Perhaps, getting a little wet~

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Coco de Mer’s collection of luxurious bondage pieces offer both visual and tactile delights to inspire exploration, excitement and enjoyment. Crafted from sumptuous cow hide, butter soft lamb’s leather, plush suede and beautifully polish wood, each item has been created for unbridled eroticism after dark.

Why do I have to wear them after dark?
They look so beautiful I want to wear and use them in public.
In the sunlight.

Tapping is Beautiful

You found me sniffing your shirt. Delighting in your smell.
“Put the shirt on, naked beneath, and come kneel before me.”

I did.
Happily surrounded by Master.

“Present your wrists and ankles.”
Master attached His cuffs to my limbs.

“Follow Me to the bed and lie in the middle.”
He gently stretched out my arms and legs to be attached to the bed frame.

Master touched my clitoris with his fingers and tapped it.
Then walked away.

I was aroused from wearing His shirt and being restrained.
So my clitoris was engorged and sensitive.

I didn’t orgasm.

Master came back after about 5 minutes and tapped my clitoris, again.
Then walked away.

I strained against the restraints towards Him.
My pussy begging for attention.

I didn’t orgasm

Master took His time and came back to tap my clitoris in a distracted manner.
My nipples and clitoris were hard with anticipation.

I didn’t orgasm.

Master took another 5 minutes before coming back,
I orgasmed before He touched me.

Afterward, He tapped my sensitive clitoris with His finger and walked away.

I waited and watched for Master’s return.
Nipples, clitoris at attention.

Master came back naked and crawled on top of me.
Tapping my clitoris with the head of His penis.

I squirted.
“Good Girl”

Then Master made His move to fit His penis into my mouth.

It was an awkward angle, but enough Cock Worship
and to cause me to orgasm.
It caused Master to orgasm, too.

Tapping is a Beautiful Thing.

Everything but the kitchen sink ~ BDSM style

√ Ankles Cuffs
√ Studs
√ Buckles
√ Grommets
√ Shibari Ties
√ Strappy
√ Leather

ROBERT CLERGERIE x self portrait

the Bear: momocreatura

One of dievca’s nicknames is:
“the Bear”

Something about getting up grumpy like a brown bear coming out of hibernation in the Spring.

You would have to ask Master…


So, dievca found these Cuffed Bears from Momocreatura very interesting.

The Jewelry is designed and made in London and the pieces seems to be more Goth/Macabre.

momocreatura’s jewellery explores the boundaries between reality and fantasy through the depiction of fairy-tale inspired images. They are more like 3D illustration or wearable miniature sculptures. The silver and gold pieces are finely handcrafted assemblages of child-like imagination, suggestive of ambiguous, twisted humour.

Then you find the real deal….(per the 03/07 elfje)

she does ladylike for her Sir
she does downtown chic for herself
but sometimes she just wants to let it rip
and rock her BDSM raw

Saint Laurent

saint-laurent-studded-chain-buckle-embellished-sandal-2 saint-laurent-studded-chain-buckle-embellished-sandal-4 saint-laurent-studded-chain-buckle-embellished-sandal-5 saint-laurent-studded-chain-buckle-embellished-sandal-3 saint-laurent-studded-chain-buckle-embellished-sandal

Does Patent Leather really reflect…the Christmas Lights?

Sexy and Shiny.
Clean, simple lines.
dievca has Patent Leather on her Wish List.
Something “D/s Festive”.

Owned in Elegance.

Collars, Cuffs and Lead available at

BDSM Copper Cuffs

From the same Gentleman who created the Fur Locking Collar.

Gorgeous Copper-Plate Cuffs, custom-made for your submissive.
Which means they can be sized for the wrists and the ankles. Stunning.


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