TART and sweet

TART Eva Panties
TART – high-waisted lace Eva panties w/ corset detail $34.99

TART Eva Panties black

dievca fell in love

La Perla Fall In Love corset

La Perla “Fall In Love” corset Saks Fifth Ave $1120

she just can’t afford to buy it….
Click on the photo to be taken to the Saks Fifth Avenue webpage

A Corset and Coffee

Corest and Coffee

~ Good Morning ~

Zippered front – is that cheating?

Wearing a corset can be a challenge…as dievca well knows.

At first, Master’s dievca had to learn how to put on the corset – Master had to step in to help on a few occasions.  Years later dievca became too chubby for some of her corsets – something about her waist changing with perimenopause.  The hook and eyes with the steel whale bones have been a challenge – so when dievca saw this corset with a zipper…



Might be an asset to her lingerie closet.


Or it could be another spectacular “Dievca Disaster”!

Temptress Teal Lace-Up Front Zipper Corset

The teal-colored full bust corset is made from high-quality satin with lace net overlay material to create a romantically sexy look. Corset features a premium front zipper closure, 10 plastic bones with 4 static steel back bones, nickel brass grommets with thick cording in the back for cinching, and removable garters. On Sale for $59.95

And let the winds of the heavens dance between you.

Wind gif

Master/Mistress would You be willing…

to assist Your submissive with their corset?

Waist-Cincher (lingerie)

Aubade Tattoo Waistcincher

cinch·​er | \ ˈsin-chər  \
plural cinchers

Definition of cincher

: a tight woman’s undergarment that is worn to shape and compress the waist // a waist cincher

The hand-span waists so beloved by Dior were achieved by foundation garments, of which the most popular was the waist cincher. Called the “waspie” or “guepiere”, it became the quintessential undergarment of the “New Look”. Boned and back-laced, it differed from the Victorian corset of decades past primarily in its length, usually only 6 to 7 inches. Fashion magazines of the time stressed that it was “super-light weight” and contained “feather boning”. Such garments were worn tightly cinched at the waist, usually over a girdle. The combination was described by Anne Fogarty, an American dress designer who popularized the “New Look” in the US: “To maintain your figure at its flattering best, depend on foundation garments to control and distribute; a cinch or tight belt to restrain.”

Aubade Tattoo Waistcincher 2

Aubade Waist-Cincher in Fleur de Tattoo

le papillon

Something perfect for a submissive’s Presentation Outfit
SS2014 Jean Paul Gaultier runway show featuring Dita von Teese
offers glamour with a bit of whimsey.

Stop Sign Red + Leather + Corset = Trifecta

Jean-Claude Jitrois Red Leather Corset Jacket and Skirt Decades

♥ A little background music with Loverboy ♥

Corset suit by Jean Claude Jitrois
Circa 1987
Red leather suit
Long sleeve
Corset front closure
Two side pockets
Slight shoulder pad
Decorative seams
Boning in the jacket to create the shape
Winged waistband
Red leather skirt
High waist skirt
Zip and snapback closure
100% leather
Made in France

Size 40
33″ Bust
31″ waist
26.5″ length (from back center to bottom hem)
27″ waist
34″ hips
21″ length

***Click to Buy***

Presentation Inspiration – Longline Corset

Standard Corset = Long at the front but not the sides: Standard length corsets work for women with a torso length of about 8″ or more (seated measurement).

Long Corset = Long or “longline” corsets will need a torso length of about 11″ or more (while seated) to allow the wearer to sit while corseted.

Glynis Johns – Longline Corset and Stockings

Thinking of a Presentation Outfit for Master.
He has a deep fondness for corsets.

This is a longline black lace corset with stocking and cage heels. Curled hair and a deep-colored lip. The only problem? dievca has a short waist, so she may not be able to sit down.

Time to get searching.

Advice…for the submissive.

In a nutshell: Advice giving usually doesn’t work, and often completely backfires.

To be fair, we all find ways to tell others how to live. We can’t help it. We all have strong points of view and believe that others should do or think as we do. And most of us are comfortable expressing those views to others, whether they’re interested or not.

Yet, research using reactance theory informs us that whenever someone tells us what to do and how to do it, we respond with defensive defiance because we want to maximize our personal freedom and decision making.

If we really want to encourage behavior (or belief) change in others we actually need to move away from advice-giving (especially when our advice is unsolicited) and toward modeling. In other words, we need to be an example for others rather than telling them what to do.

