Chick in Chains

Chick in Chains

Perhaps a little Tenderizing, too!
Aftercare of your Bird will allow it to cook evenly!


Photo by Thomas Buchta

Ankle Elegance

Ankle Cuffs

Spring: sprucing up your submissive

Purple Restraint Set  Every time you buy from The Collar Shop you know that you are buying a handcrafted, custom piece made to your specifications. All items have adjustability built-in, so please be sure to read the FAQ on how to properly measure and order.

Get your Groove Back! (BDSM style)

Groove Heels
Buffed faux-leather heels in black. Embossed detailing at round toe. Curb chain ankle strap with lanyard clasp fastening in gold-tone. Tonal covered block heel. Faux-leather sole in tan. Approx. 3.5″ heel.
Made from cruelty-free, non-animal materials.
Supplier color: Black
Upper: synthetic. Sole: synthetic.
Made in Italy.
Available on sale at SSENSE.

You’ll be ready to SWING!

Swing Dance

Presentation in Semi-sheer + a wild ride

Master told His dievca to wear stockings for Presentation.
The trick was to look alluring while feeling round in the middle – a corset was out~
Maison Close’s fitted skirt with suspenders and a slouchy see-thru sweater was in!

Wearing a hood with red lipstick would put the focus on Master’s Cock and the skirt with suspenders would shift that focus to dievca’s ass while bent over.

Master guided dievca’s head for Cock worship and when hard, He restrained her across the bed so she could be flipped belly down or up as needed. He added a penis gag and vibrating butt plug to fill all of  His dievca’s holes.

As Master’s Cock pounded into His dievca’s pussy, the button to modify the butt plug’s vibrational pattern would get pressed – it made for a wild ride, plus a bit of humor as dievca exploded everywhere.

Taking a thought and creating Reality (NSFW)

Masturbation – Master, I am really quick off the trigger.
Fantasy – something to do with being restained over the side of the bed or futon. Banana vibrator playing on the outside of my pussy, hitting the clit, then you entering behind with a plug and possibly moving to my ass. Maybe my mouth is reachable for cock worship?  I’ll work on my description.

dievca’s fantasies had diminished. she’s sure there are many reasons for that to occur.
Catching a hint of fantasy while masturbating was worthy of mention to Master, even if it was a snippet.

Master is creative, He had enough to work with when He returned home.

Master set up restraints across the width of the bed and placed cuffs on dievca’s wrists. He then bent His dievca face-down over the side of the bed naked and in heels, attaching her hands over her head to the restraints. There was enough play in the leather that dievca could get on to her elbows if needed, but Master pulled her back to stretch out her arms overhead.

dievca’s freshly waxed ass was open to Master’s view, He inserted an anal plug using lube.

As dievca was opened and exposed, Master took off His pants and grabbed the banana vibrator.  Reaching between His dievca’s legs, Master rested the vibrator cupping her pussy and hitting her clit while jiggling the anal plug. He called for orgasms and after a number plunged into her pussy with His cock. dievca grabbed at Him with her pelvic muscles as she pulled on the restraints.

Master continued to tease dievca with the vibrator, then His hand and His cock until she squirted on the floor.

At that point, Master pushed dievca towards the bed and told her to flip over, her ass on the edge of the bed with hands restrained above her head. Holding her high heels, Master penetrated deeply until the anal plug dropped out as dievca orgasmed continuously.

That called for a break, and though Master took dievca’s shoes off, He moved dievca’s cuffs to one connection point and kept His dievca’s hands restrained as she lay on her side to recover. Master washed His cock and stood at the side of the bed to place His cock in dievca’s mouth while playing with her pussy using the vibrator.

When Master removed the vibrator and He told dievca to move back diagonally and present (ass up, head down) so her arms would be pulling on the single point restraint.

He entered dievca deeply from behind, Doming her fully. After three weeks of separation, Master let go completely.

dievca was a well-used submissive.

Showing the Shoes some BONDAGE love~

Fraulein Kink gold ankle restraints $335
(click photo to buy)


Handmade in Berlin, the FRAULEIN KINK (Fräulein Kink) Leather Bondage Ankle Restraints are the epitome of elegance, both in and out of the bedroom. The detachable leather leads and ankle restraints can pair with your favorite heel and be used to restrain you to a chair or bed. Detachable leads can also be used separately as handcuffs.

