Vonnie for Valentine’s Day


A close-fitting cuff which reminds you of the feel of your Master or Mistress’ BDSM cuffs?
Or hands gripping your wrists?

A lovely way to hold a piece of your submission during the day.




S/M 17.5 CM (6.89 inches)

M/L 19 CM (7.48 inches)

(click on the photo below to purchase)

The ‘Louis Vuitton’ submissive~

If you are looking to up your BDSM elegance game
you and your Madame/ Sir  are label conscious:

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Maybe the designer locks on your collar and cuffs are not enough, you can add the Louis Vuitton Baxter collar and lead. (note: you need to have a thin neck, max circumference 11.4 inches/29 cm) The collar and lead are about $300+ each.

Eddie Borgo creates beauty for the submissive. (repost)

My first post on WordPress Sept. 27th, 2013

I still have and wear the cuff.
Eddie Borgo creates beauty for the submissive.

A cuff to remind me that I am Master’s dievca. The weight, the feel, the look is a quiet nod to my submission. Can you see the cuff with a white t-shirt and jeans? A little black dress? Adding edge to something flowy and romantic?

Sometimes You are Ready: Dreaming of a new Play Collar and Lead

BDSM leans towards black leather, studs, locks
– serious accouterments.

Master and dievca came at dievca’s presentation and their playing with a more lighthearted approach. Colorful or embellished Play Collars, elegant chokers for Presentation in public.

Black Leather and Rhinestone Play Collar

Master and dievca have beautiful play collars and leads:

Sometimes you just need a plain black collar for Presentation.
(Are you seeing a theme with the combat boots? What is up with dievca?)

It has been years since dievca has treated Master and herself to a new (and more durable) black play collar. Master happily approved of her plan. So, she’s started her search with:


Hand crafted in premium genuine leather, this simple and elegant leather collar design is both comfortable and durable.
1.625 inches (41mm) thick. Fits neck sizes up to 16 inches (41cm). Includes a retainer pin, but can be locked with a small padlock (sold separately).

Each collar is hand-made from premium quality double-back belting leather, and then lined with a padded, ultra-soft hand-bag leather. The edges are folded for maximum comfort and sewn with oversized nylon thread for superb durability. The retaining pin is designed to fit a small padlock (not included $18.00).

Matching Lead is $55.00


If you have a suggestion for a black play collar, dievca would love to hear about it!

Karma Collar and Cuff: ManiaMania

A Day Collar and Cuff to honor your Sir or Madam.

The Turn of the Screw w/ Maison Margiela 11

“Of course I was under the spell, and the wonderful part is that, even at the time, I perfectly knew I was. But I gave myself up to it; it was an antidote to any pain, and I had more pains than one.”
― Henry James, The Turn of the Screw

Finding Truth, Logic and Peace


Robert Lee Morris Sodalite and Hammered Gold Cuff

Master found the one piece of sodalite jewelry dievca was sure to love.


Sodalite is young in gemstone years. The deep blue mineral gemstone was discovered in 1806 on Greenland. Sodalite did not really gain an appreciation as an ornamental gemstone until 1891. Around this time, large sodalite stone deposits were found in Ontario, Canada. Other sodalite mineral stone deposits have been found in Brazil, India, Namibia, Russia and in Montana in the United States.

Deep blue sodalite is often mistaken for lapis lazuli, which occasionally contains sodalite. However, lapis lazuli is a true mineral rock that has a higher density than sodalite.


Sodalite’s meaning is all about logic, truth and inner peace.

Sodalite properties are deeply connected to the heart. This connection with the heart imparts a calming effect that makes it easier to attain inner peace. The calming effect facilitates logical thinking.

Sodalite is called a Poet’s Stone because it is thought to be conducive to writers. It is particularly useful for honesty of emotions and love. It increases intelligence, knowledge and learning, and can unite the logical with the spiritual.

Sodalite is said to assist athletes by improving endurance and motivation to achieve goals.

As a stone of truth, sodalite mineral stones improve communications. Disagreements and arguments are easier to work through with the use of sodalite. It helps reduce negativity, enhances positivity and assists in working through disagreements by putting a more positive light on the issue. Sodalite gemstones bring about a “glass half full” perspective to any situation.

Sodalite healing properties enhance emotional healing to provide inner peace. Sodalite gemstones encourage a calm mental state. It is believed to reduce anxiety and tension from excess stress.

Physically it is said in folklore and crystal healing to be beneficial for the glands, diabetes, digestive system, lymphatic cancer, relieving insomnia, and decreasing calcium deficiency. It is also used in crystal healing for quicker relief  of head colds.  Sodalite is associated with the throat and brow chakras.