Research on observational learning (in conjunction with an understanding of reactance theory) suggests that while people will resist unsolicited advice and instruction, they will follow the behaviors of others—especially when there appear to be good and reinforcing outcomes from these behaviors (or beliefs).


dievca is still going to give you her advice:


dievca ended up with a Corset Disaster, yesterday. It shrunk from handwashing and dievca’s boobs are running larger. All the hooks closed and she could pull the ties, but she looked like a muffin popping over the tin.

Master’s solution to dievca’s problem was easy:

“Try the outfit on before meeting for D/s”

dievca does plan to heed Master’s advice, will you plan to heed dievca’s advice?


~Bound to you~

~tangible and intangible~

Tonight’s Presentation (lingerie)


Your dievča.

With Corset
and Collar on.

Will be kneeling.
Waiting to submit.

Perhaps one of the first PVC Corsets (lingerie elfje)

Vintage French bondage photo of a slave in chains from Biederer Studio (c. 1930s)

Molded and Bound

challenging my natural form.

Lingerie: Corset Swimsuit

dievca was thinking about how her corsets make her look fabulous
and how one of the places you would like to look fabulous at is the pool or beach.
Enter the Corset Swimsuit.

With waist-cinching, lacing up, bust enhancing shapes – it might be a way to go.

One of the suits, in particular, is a custom-made swim corset with boning!
Can you find it?

Corsetry (lingerie)

Corset, a bodice worn to mold and shape the torso.
This effect is typically achieved through boning, either of bone or steel.

But they still look great.  What Women will do for a beautiful line:

They are a thing of beauty, even if they are a challenge to put on:

Corsets are still a favorite of dievca’s Master.
And she loves the look.
But now she understands why she loses her breath in them.


Oh, My! Toxic in Leather

A dievca desire~

Do you have trouble with the fit of you corset?
dievca has trouble with corsets being too long for her torso and sometimes they aren’t made to sit long with curves to 
accommodate her hips. she thinks this corset “made to measure” might solve her problems…beautifully.

The magnificent curves of the Vollers leather Toxic corset create a silhouette that is simply to die for. Jet-black leather and steel boning combine with a high bust, singular shoulder straps, and low hip for a shape that is both distinctive and compelling.

The leather gives this piece more than a hint of the dungeon, making it perfect for an experienced mistress, but gentle enough for someone taking their first foray into the world of corsetry.

Fourteen  steel bones, together with a longline steel busk, waist tape and  back lacing tame your curves and reduce your natural waist size by up to four inches. The long, curved cups and adjustable shoulder straps support your breasts for an enchanting cleavage.

Its striking longline design, together with its cotton twill lining and modesty panel makes this corset supportive and comfortable enough to wear for extended periods of time.

The Toxic corset also comes in velvet, satin and PVC – as well as leather.

Vollers is a corset manufacturer located in Portsmouth, England. Started by Harry & Nelly Voller in 1899, they are one of the oldest corset manufacturers currently in existence.

Would you like some “sugar” to start your Monday?

“Baked to get a rise!”

Naughty Cookie Box Etsy



Something easy to wear for your Sir
Elegant from Fleur du Mal


AT FLEU DU MAL $228.00

McQueen’s Masterpiece and dievca’s poor 2nd


Alexander McQueen’s painted leather corset – exquisite presenting for Master.
Completely out of dievca’s budget: Net-A-Porter $2213.00

But she can dream, right?

Her solution from ages, ago — which is a poor second, but still appreciated by Master is a genuine leather steel-boned corset with buckles. A little “steampunk” looking, but when the leather warms up and stretches, it creates a beautiful silhouette which Master adores.  He really does prefer to see dievca in a corset.  dievca just wishes she could upgrade her look.

On the other hand…what if lube, semen, spit, squirt, etc. would get on the McQueen corset?


dievca should stick with her tried and true leather corset.

leather-buckle-strap-corset-n6547_53_2_665 leather-buckle-strap-corset-n6547_53_2_759 leather-buckle-strap-corset-n6547_53_2_665-person leather-buckle-strap-corset-n6547_53_2_759-person


Ready to Face the Day!


dievca has her corset on.
Hair done.
Lipstick fixed.
Ready to Present for her Master.

Photo: papercards.com

When friends think of you~

Most people don’t know that dievca is a submissive.
IRL, three people – count ’em.
This count includes Master.

So, by default, dievca has only received D/s themed gifts from Master
— until now…


dievca received a gorgeous hairclip from a friend,
sent because her friend knows
that dievca’s Master loves when His dievca wears corsets.

dievca hopes she looks as elegant in her Corset.