  • Metallic Gold Stitched Leather Straps
  • SWAROVSKI® Light Colorado Topaz Gold Crystal Rivets
  • Detachable Gold Leather Ankle Restraint Leads
  • Engraved Kink Heart Detailing

Note: Boots NOT included

Bag of Goodies (

What’s in the sack? What’s in the sack?
Is it some mushrooms or is it the moon?
Is it love letters or downy goosefeathers?
Or maybe the world’s most enormous balloon?
What’s in the sack? That’s all they ask me.
Could it be popcorn or marbles or books?
Is it two years’ worth of your dirty laundry,
Or the biggest ol’ meatball that’s ever been cooked?
Does anyone ask me, “Hey, when is your birthday?”
“Can you play Monopoly?” “Do you like beans?”
“What is the capital of Yugoslavia?”
Or “Who embroidered that rose on your jeans?”
No, what’s in the sack? That’s all they care about.
Is it a rock or a rolled-up giraffe?
Is it pickles or nickels or busted bicycles?
And if we guess it, will you give us half?
Do they ask where I’ve been, or how long I’ll be stayin’,
Where I’ll be goin’, or when I’ll be back,
Or “How do?” or “What’s new?” or “Hey, why are you blue?”
No, all they keep asking is, “What’s in the sack?”
“What’s in the sack?” I’m blowin’ my stack
At the next one who asks me, “What’s in the sack?”
Oh no. Not you, too!

~Shel Silverstein

What’s in the sack?

MSGM Flat crinkled nylon tote in red.

dievca’s wallet, phone, schedule book, lip balm,  Master’s Cuffs and Straps – would you like to see?

Leather BDSM Restraints Set lockable Von Bondage $100, click photo

Leather BDSM Bedpost Restraining Straps $73 Von Bondage click photo

dievca’s happy there aren’t bag checks
for the NYC subway system. 🙂

Face Down

While waiting for my Master to arrive at my apartment, I fell asleep on my belly.  I must have looked like a starfish, all spread out in the sun. His Collar and Cuffs were on at His request.

Master had let himself in and must have quietly connected the straps to the corners of my bed and gently connected the straps to the ankle cuffs. I didn’t wake up until he place a vibrator directly on my clit. At that moment, I tried to roll over and my spread legs wouldn’t let me, Master said, “Stay on your belly” and used the vibrator to cause an orgasm.

I felt lube drip on to my ass and Master worked it into my asshole with his finger. He popped in an anal plug, then left to wash his hands.

” Get on your hands and suck me, dievca”, I worshiped His cock in that awkward spread position until it was hard.

Master placed two pillows under my hips, grabbed my ass and plunged into my wet pussy.

Going deep and pressing on the anal plug. I shuddered once, twice and orgasmed. Master kept moving in/out and stopped to tell me to move on His Cock. He snaked His hand around my ass to my clit and played with it until I orgasmed, again. This orgasm was so hard the anal plug went flying out.

I felt Master put lube on His thumb and he started to play in my ass. I felt the larger glass anal plug replace the first plug. Stretching me open.

Master washed His hands and Cock, only to return for me to suck Him hard and put a condom on. He unclipped my ankles, removed the glass plug, added lube and guided His Cock into my ass, one inch at a time.

By now I was dripping and my asshole was opening up.

Master fully entered my ass and started to move, holding my hips. I orgasmed twice and started to ride Master’s Cock. Master handed me the vibrator and said, “Hold this to your clit.” After a bit of time, I began to buck violently with the strength of my orgasms, Master held my hips for the ride. I finally squeezed Master out and fell flat on my tummy with exhaustion. He went to remove the condom and wash His hands, then lay down to hold me.

After some time, I asked Master’s permission to suck Him. Permission granted, he grew large in my throat. He flipped me over, on to my back, and came into my pussy to orgasm. We passed out for 30 minutes, in the sun.

Perhaps, getting a little wet~

(click photo for website)

Coco de Mer’s collection of luxurious bondage pieces offer both visual and tactile delights to inspire exploration, excitement and enjoyment. Crafted from sumptuous cow hide, butter soft lamb’s leather, plush suede and beautifully polish wood, each item has been created for unbridled eroticism after dark.

Why do I have to wear them after dark?
They look so beautiful I want to wear and use them in public.
In the sunlight.

Tapping is Beautiful

You found me sniffing your shirt. Delighting in your smell.
“Put the shirt on, naked beneath, and come kneel before me.”

I did.
Happily surrounded by Master.

“Present your wrists and ankles.”
Master attached His cuffs to my limbs.

