent vintage condition.

Hull’s work was exhibited internationally in the early 1970s and was sold at Illums Bolighus, the upscale Copenhagen store for Danish Design. Hull’s designs were handmade at his workshop where they were given his personal attention. He died in 1993. His work is as much an investment in exceptional Scandinavian design as it is a great-looking piece of jewelry to wear and a great addition to any fine jewelry collection.

dievca would love to see this set with a simple black dress and heels or heeled boots. Clean-lined to show-off the gorgeous Collar.  Stunning and bold to present and be an asset for your Sir or Master.

Bribery in College: Grateful Dead Concerts: Alice + Olivia

Tie Dye Smiley Facedievca was bribed by her lab partner in college. Something about going to the Grateful Dead concert in Alpine Valley, WI. In return for doing the P-Chem Lab, dievca would receive a tie dye t-shirt and friendship bracelet. Yep — dievca has to say it was a really great tie dye tee. (she wore it until it shredded…)

The Grateful Dead may be one of the most beloved groups in rock history, and Alpine Valley Music Theatre may have been amongst the Deadheads’ favorite places to see the band jam.

But between nostalgia and, um, substances enjoyed at the shows, those Deadheads may not remember that the shows weren’t always “groovy” experiences.

The group performed 20 times at the East Troy amphitheater, from Aug. 23, 1980, through July 19, 1989, with fans traveling from as far as Massachusetts and Arizona, according to Milwaukee Journal and Milwaukee Sentinel archives.

Once, before the show, 1,000 parking spaces were lost due to heavy rain, prompting a traffic backup that stretched up to six miles. “This was the worst traffic jam I’ve seen here,” Sgt. Todd Wiese of the Walworth County Sheriff’s Department told the Milwaukee Journal.

Grateful Dead traffic jam

Grateful Dead traffic jam

They hadn’t seen anything yet. For those two problematic shows, about 28,000 Deadheads descended on Alpine. Two years later — the first of a four-show, five-day run — an estimated 60,000 people arrived, about a third of them without a ticket.

That is the year that dievca’s lab partner went to the show. People arrived early to party all day, forcing thousands of fans who actually had tickets to park alongside roads, in front of houses, and trek up to four miles on foot to the show.

The challenges continued after the concert ended. Sheriff’s deputies were on site until 3 a.m. directing traffic until they gave up. Fans slept in the lots overnight —  and neighbors complained of people sleeping in farm fields and woods on private property. Some Deadheads even slept in nearby ditches.

Apparently the demeanor of the concert goers was generally “pretty mellow“. A few angry fans threw bottles at police officers, but only about 25 arrests were made.

As a goodwill gesture, the Grateful Dead donated $1,500 the following month to the Lake Geneva Rotary Club, and $500 to help pay for police overtime.

The band came back the next year, with a new rule in place only allowing ticket holders into the lots, and Alpine Valley was able to avoid the previous year’s chaos. But rain still caused problems, with drivers getting stuck in the mud attempting to leave, causing delays as long as two hours.

The following April, Joseph Entertainment Inc., the Milwaukee firm that owned Alpine, announced it would ban the Dead from the venue in 1990, trying to reduce tensions with Walworth County officials.

The band would never play Alpine Valley again.

In 1995, the Dead came to an abrupt end with the untimely death of the band’s leader, Jerry Garcia. Splinter Dead projects, including The Other Ones, with Kreutzmann, Weir and Phil Lesh, and Hart’s band Planet Drum, did make appearances at Alpine in later years.

Why did dievca go off on this Memory Lane tangent?

Behold the Alice + Olivia , Grateful Dead Collaboration…really.

The flashback is killing dievca.


Thank you to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

Don’t know who the Grateful Dead are?
Rolling Stone offering from Alpine Valley, WI 1989
Touch of Grey – their biggest hit.

how dievca’s creative process works…

Stripe and Floral Lucy Laucht - These Foreign LandsTwo year ago, dievca was fascinated with stripes and florals as a blend. she collected a number of photos for the post until her computer went kaput.

Those photos are somewhere on an external drive though a data transfer — but dievca never looked for them. she thought the trend would be dying by the time she got the post written.

Now, in 2016, they are showing mixed prints. It’s an Art putting them together and having the right pieces.  A little more involved for dievca.
(Remember, she’s in NYC and black is way of Life…)

Here’s what they were offering for neophytes in 2016:

InStyle Magazine Mixing Prints

Way beyond dievca — and honestly if it’s offered in InStyle, its old news.  dievca needs to make her own way, no matter how poor or weak that might be~

So, dievca got lucky in the

agnesb_01 header

Summer Sale…

A denim-like jersey coat, two jersey tops, a jersey skirt and a silk dress.

dievca bought the skirt for threes reasons: it was easy to wear, she loved the print and she remembered that Master worked as a carny…he mentioned it in passing, it seems like a bit of a sore spot….but it was in the back of dievca’s mind.

Why does she bring this up?  dievca has sourced a mixed print outfit using stripes, the photoprint skirt and Master’s memories.

Agnes B Alias Skirt

agnès b. Alias skirt


agnès b. white black t-shirt australie

Levi's Vintage Denim Jacket Etsy

Levi’s Vintage Denim Jacket

Converse Chuck Taylors Raffia Weave Rebel Teal

Converse Chuck Taylors Raffia Weave Rebel Teal

Sterling Silver/Red Coral Collar - Crete

Sterling Silver/Red Coral Collar – Crete

Tom Ford Sunglasses Violet/Blue

Tom Ford Sunglasses Violet/Blue

Fluer du Mal Crochet Lace Longline

Fluer du Mal Crochet Lace Longline


Ash Danica Perforated Leather Backpack Cobalt

Ash Danica Perforated Leather Backpack Cobalt

Hair in a french braid with curls peeking out, light blue eyeliner, heavier mascara, light berry lips. This look isn’t Ladylike – but dievca wore the silk dress for Master, last week to lunch and she needs to change it up for him.

For later: dievcas D/s additions will be vintage cobalt blue leather heels, Master’s leather wrist and ankle cuffs and the blue leather collar and lead.


Cobalt Leather Heels Vintage 1980's

Cobalt Leather Heels Vintage 1980’s

Cuffs Fur lined with lock

Master’s Cuffs

Hartman & Rose cobalt_blue_gold collar

Hartman & Rose cobalt blue with gold collar

Hartman & Rose plain-italian-leather-lead-in-cobalt-blue_1

Hartman & Rose cobalt blue with gold lead

A downtown summertime presentation outfit with D/s play options. Something different for Master.
“Diversity, dievca, diversity!”

Christian Dior: Elegant submissive Collar AUCTION

Christina Dior Vintage Collar Christian Dior Vintage Collar Jewel
An Evening out. Your submissve / slave delights you. she presents in a beautiful manner and looks elegant wherever you place her.  Christian Dior (vintage) shows Your ownership in an exquisite manner. Who doesn’t delight in showing off beauty?
* Gold metal hardware
* Clasp closure
* Rhinestone settings
* Marked on back of closure
* Signs of wear from age

Brand: Christian Dior
17″ long
Christian Dior Vintage Collar Jewel back Christian Dior Vintage Collar mark