LMAO – “OK, Boomer!”

We had a little conversation (a 12 yr old and dievca)….
and the phrase “OK, Boomer” came into play~

dievca is NOT a boomer…(Master is~)

As of July 1, 2019 (the latest date for which population estimates are available), Millennials, whom we define as ages 23 to 38 in 2019, numbered 72.1 million, and Boomers (ages 55 to 73) numbered 71.6 million. The two groups sandwich and overwhelm the middle child, Generation X.

dievca is a slacker….Hello….Generation X.
Don’t f*ck with her.
She’s a bit cynical (actually more of a realist), does not need validation, and slides by quietly to get things done.

Which Generation are You?

Generation Name Births
Age Today*
Oldest Age
The Lost Generation
The Generation of 1914
1890 1915 106 131
The Interbellum Generation 1901 1913 108 120
The Greatest Generation 1910 1924 97 111
The Silent Generation 1925 1945 76 96
Baby Boomer Generation 1946 1964 57 75
Generation X (Baby Bust) 1965 1979 42 56
1975 1985 36 46
Generation Y, Gen Next
1980 1994 27 41
iGen / Gen Z 1995 2012 9 26
Gen Alpha 2013 2025 1 8

Parental lineage
Generally, Gen Xers are the children of the Silent Generation and older baby boomers.
dievca’s parents were of the Silent Generation.

Anyways, the comment sparked a conversation that made dievca laugh like hell.  Kids are fantastic with serving up a dose of reality.  dievca couldn’t decide if she was more offended by being called a “Boomer” or her personal reaction to being called one! (Sorry Boomers…😘)


Checking in~ are you up for conversation and Coffee Art?

Hi, this is dievca.
How are you doing? Are you up for grabbing a coffee or a tea? This is my yearly check-in. Can we meet at Elite Audio Systems & Coffee in San Francisco? It’s on Folsom Street. I want to go there because there is this amazing barista named Melannie Aquino who has designed coffee art and it seems to be a passion. Always nice to meet someone who has a quirky passion.

Some of Melannie’s artwork:

Coffee Art Nemo

Coffee Art Minion

Coffee Art Patrick

Coffee Art Chucky Finster

Coffee Art Snoopy

Anywho~ I am taking stock on what to do with my Life, my Master, my Family, the Blog, Work, etc. I wanted to let people know that I really appreciate that they stop by to visit me and/or talk to me. I know that everyone has busy lives — so I hope that the blog “dievca” doesn’t waste too much time and brings a little joy to your day. On my end? I still enjoy writing up posts.

If there is ever something you would like me to touch on in BDSM, Fashion, or Life — just let me know. If I don’t have an answer, I will try to research it for you. Drop me a note in the comment section or send me an e-mail at dievca9@gmail.com. And if something on the blog annoys you, let me know that, too!

OK, back to our beverage. I don’t fly back to NYC until this evening — we have time for a chat. Can I interest you in a scone or a biscotti? XO

Coffee anyone?

Hey, how are you?
Do you have any time to go for a coffee at the Café Grumpy. It’s over on 20th between 7th and 8th.
Can we talk about blogging?

Café Grumpy coffee

The end of Spring is always insanely busy for me. I was a monster…
I took off that week to vegetate by the water and I am rejuvenated.
My Summer schedule rolls a little less intense. I will be able to workout more and, boy, I need it.  The good news is my back hasn’t gone out. (Fit to be Tied – Lululemon)

This whole blogging thing has been interesting.

There is a schedule of times when various people look at their blogs, it is seasonal; you know when someone has something going on in their life, if they have gone on vacation or they have burned out on blogging.  I feel a little bit like a voyeur. Maybe because I pay attention and I care.

There are human beings writing the posts, human beings are reading my posts. Yes, it is an electronic media, but there are people behind the keyboards – even if they are creating a persona.

Everything I write is where I am at that moment for the post.  I don’t post to gain followers or “likes”, I post because I need an outlet for D/s and creativity.  The timeline you see occasionally follows my life because I slide a post in. Most of the time I am 15-20 days out.  I am a planner, I anticipate, I worry – it goes along with my job skills.

This is why I need Master and he needs me. We bring each other back into the immediate moment.
Whoops, this is not about Master — it’s about us.

I think the amount people reading blogs in the summer is going to drop — too busy with outdoor and family activities. I know this, but I will be posting daily because that is how I roll.  I am 15 pieces out, right now. 😀

Café Grumpy MugLet me buy your coffee, I enjoy your company so much and hope you find a moment to visit me during your busy Summer. (or your Winter)

If not, posts will be waiting for you. Just know that I am a blogger who really appreciates your time and interest. XO

PS. Isn’t this Café Grumpy logo the cutest? Those creative Australians!