“Follow Me to the bed and lie in the middle.”
He gently stretched out my arms and legs to be attached to the bed frame.

Master touched my clitoris with his fingers and tapped it.
Then walked away.

I was aroused from wearing His shirt and being restrained.
So my clitoris was engorged and sensitive.

I didn’t orgasm.

Master came back after about 5 minutes and tapped my clitoris, again.
Then walked away.

I strained against the restraints towards Him.
My pussy begging for attention.

I didn’t orgasm

Master took His time and came back to tap my clitoris in a distracted manner.
My nipples and clitoris were hard with anticipation.

I didn’t orgasm.

Master took another 5 minutes before coming back,
I orgasmed before He touched me.

Afterward, He tapped my sensitive clitoris with His finger and walked away.

I waited and watched for Master’s return.
Nipples, clitoris at attention.

Master came back naked and crawled on top of me.
Tapping my clitoris with the head of His penis.

I squirted.
“Good Girl”

Then Master made His move to fit His penis into my mouth.

It was an awkward angle, but enough Cock Worship
and to cause me to orgasm.
It caused Master to orgasm, too.

Tapping is a Beautiful Thing.

Everything but the kitchen sink ~ BDSM style

√ Ankles Cuffs
√ Studs
√ Buckles
√ Grommets
√ Shibari Ties
√ Strappy
√ Leather

ROBERT CLERGERIE x self portrait

the Bear: momocreatura

One of dievca’s nicknames is:
“the Bear”

Something about getting up grumpy like a brown bear coming out of hibernation in the Spring.

You would have to ask Master…


So, dievca found these Cuffed Bears from Momocreatura very interesting.

The Jewelry is designed and made in London and the pieces seems to be more Goth/Macabre.

momocreatura’s jewellery explores the boundaries between reality and fantasy through the depiction of fairy-tale inspired images. They are more like 3D illustration or wearable miniature sculptures. The silver and gold pieces are finely handcrafted assemblages of child-like imagination, suggestive of ambiguous, twisted humour.

Then you find the real deal….(per the 03/07 elfje)

she does ladylike for her Sir
she does downtown chic for herself
but sometimes she just wants to let it rip
and rock her BDSM raw

Saint Laurent

saint-laurent-studded-chain-buckle-embellished-sandal-2 saint-laurent-studded-chain-buckle-embellished-sandal-4 saint-laurent-studded-chain-buckle-embellished-sandal-5 saint-laurent-studded-chain-buckle-embellished-sandal-3 saint-laurent-studded-chain-buckle-embellished-sandal

Does Patent Leather really reflect…the Christmas Lights?

Sexy and Shiny.
Clean, simple lines.
dievca has Patent Leather on her Wish List.
Something “D/s Festive”.

Owned in Elegance.

Collars, Cuffs and Lead available at

BDSM Copper Cuffs

From the same Gentleman who created the Fur Locking Collar.

Gorgeous Copper-Plate Cuffs, custom-made for your submissive.
Which means they can be sized for the wrists and the ankles. Stunning.


Click on the photo to purchase


Leather Cuffs: Ealish Wilson

dievca loves the feeling of being restrained.
she loves when Her Master puts His cuffs on her.

she ran into an offering of reversible leather cuffs that would accent her summer style and mimic the feeling of being cuffed. Belonging to Master.  An elegant, artful way to show your BDSM leanings.
At $120.00, might be something to consider. (click on the top photo for the link)

Ealish Wilson Leather Cuffs $120

Ealish Wilson Leather Cuffs $120

Ealish Wilson Yellow Ealish Wilson Blue Ealish Wilson Leaf Ealish Wilson Wedding Lace Gold Ealish Wilson Wedding Lace Ealish Wilson Floral


Originally from the Isle of Man in the British Isles, Ealish Wilson lived in various countries from a young age. Her travels fed her appetite to create complex textile sculptures interlinking various aesthetic elements from her current and past contexts. Ealish grew up in a household where items were made such as pillows, curtains and clothing. During her teens and 20’s, Ealish was involved with the theater in costumes, make-up, and set design. In college, she was introduced to the notion that textiles could extend beyond the functional object by her professor Maxine Bristow, a prolific textile artist and writer.

From the UK to Japan to California, Wilson has fostered a passion and adaptability to the idea of place. A 2003-2005 to Japan through an Anglo-Japanese mentorship program for Textile Artists was particularly significant. For three months, she worked with Japanese textile artist Michiko Kawarabayashi in Kyoto. There she was literally lost in translation, with new visual and living references from language to food to tools. Embracing the daily challenges and integrating them into her work was pivotal for her practice as an artist.