Not just a beautiful cuff.

(Note: healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information. )

Hawthorn Trees and Cardinals

dievca grew up surrounded by Hawthorn Trees. The joy of the spring flowers, the Cardinals peeking out into the Winter through the lethal-looking thorns~


The Celtic meaning of the hawthorn tree deals with balance and duality. The hawthorn is full of contradictions, none of which went unnoticed by the soul-minded Celts.

It was considered a bad omen to bring its hawthorn branches inside the home. This is largely due from the smell of cut branches was much the same as decaying flesh (indeed, the chemical components are the same). Here we see life-giving aspects as well as associations of death within the same symbolic tree.

The hawthorn is imbued with male energy, yet it is historically a symbol of fertility and associated with the female goddess aspects (mother, maiden, crone).

What do all these contradictions mean? The hawthorn is a standing testament to the idea of duality; it is a perfect depiction of the concept of yin and yang.

The Celts understood the power of balance. They also knew that what could not be attributed to specific outcomes (as sometimes evident in the dance of contradictions played out by the hawthorn) indicated a great source of magic. In other words, that which cannot be explained has immense power.

The hawthorn is to be respected in all its diversity and duality. It is a symbol of union of opposites, and serves as a message for us to be more accepting of the unconventional.

Master and dievca are a union of opposites, therefore the Hawthorn tree is the perfect symbol of their relationship.

smartwool-cardinal-sweater smartwool-cardinal-socks


The Cardinal: is a magnificent bird with a life span of up to 15 years. It is said that they symbolize hope,  joy,  health, rejuvenation and celebration.  For those who choose to hold the Cardinal dear – you are a special type of person – rare, energetic, and always willing to care for those in need.

dievca hopes she is that person. Maybe, maybe not – but she does hold the Cardinal dear….a remembrance of her childhood. Dear enough that dievca purchased something, well, kinda cheesy. But the sweater and socks make her smile and her Mother loved it.

Master? not so much.

dievca’s Sweater and Socks are from Smartwool and are inspired by Charley Harper’s National Park Service poster series. (Yes, she removed the red buttons / sewed up the placket. Who wants buttons on their hips?)


Oh! as in O-Ring

Wearing your submission subtly —
sometimes Fashion helps!


Madewell “The Lisbon” Mini Saddle Bag $138


Justine Clenquet & Opening Ceremony earrings $80


Chloe Mini “Faye” Bag


Mango “O-Ring” Boots $149


Justine Clenquet & Opening Ceremony earrings Eddie $75


River Island Leather Cross Body Bag


Yves Saint Laurent O-Ring Shoes

Imoshion Black Lou Lou Crossbody Ring Bag

Imoshion Black Lou Lou Crossbody Ring Bag


Zana Bayne Signature Choker Opening Ceremony $45 on sale


Pixie Market Boxy Bag $234


& Other Stories Cuff Ring


Stella McCartney Medium O-Ring Bucket Bag

Vacay from your Vacay? Not possible – so try to avoid cruel coffee!


It was a vacation where dievca was supposed to relax…
As you know (and you have probably experienced, yourself)
Family issues come 1st.
Much more important, of course.

But, its back to work and dievca needs this:

Coffee to wake the dead.

she’s praying that they don’t do this:

Cruel Coffee

That would just be cruel.
Cruel Coffee.

Adorned with a Kiss

If I adorn my wrists, do you think they will receive Your kiss?

L.George Turquoise Embellished Brass Hand Chain $159 Calypso

L.George Turquoise Embellished Brass Hand Chain $159 Calypso

Lionette Marsalis Crystal Embellished Glove $589 Calypso

Lionette Marsalis Crystal Embellished Glove $589 Calypso

Milliana Valaria Crystal Pearl Cuff $319 Calypso

Milliana Valaria Crystal Pearl Cuff $319 Calypso

Lightly graze the inside of her wrists with your fingers, or tongue if you’re more daring. We guarantee that most guys she’s been with have never bothered with this spot, and she’ll wonder what took her so long to find someone who did. ~Men’s Fitness


spring breeze

I can smell myself. My sweat dripping along my neckline from the heat, a slightly sour smell from my armpits, sex wafting in the air. Yet, I don’t want to move from this languid state.

Sunlight streams through the open windows, adding trapped energy to the room – until the spring breeze cuts the heat gently, soft as my Master’s last kiss.

I have gone into odalisque mode, lying limp next to Master, not touching him. The heat enveloping us. Completely silent for a time. Amazed, honored and grateful for the pleasure my body can give….and receive.

