Black Cherry…Only Hearts lingerie

Only Hearts offers a Whisper of Black Cherry for your Sir or Madame’s delight:


Only Hearts: Whisper Sweet Nothings Coucou Bodysuit – Black Cherry

Indigo glow

Indigo, a blend of blue and purple, symbolizes spirituality, wisdom, devotion, creativity, fairness, impartiality, justice and dignity.
Master’s Morning!

AQUA: (shop your closet)

  • balance of play and work
  • balance of giving and receiving
  • release of guilt
  • frees the ability to receive without pretense
  • rejuvenation
  • will and thoughts – the reason why we do what we do
  • best color when you need Rest and Relaxation

Michael Kors Aqua Cotton Sweater and Poplin Anorak

Rag & Bone sheer t-shirt

Faliero Sarti Pills Scarf

Rag & Bone Jeans

Adidas Falcon Clemin Navy

Dagne Dover 365 Dakota Medium Neoprene Backpack Storm

Melissa Joy Manning Earrings

Sherry Lowe 14K Square Link Bracelet

Handmade 18K Opal Slice Ring

Jack Vartanian Gold Chain Ring

Aesa 3D Hex Ring 10k Aqua

dievca needed a functional outfit that could bounce back and forth between hot and cold temperature-wise. she shopped her closet for the Micheal Kors Sweater and Anorak and then got on a tear with the other aqua gear. Yes, it was a lot of color.  But dievca stood out and received many compliments with the unexpected, non-NYC, color scheme. (Note: she had her Rag & Bone jeans hemmed, no ripped hems…).

the rub of the green

(click photo for link to Dragonfly Symbolism)

Lululemon Swifty Tech Tee

Dragonflies, normal come out in the heat of Summer and we are not there, yet. But, dievca ran into Dragonfly Green at Lululemon. and she will use the pieces through the heat of the summer. 

dievca gets to Lululemon, once, every 6 months. This time she went with a friend who is obsessed with Lulu gear. They spent an hour + in the store.

dievca had to buy this bra, for three reasons:

Lululemon Stash and Run Brareasons:

  1. It fits her well
  2. Her Grandma on the Slovak side was infamous for stashing items in her bra. dievca will laugh every time she wears it.
  3. The color looks good on dievca.

Now, if she can get it together to add make-up. Doubt it.

make up geek color swatch

dievca’s friend was kind enough to stay an hour+ in Anthropologie, afterward, but that is for another post. They made their way to a party by NYU and gobbled up some ramen afterward (Ramen Takumi). As dievca’s friend was walking back to her car and dievca was starting to look for a cab, they spotted this in a florist’s window:

Beautiful, huh? Maybe something for dievca’s bedroom.  By the way, the peonies are out!

“In the Pink!”

Meaning: informal in very good health or spirits
The earliest citations of ‘in the pink’ are from the 16th century, the meaning was ‘the very pinnacle of something’, but not necessarily limited to health.

dievca would wear this pink sofa well…if Master had one.
she is feeling healthier and Life is going relatively well.

As for the color:
Master is not one for introducing pink into His Life.
dievca doesn’t do much pink, either,
but she thought these items might bring a glow:

Actually, dievca might just go for this Presentation Look!

Pop of Color!

dievca has been dealing with many challenges in 2015. It’s made for a division of tasks and luxuries. Did you realize that BDSM is a luxury? dievca didn’t realize that either.
What she means is that as Dominant/submissive, Master and His dievca just are…But taking time to fully focus, the pleasure to dress, to serve, to create elaborate scenes has to be put to the side in the events of illness and death.

Those pieces of BDSM are a luxury.

It has been both Master’s and dievca’s families in an equal distribution of challenges. As one becomes more stable the other tilts~

dievca needed a short and easy mental break, as her challenges are in full swing at the moment. No chance to catch up with Master for a hug, so she chose to take a quick look for things that would make her happy.

Perhaps, they will make you happy, too.


Loewe Small Woven Leather Tote Bag, Multi BG $3390

Loewe Small Woven Leather Tote Bag


Alice & Olivia Paradise Dress


Alice & Olivia Paradise Dress Back

Fendi Paillette Baguette Shoulder Bag, Multicolor BG $2900

Fendi Paillette Baguette Shoulder Bag, Multicolor

Rebecca Taylor Short sleeved Lace Dress Blue ShopBop $450

Rebecca Taylor Short sleeved Lace Dress

Rebecca Taylor Short sleeved Lace Dress Blue ShopBop $450 sleeve

Lace Sleeve

Mary Katrantzou Lobelia Peach Plie Boat-Neck Jersey Dress Orange-Multi BG $1040

Mary Katrantzou Lobelia Peach Plie Boat-Neck Jersey Dress

Christian Louboutin Loubiposh Multicolor Spiked Clutch Bag BG $995

Christian Louboutin Loubiposh Multicolor Spiked Clutch Bag

Valentino Red Leather & Suede 1973 Printed Sneakers SSENSE

Valentino Red Leather & Suede 1973 Printed Sneakers


Alice & Olivia Veronica butterfly paradise tote bag