Wilson has a Master’s degree in design from the Scottish College of Textiles and a BA in Textiles and History from Chester University in the UK. Her work has been exhibited in various exhibitions throughout the Isle of Man, UK, USA, Japan, Germany, Dubai, and Poland.  She now lives and maintains a studio in San Francisco, CA.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day with a Kiss

St. Patick's Day clover
Not Master’s favorite Holiday —
but dievca will send Him and you a Kiss to make it better.
XOSt. Patick's Day Kiss

Revenge: A Sexy Romp in the Country


The always provocative Ellen von Unwerth has created a sadomasochistic story told in pictures. A sexy romp in the country, where three young women arrive at a Baroness’ estate expecting a relaxing weekend, and find something entirely different. In these startlingly erotic photos, von Unwerth explores the vocabulary of bondage; the chains, ropes, masks, corsets, and hardware. The participants in the story; the girls, the Baroness, her chauffeur, and the stable-hand, combine the dark and dangerous along with the fun and games of contemporary life in the fast lane.

Ellen von Unwerth was born in Germany in the mid 1950’s. She worked in a circus as assistant to the knife thrower and as a model after being discovered walking down the street in her native Munich. Von Unwerth’s fashion work is published in American, Italian, and British Vogue, Interview and Vanity Fair. Her books include “Snaps”, “Wicked”, and “Couples.”

A Thank You to the Staley-Wise Gallery for hosting this exhibition (click here)

In a different Mood~

Master was in a Mood yesterday.

He has tried to find time to get work done, but Life has got in His way. And then His dievca had enough of feeling blamed, so she snapped back hard. “Master, I only see you so often — I am not the problem. You have added people to your Life. and I have not asked for more time, in fact, we haven’t met as much. Stop blaming me for your lack of progress.”

That did it.

chained heels

Master grabbed His dievca and told her that she was to strip fully except for heels and His collar, no presentation outfit allowed. He then commanded that she lay belly down on the cold glass coffee table. Master put on the wrist and ankle cuffs and locked them with padlocks. He spread her legs and chained her ankles to the table legs in a spread-eagled position. dievca’s wrists, He clipped together behind her back.

Silence reigned as Master collected items from the kitchen.

Then Master began to speak, “I am trying to get work done” – SWAT across dievca’s ass with a spatula. “and everyone wants and needs my attention.” SWAT, again.  Something dribbled onto dievca ass crack and pussy. A finger dove in her pussy and swirled. “If I could just be left alone for a week” – an anal plug is anchored into dievca’s ass. “I could focus fully and produce” vibrator inserted into the pussy “some good work!”

Disguise Open Mouth Hood with Padded Blindfolddievca was lifted up to a kneeling position, the vibrator adjusted and a Lycra hood with padded eye blindfold pulled over her head. Master rummaged through dievca’s purse to find her lipstick and commanded dievca to open her mouth so He could apply it. Afterward, Master inserted a ball gag into dievca’s red mouth. Her wrists were unbuckled and reconnected behind her to her ankles, so that her back was arched causing her breasts to jut forward.  Master suckled each nipple offered and as His mouth left, He clipped a clothes pin onto each engorged nipple.

Ankles and wrists“No one is honoring my space and time.” Master played with dievca’s exposed clit, and tapped the vibrator at the same time – which caused dievca to orgasm; once, twice, three times. Master continued to manipulate her sensitive body by drawing designs on the front with a fork.

Ankles and wrists 2

“I need to get work done.” Master unbuckled dievca’s wrists from her ankles, leaned her forward so that her forehead rested on a towel which put her ass in the air.  He re-buckled her wrists to her ankles,  between her legs.

The vibrator fell out of dieva’s pussy and was replaced with Master’s Cock.  Master moved inside of dievca to become harder and removed Himself from dievca’s pussy to swat her ass with His hand. “I want people  to leave me alone, so I can focus.” Master removed the anal plug, added more lube and slid His Cock into dievca’s ass. dievca orgasmed immediately, squeezing Master’s Cock hard. Holding dievca’s hips Master began to move when he felt His dievca opening up. dievca started to orgasm over and over, clenching and squeezing Master. Master swatted dievca ass to re-focus and moved deeper when he knew she was fully relaxed.