Batmobile, Trains, Computing and Jewelry Dreams: NY Historical Society

dievca finally got to the NY Historical Society to see the Toy Train exhibit…the day before it closed.  she missed “Superheroes in Gotham”, but was lucky enough to catch the “Batmobile #3” in it’s full glory before it sped out of the Lobby. Quite a ride~

20160226_144943_resizedHoliday Express: Toys and Trains from the Jerni Collection — was a feast for the eyes, with beautiful trains, planes and ships, buildings, figurines and settings, including tracks above you head. It was a delight to just sit and absorb the motion, sound and visual display. dievca caught some pieces for your amusement:

Silicon City: Computer History Made in New York was heavily driven by IBM — showing Eero Saarinen’s idiosyncratic theater at the 1964 World’s Fair. Every 15 minutes, for nearly a year, 500 men, women, and children rose majestically into “the egg”. It was very likely their first introduction to computer logic. Computing was not new. But for the public, IBM’s iconic pavilion was a high-profile coming out party, and Silicon City will focus on this moment to introduce New York’s pivotal role in the Digital Age.

Oscilloscope PongFun to see — it reminded dievca of how her Godmother used to bring computer punch cards home for dievca to play with and she would call it “making pennies”. Spotting a book about programming in Fortran, dievca had a college flashback. (Hello – Engineering 101)  A little oscilloscope pong, Atari Space Invaders — who wouldn’t be entertained by the past?

New York World’s Fair IBM Pavilion, 1964. Courtesy of IBM Corporation Archives.

New York World’s Fair IBM Pavilion, 1964. Courtesy of IBM Corporation Archives.

As dievca wandered the Museum Shop before enjoying a beer at the cafe, she spotted some lovely jewelry which wouldn’t break the bank:



20160226_160803_resized 20160226_160752_resized

submissive collar & cuff extraordinaire : Hermès

dievca’s desire to be bound by chains.
What more beauty can a submissive dream of?
Not much.Hermes-Buckle chain sterling and 14K gold

METAL 18K Gold, Sterling Silver
MEASUREMENTS Necklace is 16″ Long, 9mm wide, Bracelet is 7 1/2″ Long, 9mm wide (INCH = 25mm)
MARKED/TESTED Hermes Paris, Gold Marks
WEIGHT 135.5g

eBay: Classic Hermes Silver 18K Gold Buckle Necklace Bracelet Set $4320.00

Hermes-Buckle chain sterling and 14K gold 2

“Hello Lover”

Who can resist a shoe called “Hello Lover”?
Wearing Black Suede and Gold Accents?
dievca can’t~

Aquazzura Hello Lover Heels

Aquazzura Hello Lover Heels top

Aquazzura Hello Lover Heels back

•Suede upper with leather sole
•Made in Italy
•Shaft measures approx 125mm/ 5 inches in length
•Approx 75mm/ 3 inch heel with metal detail
•Multi metallic leather ankle cuff
•Back zip closure
•Manufacturer Style No. HELMIDP0 SUE 000


(click on the top photo to purchase)

Cuff Me – Bind Me – Remind Me

Something BOLD to wear for your Sir.
Something to remind you of your place and of your Ownership.
Something that looks amazing and will honor your Sir.
Something that will make a dievca feel special.

dievca loves all the cuffs, but the saddle-colored leather one is her favorite! (below)

Reed Krakoff T-Bar Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet, $438.22Reed Krakoff T-Bar Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet $1095 : ON SALE Saks 5th Avenue

A gunmetal-tone cylinder and nailhead stud punctuate the smooth expanse of this sleek yet edgy sterling silver design.

  • Sterling silver and gunmetal-tone sterling silver
  • Diameter, 2.3″
  • Clasp closure
  • Made in USA

Also comes in Leather: Saddle and Black

reed-krakoff-saddle-t-bar-leather-cuff-bracelet-silver-product-1-636866876-normal reed-krakoff-saddle-t-bar-leather-cuff-bracelet-silver-product-black



Caught In A Dark Romance

givenchy Caught in Dark RomanceI’m intrigued by the Dark.
Out of Darkness comes Creation.

~Famke Janssen

Givenchy must agree – click the post to check out their BDSM offerings:

Givenchy Chain Lock Necklace Gold Givenchy_pants and top Givenchy Triple Obsedia Bracelet Givenchy Long Black Nappa Leather Gloves $710.00 givenchy-blackleatherboots-Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci patent panther belt in blackGivenchy Women's Large Mineral Stone Earringamanda-seyfried-givenchy-heels-june-2012givency-bdsm-mask black-spring-2011 givency-bdsm-mask white-spring-2011


What do you think?


