Across the desk~

Office DelightDear Mr. Smith,

It will be such an honor to meet with you, again. Serving your needs in business has been such a pleasure. The imports have arrived for your inspection, I will bring them to your hotel.
Please note that my firm follows a business casual dress code in the summer.  If that is a problem, let me know and I will bend over to address your preferences.
Also, I am available to work through an early dinner – but perhaps you have made other arrangements.
I look forward to giving my complete focus to your assets here in NYC.
Anita Hardcock

Tillicum Associates, Inc.
~personal assistants for special needs~

Dear Anita:

A pleasure to hear from you.

Business casual is a good idea during the summer.

I’ve got quite a large problem that requires your assistance.
Bring work attire that will allow you to respond quickly to
ongoing necessities.

I see myself as a firm, but fair employer. After work I’d be
delighted to join you for an early dinner.

W.D.E. Smith


In honor of the Coney Island Mermaid Parade


by Robert Lowell
 It was a Maine lobster town—
each morning boatloads of hands
pushed off for granite
quarries on the islands,

and left dozens of bleak 
white frame houses stuck
like oyster shells
on a hill of rock,

and below us, the sea lapped
the raw little match-stick 
mazes of a weir,
where the fish for bait were trapped.

Remember? We sat on a slab of rock.
From this distance in time
it seems the color
of iris, rotting and turning purpler,

but it was only 
the usual gray rock
turning the usual green
when drenched by the sea.

The sea drenched the rock
at our feet all day,
and kept tearing away 
flake after flake.

One night you dreamed
you were a mermaid clinging to a wharf-pile,
and trying to pull
off the barnacles with your hands.

We wished our two souls 
might return like gulls
to the rock.
 In the end, 
the water was too cold for us.

Coney Island Parade Information


Somewhere in London…is HOPPING!

Happy Easter!

dievca walked past the Playboy Club in London on her way to dinner.  It sparked memories of her Parent’s belonged to the Playboy Club in Chicago, going skiing in Lake Geneva, WI, and seeing Bunnies, though kids weren’t allow in the lounges if dievca remembers correctly~

So, now she knows that the Bunnies are still HOPPING in London.

(PS. Might be a Presentation Outfit for Master!)

Photo: dievca 3/2017 Playboy Club London


New to You

dievca: Vintage Bicycle, Brooklyn Museum 03/2017

With daily use, dievca’s bike takes a beating.
she’s looking to upgrade for the Summer.
Here’s something she spotted in the Brooklyn Museum archives.
dievca thinks this a “look” worth fighting for~
Can you see her arriving at Master’s in such style?

Naughty Nerd

dievca showed up at Master’s in a chunky turtleneck sweater, glasses, knit mini-skirt, tights and boots.  Not quite Velma — but channeling her vibe, unintentionally. Master started laughing and pointed out the similarities.




That brought up the idea of Velma Dinkley of Scooby Doo fame as a Sex Object. Master mentioned that it is a thing. dievca had no idea…

It is a thing –totally CosPlay!

leopardprintunicorn on Polyvore @Sarah Thurman

Here are some fun photos of the costume in action!

That brought up the 2nd point that geek chic can be sexy
(especially when you are peeling the bombshell out of the layers of sweater).

And in her meanderings around the web, dievca ran in a site for her geeky followers:

Geeky Sex Toys out of Australia

Somewhere to fulfill your inner geek fantasies.

Maybe 13 isn’t unlucky… a Presentation Outfit

Friday the 13th….in the United States alone, it is estimated that between 17 and 21 million people dread that date to the extent that it can officially be classified as a phobia.

Friday and the number 13 separately have been considered unlucky and around the 19th century were the first documented instances where the two were put together to create the “most unlucky” day.

But dievca plans to see the day in a different light.

The Ancient Egyptians believed life was a spiritual journey that unfolded in stages. They believed that 12 of those stages occurred in this life.  The last stage, the 13th, was a joyous transformative ascension to an eternal afterlife. So the number 13 represented death to the Egyptians, but not death as in decay and fear, but as acknowledgement of a glorious eternal life.

dievca will be glorious in presenting for Master, today, after a long hiatus!  she’s planning on an Egyptian theme:


As an Egyptian Goddess, dievca plans to kneel before Master and offer her services to help him find the Joyous Afterlife. 

While researching presentation outfits, dievca did find something for the future…


Maybe a little decay did happen during Egyptian Stage 13…

(More Friday the 13th information for fun)


♥ U2-PARTY GIRL (background music) 

First Party of the Season.
A Wild One.
It’s a younger crowd.

dievca went inexpensive and really fun (umm, trashy)!
Yep, Velvet, Sequins, Rhinestones.
Master’s going to be entertained with his dievca’s presentation afterward.


BooHoo Rust Velvet BodyCon Lila Dress $35.00

boohoo-lila-velvet-strappy-slip-dress-rust-35-00 boohoo-lila-velvet-strappy-slip-dress-navy-35-00 boohoo-lila-velvet-strappy-slip-dress-brown-35-00


BooHoo Anna sequin jacket $60

Vivienne Westwood Ankle Cuff Heels

Vivienne Westwood Ankle Cuff Heels

Vintage black clutch

Vintage black clutch

Black Leather and Rhinestone Play Collar

Black Leather and Rhinestone Play Collar

Sans Undergarments
Sans Stockings — just waxed legs and nether regions
Heavier make-up with Cat Eyes, limited blush, nude shiny lips
Wild Ass Curly Hair – last hurrah before she gets it cut off.
Adding the crystal Anal Plug before meeting Master.
Bottle of chilled Champagne in Hand.
Party Girl.