As Master was fucking her fully, he says “I am not blaming you for my not getting any work done, I’m just mentioning it to you. With you, I am fully in control and will take what I want when I want it. You are my submissive. You do not control me, you gave your power to me.”

dievca continued to orgasm and Master finally decided to remove His hard Cock from her ass.

He unbuckled His dievca carefully, but left the cuffs, gag and hood on her.  He unchained her ankles from the coffee table and helped her up carefully, then took her to the bedroom. Master removed deivca’s heels and the clothespins before laying her down on the bed and connecting her collar to the bedpost with the chain lead.  Sounds of a condom being removed and hands being wash occurred in the nearby bathroom. Master returned to the bed to lay down and spoon His dievca for about 10 minutes. When He got up, Master removed the ball gag, and says “I want silence” then re-connected dievca’s two ankles together. He connected her two wrists together in the front and said “I’m going to shower and work for 2 hours – you are to sleep.”

Sleeping Bounddievca immediately fell asleep and was left on the bed for a long time period. she woke up gently as she felt the cuffs being unlocked and removed. Master rolled her onto her back and kissed her gently. With the hood/blindfold still on, He helped dievca sit-up and pressed a glass of water into her hands. After dievca finished drinking, Master removed the glass to place it on the table and disconnected the lead from the bedpost. He pulled on the lead gently to move dievca’s head to rest upon His thigh and dievca knew to put Master’s soft Cock in her mouth.

This is one of dievca’s favorite treats. Master’s Cock isn’t soft very often. And true to form Master’s Cock grew hard, immediately. Placed deep – the Cock touched the back of dievca’s throat. As it grew,  dievca could not hold all of it in her mouth.  Master guided dievca to her knees and stood in front of her on the bed. He used the chain lead to guide her mouth to His Cock and inserted it fully. dievca immediately licked and Worshiped Her Master Cock as she loves to do.  she knows it gives Him a great deal of pleasure and in return it pleasures her, too.

Cock WorshipAfter a time, Master ripped off the hood and grabbed dievca’s head to look into her eyes. He then held her steady to face fuck her. dievca grabbed  Master’s ass and opened her throat as far as possible. Master told dievca to touch her clit and they came off together, dievca tasted the salt and swallowed as much of Master’s semen as she could, the rest spilling across her face and chest. Master lifted dievca for a kiss and shared the salt.

Shower TogetherBoth Master and dievca fell onto the bed and Master removed the chain lead.  Breathing hard while hearts were pounding, dievca and Master caught their breath and relaxed into each other.  After some time in La La Land, they meandered into a shared shower and then out to the kitchen to eat.

Making a List: BDSM style

Coco de Mer Beautiful Bondage - Copy

Master asked His dievca to make a gift list for the Holidays.
she has never asked for a D/s gift.
dievca went looking for elegant BDSM.
And she found it….at the Coco de Mer website.
The exquisite pieces on dievca’s list need to be shared.
D/s or not~


Absidem Cateye Blindfold - Copy Absidem Jolene Collar - Copy Absidem Jolene Lead - Copy Absidem Janice Cuffs - Copy Absidem Forget Me Not Paddle - Copy


Sylvie Monthule Secret River Necklace and Nipple Clamps


Coco de Mer Brown Leather Flogger - Copy Coco de Mer Brown Leather Lead - Copy Coco de Mer Brown Leather Crop - Copy

Fräulein Kink

Fräulein Kink python cuffs - Copy Fräulein Kink Crystak tipped bondage ropes - Copy


Paul Seville Leather Snakeskin Mask - Copy Paul Seville Leather Snakeskin T-strap snakeskin restraints Paul Seville Leather Snakeskin Paddle - Copy Paul Seville Horsse Hair Whip - Copy Paul Seville x Coco de Mer Angel Posture CollarPaul Seville x Coco de Mer Angel Vanity Paddle Paul Seville Slim Molded Collar Paul Seville Handcuff Bracelets - Copy Paul Seville Blue Feather Tickler - Copy Paul Seville Blue Ball Gag - Copy

And a preview of what will be under the tree for Master.