Maison Martin Margiela: Collar, Cuff and Band

Simple Collar, Cuff and Band: Maison Martin Margiela

Maison Martin Margiela: Gold Round-Band Jewelry Set
Simple rounded-band set of jewelry in gold-tone metal. Hinged push-clasp closure at necklace and at bracelet. Matching ring with tonal logo stamp. Platinum & brass. Made in Italy

Circles commonly represent unity, wholeness, and infinity. Without beginning or end, without sides or corners, the circle is also associated with the number one.

In some cases, there is a distinction between that which is contained within the circle and that which lies without.

Circles are often seen as protective symbols. Standing within a circle shields a person from supernatural dangers or influences outside of the circle. Conversely, a circle can also be containing, keeping that which is inside from been released.

The perfect symbols for D/s
Your Sir/Madame will protect you within Their Circles of Collar, Cuff and Band. The Symbolism of being owned and kept inside the circles for your Sir/Madame’s needs, pleasures and your safety.

“I give you my protection and care for your submission and service.”

Maison Martin Margiela Ring Bracelet And Necklace Set - Stefania Mode - Farfetch.com2Maison Martin Margiela Ring Bracelet And Necklace Set - Stefania Mode - Farfetch.com3Maison Martin Margiela Ring Bracelet And Necklace Set - Stefania Mode - Farfetch.com1Can be purchase at Saks Fifth Avenue

Heavy Metal Cuffs …. and more.

Heavy Metal and More....

Heavy metal chains and hoops in varying sizes are wrapped around a massive cuff.
Made for Jill Stuart NY runway presentation against a palette of floaty pastel chiffon ballerina dresses.
Made in the French studios of Mark Walsh Leslie Chin.
Extremely heavy runway piece in bronze with Antique silver finish.
Excellent condition.

(click the photo for purchase information)

	  TITLE:	 Boucher Zippered Cuff PRICE:	 View Price Purchase > CREATOR:	 Boucher COUNTRY:	 United States DATE OF MANUFACTURE:	 1960 METAL:	 Gilt Metal CONDITION:	 Excellent

Unusual figural cuff by Marcel Boucher of a half-opened zipper on a linen covered clamper cuff. Timeless cool.
1.25″ Wide, Interior diameters: 2.25″ X 2″.
Excellent condition.
(click here for purchase information)
Maiden Art Silver Fringes Clutch Bag
A silver plated clutch bag with chains. White pearl horn and crystal rhinestone charms.
The designers of Maiden Art, Maristella Colombo and Gabriele Negri call it a heirloom piece…one that’s timeless, unique, and precious.
(click here for Maiden Arts site)
REECE HUDSON metallic bag and cuff Barneys gold

Reece Hudson Bondage Minaudiere  Croc-stamped metal hard body clutch with hinged opening and push lock closure at top. Includes a detachable chain link short strap that can be converted to a wristlet strap and worn with an optional matching metal cuff. Satin lined.

  • Approximately 3.75″ height x 6.5″ width x 2″ depth
  • 8″ optional chain drop
  • Cuff: 1.5″ width
  • Made in Italy

(click here for purchase information)

Martine Ali Leather Corset CuffsMartine Ali Leather Corset Cuffs Back

Heavy metal chains, hoops, flowers and spikes in varying sizes are wrapped around a leather cuff.
Cuff laces up like a corset
Made by Martine Ali.
Extremely heavy pieces in taupe, silver and black with an Antique silver finish.
Spring 2010
dievca owns the silver cuff with black lacing.
(click to go to the Martine Ali website) 


Where this post is leading…
chained sub
dievca still loves to be attached to Master with a collar and lead.  Every time she sees a seriously Rock & Roll metallic/chain piece her mind immediately slides back to being connected to Master. It must have to do with being so independent in the Vanilla World, then changing to 100% dependency in the D/s World.  dievca finds such joy and peace, flipping the switch and giving herself to Master — the Power Exchange is so beautiful and being chained is a symbol of that exchange for dievca. Wearing a certain piece of fashion can shift dievca, as well ~ amazing. 

Sometimes, a direct visual tells the story best. Eddie Borgo

Sometimes, a direct visual tells the story best.

24-karat yellow gold-plated brass padlock.
Eddie Borgo logo engraving.
Large pave rhinestone links.
Cuff or Collar
Made in USA.

A very bold and captivating way to say that you are owned~

Adele Eddie Borgo

Adele in Eddie Borgo Pave Chain Padlock Necklace

Eddie Borgo creates beauty for the submissive.

Eddie Borgo creates beauty for the submissive.

A cuff to remind me that I am Master’s dievca. The weight, the feel, the look is a quiet nod to my submission. Can you see the cuff with a white t-shirt and jeans? A little black dress? Adding edge to something flowy and romantic?