A little gift that’s gone a long way: Πετσέτες

Πετσέτες : petseta-pestemali or makropetsa

Are the names for the towels woven on house-looms for housekeeping needs in Crete. Pesstemal for Turkish hamans, futah in France and Tunisia, sarong, kikoy, kangas, shukas…One towel for the World!

Master bought dievca a simply lovely one from the brand:



The link above will get you to the same company in Crete — but it might be easier….

ShopBop is offering a lightweight, woven Beach Blanket, too:

click on photo to purchase $50.00

Las Bayadas beach blanket detailed with colorful stripes.

Fabric: Lightweight weave.
40% cotton/30% acrylic/30% polyester.
Wash cold.
Imported, Mexico.

Width: 80.25in / 204cm
Length: 70.5in / 179cm

A Morning Stretch


Photo: dievca 2016 Crete

Sitting in planes, cabs, cars, subways, gets really old. And because dievca is getting older …. she gets really stiff (so does Master – you should see Him using His stretching strap).

dievca is taking her time on the Monday Holiday to start getting limber, again. The last she stretched daily was in Greece. Sigh.

Life does get in the way doesn’t it?

Happy Memorial Day and don’t forget to stretch.