Christmas Present - Copy


Ankles Adorned by Giuseppe Zanotti

In sorting through her shoe collection with Master,
dievca has learned that Master loves shoes with ankle straps.
she noticed that Giuseppe Zanotti took it to a whole new level…
…and dievca likes it.
she thinks Master will like it, too.
Heh, heh, heh. 😉
giuseppe-zanotti-fall-2013-4 gold ankle cuff giuseppe zanotti alien embellished Giuseppe-Zanotti-Grommet-Leather-Sandal-SHOP giuseppe zanotti jeweled ankle strap giuseppe zanotti alien mink sandal giuseppe-zanotti-black-alien-crystalembellished-suede-sandals-product-6-15054338-642990889_large_flex giuseppe-zanotti-black-black-leather-and-gold-chain-alien-115-heels-product-3-6077193-054531031_large_flex Giuseppe-Zanotti-Red-Patent-Leather-Bon-Ton-Ankle-Wrap-Sandals-For-Sale

Options, dievca, Options: Mucki

Impressively Long Mucki Bench by Sergio Rodriguesdievca can imagine the OPTIONS for D/s Bondage and Restraint
or just waiting quietly to serve Master…chained.

Sergio Rodrigues, 1958
One of the first pieces designed by Sergio Rodrigues, “the father of Brazilian modern design”, the versatile “Mucki” can double as bench or coffee table, in varying lengths, with fixed height.
The originals go for $8000 to $16,000 dollars.
Impressively Long Mucki Bench by Sergio Rodrigues 2

About Sergio Rodrigues
Sergio Rodrigues has been dubbed the father of Brazilian furniture. Indeed, he was responsible for establishing a new paradigm in design, setting himself apart with his very own language in his quest for a clearly recognizable Brazilian identity. He became notorious for his use of robust woods like jacaranda, peroba and imbue to create quintessential icons. His notorious “Mole” armchair was an immediate success, comprised of jacaranda and upholstered cushions supported by leather straps. The piece, informed by Rodrigues’ playfulness and wit, readily became associated with a typically relaxed Brazilian attitude and lifestyle. Rodrigues furniture lets the robust thickness of Brazilian wood speak for itself with his imaginative functional forms and playful volumes.

Sergio Rodrigues was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1927. The designer graduated from the Faculdade Nacional de Arquitetura in 1952, and shortly after founded one of the first stores of modern furniture and art in Curitiba. In 1955, Rodrigues opened the more established company Oca, which he referred to as ‘a laboratory for Brazilian furniture and handicrafts’ and became one of the most critical components in the evolution of furniture in Brazil. Rodrigues later set out on his own and has since been designing furniture, hotels, residences and notorious pre-fabricated dwellings.

Amongst his well-known works are pieces of furniture designed for the Brazilian Embassy in Rome, for the UNB (Brasília University) and the Teatro Nacional (National Theater in Brasília). The designer has worked closely with Oscar Niemeyer, as the latter’s interior designer of choice for his buildings in Brasilia. (from

It started with a piece of Rope~

Jaclyn Mayer Header

A little bit Bondage for your body.

Orly Genger by Jaclyn Mayer began with one necklace in 2009; a piece that symbolizes the impetus for a vibrantly distinct jewelry collection. Artist Orly Genger was about to open her largest exhibition to date at the Indianapolis Museum of Art when jewelry designer Jaclyn Mayer visited her studio in Long Island City. Mayer decided to make a necklace out of the rope lying around the studio floor. Genger wore the piece to her opening and grabbed the attention of top fashion editors, as well as coveted influencers in the jewelry industry. When all this happened within the course of a few weeks, both girls realized they had something uniquely their own which could be developed into a successful brand and fruitful business.

Since its start, OGJM has graced the pages of Vogue, ELLE, Harpers Bazaar, Glamour, Marie Claire, and Surface to name a few top-tier publications. The collection has been featured online on, Refinery 29, Daily Candy, The Cut, NBC’s The Thread, along with countless other fashion blogs. OGJM has also had the privilege to collaborate with other well-respected designers within the fashion industry including VPL, WHIT, and Lela Rose. Genger and Mayer have created the jewelry for the past 8 consecutive VPL runway shows, 2 WHIT shows, and the Spring 2011 runway show for Lela Rose, proving their versatility and credibility as designers. Most recently, OGJM collaborated with J.Crew in Spring 2012 to produce mass marketed jewelry that is not only artfully crafted, but also affordable; this wonderful experience ultimately pushed their design concepts even further, and increased the designers’ exposure to an even larger consumer base.

Sweat and Cicadas

I can hear them outside of my window, over the sounds of traffic.
The Cicadas singing their mating song in the Summer heat.

Sweat drips between my breasts.

Frogtied KneelingI tilt my head back and try to catch the nonexistent breeze from the window. The sweat is wetting my hair and gathering at my Collar. It continues to flow with gravity. Moisture is pooling around my armpits and along my arms where they are touching my body.  Another pool of sweat slicks between my inner thighs and behind my knees as I kneel with my ankles connected to my wrists.  The cuffs, themselves, are wet.

