The Brown Wren reappears!

In 2014, dievca posted about a practical outfit for a practical dievca coded in the color brown. 6 years later (almost 7), she has upgraded the “Brown Wren” look for cold weather with Banana Republic’s help (and a 40% off one day sale…)

The Groundhog isn’t going to see his shadow – but just incase…

Patagonia Recycled Cashmere on Sale – Originally $249

Recycled Cashmere Turtleneck features yarn that’s made from preconsumer cashmere waste that’s sorted, mechanically broken down, and spun into new yarn.

  • Feather Grey
  • Century Pink
  • Topsoil Brown
  • Birch White
  • All are $174 except for the Birch White, its $124

The Day After~

Did you survive?
Family and Friends?
Food and Drink?
Are you attacking Boxing Day?
dievca isn’t. she’s done.

dievca’s little party went well and Christmas day went well. Thank you very much. But she needed this:

And will spend today lounging around in this:

Sofia Cashmere Top and Pants

Master is planning to stop by for a nap in the Sun.

May your Boxing Day be as uneventful and lazy as dievca’s. XO