Always a nice look for a Monday~ Bisouxx


Lace It Up: Charlotte Olympia

Something a bit easier to lace than some of dievca’s corsets: 
Do you have a sense of humor? If not, you better have a “Dresser”. CORSETS 101

Charlotte Olympia Laced Up Pandora Perspex clutch NudeDetails & Fit

    • Charlotte Olympia clear Laced Up Pandora clutch
    • Made in Italy
    • Perspex
    • Satin ribbon lace-up detail, pale-gold hardware
    • Detachable lace-covered mesh zipped pouch
    • Concealed magnetic fastening at top

    Charlotte Olympia Laced Up Pandora Perspex clutch Nude back

Master asked for….

…a corset and an ‘easy access’ skirt.
No stockings, no panties.

Oh, Dear.
Let dievca think for a moment.


Black Satin CorsetBlack Satin Corset
(a classic)

Black Twinkle by Wenlan Chiffon Wrap Skirt
(waist tie was too bulky with the corset)

Sears Kardashian Kollection Black Petal SkirtSears: Kardashian Kollection Black Petal Skirt
(honest to goodness)

Alaia Grommet Bootie

Alaia Grommet Booties

Gaia D’Este Black Grommet Booties
(a knock-off of the Alaia booties,I bought these before I knew they existed elsewhere…)

Black Chandelier EarringsJet Bead Black Chandelier Earrings
(looked better than small silver hoops)

(Master told dievca, she would be cuffed)

Hartman Rose Silver Leather Collar

Hartman & Rose Silver Leather Collar
(thought silver would be best)

Curly Hair Photo

Wild Curly Hair
(it was raining)


Red Lips
(MAC Brave Red)

Hartman Rose Silver Leather LeadHartman & Rose Silver Leather Lead
(to be snapped on by Master) 

Master’s return was a wild ride.
He was very pleased with dievca’s presentation efforts.



BDSM at the ballet?

BDSM at the Ballet

Iris Van Herpen Explains Her Plastic Costumes for the New York City Ballet

The costumes look Latex from afar, but zoom up close (click the photo) they are layered pieces of plastic.
Very unique and possibly cooler (temperature-wise) than latex with the ability to breath and move.


Do you have a sense of humor? If not, you better have a “Dresser”. CORSETS 101

“Dresser” : A wardrobe assistant, as for an actor or a submissive.

dievca has mentioned that she has an Ass.  Yes, that is spelled a capital “A”.  With that Ass comes Breasts and a Waist — a classic hourglass figure.  A figure that is well suited to wearing steel-boned corsets.

Master told his dievca to wear a corset. Excited, dievca went over the top and purchased a selection of corsets not knowing about a lurking issue….Let’s read the directions, shall we?

How to Put on a Corset.

The following are directions that came with one of the corsets (dievca’s comments in ALLCAPS):

Please Release Me! 

Before trying on your new corset, always untie the back laces.  OKAY~

1. Loosen the laces to your natural waist or larger. Do not allow the laces to come out of the eyelets/grommets but loosen it significantly. It needs to fit around you easily.  TIE THOSE LACES TOGETHER BECAUSE THEY DO PULL OUT.
2. Unzip or unfasten the corset closure.Some corsets have a side zipper. Some have a front metal busk. Some have a hook and eye closure. ZIPPERS ARE GOOD.
3. Put the corset on. If you can’t close it, take it off and loosen the back laces some more. OPEN IT MUCH MORE THAN YOU THINK…
4. Now that the corset is on, you can tighten the back laces. red corset-. REAALLLYYYY?!?! CONTORTIONIST POSITIONS. TWO PEOPLE SHOULD DO THIS…
5. Reach behind you and grab the lacing ends. Start to tighten the corset. Tighten til it’s comfortable. UHHHH, IMPORTANT!!!! THE ENDS ARE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE BACK NOT AT THE TOP OR BOTTOM.
6. Tie the laces. You may need someone’s assistance on this step.  BETTER MAKE IT SEXY PLAY WITH MASTER UNLESS ANOTHER IS INVOLVED. IT TAKES TWO!
7. Do NOT over tighten a fashion corset. A fashion corset is not designed to provide significant waist reduction as a steel boned corset is, and over tightening may damage it. GOOD TO KNOW~

If you are wearing a true corset (steel boned) and it is the proper size, you will need help putting it on. dievca is not Dita von Teese, she doesn’t have a formal “Dresser”. Her Master had to step into that role.

You know…..here dievca is complaining….but, actually the Corsets have turned out to generate a great deal of laughter and fun as foreplay.  And when dievca is finally “tied up” properly — she has to admit she looks and feels stunning. A miracle has occurred!

And Master?  Master is always appreciative.