Sweat continues to bead along my upper lip as I wait in silence, only broken by the Cicada’s song.

If I am a lucky dievca, my Master will come to lick the sweat off my body and use me as he sees fit.

The Cicadas sing on.

Cicadas sing most actively in hot weather and do their most spirited singing during the hotter hours of a summer day, in a roughly 24 hour cycle. 

Zana Bayne: Beautiful Bondage


Blurring the lines between accessories and clothing, Zana Bayne‘s luxe, artisanal leather goods infuse a haute-couture aesthetic with provocative, bondage-influenced undertones. Known for their defined silhouettes and striking shapes, Bayne’s designs play on the lines of the body, refining and accentuating the wearer’s individual style.

Zana Bayne Spring Summer 2014 Paris runway

Zana Bayne Spring Summer 2014 Paris Runway

Here, Bayne handcrafts a sleek harness from rich strips of rivet-reinforced leather, in a wickedly playful arrangement inspired by occult symbolism and enneagram formations. Although originally intended to be worn with the design on the back, the harness also effortlessly works reversed. Gleaming silvertone hardware punctuates the look.
Zana Bayne Hex Harness
Zana Bayne Hex Harness Front
Some classic simple designs are available,  too:
Zana Bayne Choker Belt Zana Bayne Choker Belt Person Nordstorms Zana Bayne Black Leather Choker collar Zana Payne Choker Cuffs
The pieces that dievca own are a collaboration with PENDU x Zana Bayne — a collar and cuff in red. she has presented to Master in them with a white Goddess maxi dress and worn them on the street with a black maxi dress.

The “Magnum Opus” Capsule Collection collaboration from PENDV x Zana Bayne 2014 is comprised of a series of leather works conceptually devised by the duo based on a symbol designed by Todd Pendu and then constructed by Zana Bayne. The base image from which all of these products are derived is a stylized re-imagining of the inverted symbol of Sulphur that has been used to signify accomplishment of the “Great Work (Magnum Opus)” in Alchemy and is also connected in shape to the Tarot card known as “The Hanged-Man” or in French as “Le Pendu”
Zana Bayne Pendu Collar red
zana-bayne-red PENDU bracelet

More information about Zana Bayne can be found HERE.


BDSM skeletons collarFeeling a bit Raw and Exposed.
Sometimes dievca’s fantasies go dark and direct.
But it is ALWAYS Master’s decision as to what we do,
and how we do it.

BDSM in Haute Couture – Strict. Interview Magazine

Championed by the masters of subversive restraint like McQueen, Givenchy, and now Louis Vuitton, it’s no longer about the throw-on. Look instead to all things considered, with every detail meticulously finished—tiny, bound waists, leather straps, fetish shoes. With roots in the aristocratic-Brit-punk of English eccentrics, it’s a celebration of the art of fashion.

If you click on the photos, the designers of the pieces are listed in the web address.
strict-Jacket, Skirt, and Hat Marc Jacobs. Top Louis Vuitton. Choker and Cuffs The Leather Man. Gloves Carolina Amato. Boots Alexander McQueen.strict-Trench Coat Salvatore Ferragamo. Underwear and Cuffs The Leather Man. Harness Alexander McQueen. Harness (under coat) Fleet Ilya. Gloves Carolina Amato. img-strict-Jacket Azzedine Alaia. Bustier Dolce & Gabbana. Mask Heather Huey. Choker Alexander McQueen. Harness Zana Bayne. strict-Top David Samuel Menkes. Skirt Calvin Klein Collection. Hat Heather Huey. Gloves Haider Ackermann. Belt And Shoes Alexander McQueen. strict-Dress Dickey Belt Handcuff and Boots Louis Vuitton. Mask Void Of Course. Gloves Causse Gantier. strict-Dress Stella McCartney Hat Heather Huey. Veil Maison Michel. Choker Alexander McQueen. Harness Fleet Ilya. Bag Alexander McQueen. Cuffs The Leather Man. Gloves Carolina Amato. Shoes Christian Siriano. strict-Dress Versace. Panier David Samuel Menkes. Choker and Cuffs Alexander McQueen. Gloves Lacrasia. strict-Blazer Giorgio Armani Skirt Void Of Course. Mask Heather Huey. Choker And Cuffs The Leather Man. Boots Louis Vuitton.strict-Jacket Calvin Klein Collection. Top David Samuel Menkes. Hat Heather Huey.

strict-Corset Céline. Panier Heather Huey. Choker Alexander McQueen. (Collar under Choker) Louis Vuitton. Harness Zana Bayne. Cuffs The Leather Man. Gloves Carolina Amato 2 strict-Top and Skirt Givenchy. Bra Agent Provocateur. Sunglasses Cutler and Gross. Choker The Leather Man. Harness Zana Bayne. Belt Alexander Mcqueen. Gloves Carolina Amato. strict-Dress, Dickey, Belt, Handcuff, and Boots Louis Vuitton. Mask Void Of Course. Gloves Causse Gantier. strict-Dress Versus. Headpiece Jennifer Behr. Choker The Leather Man. Gloves Lacrasia. Bag Dior Haute Couture. Leg Brace David Samuel Menkes. strict-Dress and Cuffs Alexander McQueen. Hat Fleet Ilya. Gloves Carolina Amato. Boots Trussardi. strict-Corset Céline. Panier Heather Huey. Choker Alexander McQueen. Collar (under Choker) Louis Vuitton. Harness Zana Bayne. Cuffs The Leather Man. Gloves Carolina Amato.
strict-Jumpsuit and Cape Yves Saint Laurent. Leather Corset Lulu and Lush. Hat Alexandra Harper. Choker The Leather Man.



Hair Products: Tigi Dry Shampoo.
Hair: Anthony Turner/Art Partner.
Makeup: Lucia Pieroni Using Clé De Peau Beauté/Streeters.
Manicure: Lorraine Griffin.
Models: Anais Pouliot/Trump, Candice Swanepoel/Img, Emily Baker/ Dna, Saskia De Brauw/Dna, And Zuzanna Bijoch/Next.
Casting: Michelle Lee/Kcd, Inc.
Set Design: Jacki Castelli.
Production: Lala Land.
Retouching: Dreamer Post Productions.
Stylist Assistant: Elin Svahn.
Special Thanks: Master Shipwright’s House and Dtouch.

dievca’s sources: Huf Magazine,, Interview Magazine


Thanksgiving Presentation Outfit = Forgiving

Paul & Joe Phuket leather culottes Hervé LégerCropped cashmere sweaterT by Alexander Wang Ribbed Teeblack-tights__17245_zoom KG By Kurt Geiger Spark Chunky Sole Heeled Ankle Boots Alexis Bittar Liquid Rose Gold Collar eddie-borgo-ball-latch-cuff-rose-gold_104447205757_jpg_article_gallery_slideshow_v2 Giles and Brother Rose Gold Silver O-ring cuffBing Bang Vivienne stud rose gold
Incase, dievca eats too much — she’s allowed for some extra room…

  1. Paul and Joe Phuket Leather Culottes – black
  2. Hervé Léger Cropped Cashmere Sweater – lavender
  3. T by Alexander Wang shirt – black
  4. Wolford Tights – black
  5. KG by Kurt Geiger Spark Chunky Heeled Boot – black
  6. Alexis Bittar Liquid Gold Collar – rose gold
  7. Eddie Borgo Ball and Latch Cuff – rose gold
  8. Giles and Brother O-Ring Cuff – rose gold and silver
  9. Bing Bang Vivienne Stud Earrings – rose gold

Innocence Exposed (nsfw 18+)

model-posing-in-billowing-light-colored-sheer-nightgown-and-peignoirMaster told dievca that it would be of interest if she requested emotions to feel instead of scenarios for play. He would like to try to envoke an emotional response. A challenging thing to do; to sit and think how one wants to feel without considering the situation to get there. It is hard to determine the right words to describe an emotional response.

dievca finally came up with some emotional words to offer to Master. If Master was interested, dievca would like to be powerless with some sense of tension and frustration.

What would be Master’s response? dievca has no idea, but she had to laugh because her mind created a scenario immediately:


Nightgown High Collared victoria_fullMaster asked dievca to come to Him in a very innocent way. Her mind immediately moved towards presenting in a White Cotton Victorian Nightgown fully buttoned. Hair braided and tucked over her shoulder, face scrubbed clean, barefoot, no nail polish.

dievca stepped into the living room and Master requested that she turn 360 degrees. He wanted to view the innocence offered by the old-fashioned nightgown encasing His submissive. All assets hidden.

“Kneel”- the voluminous folds of fabric billowed upon dievca’s descent. Master reached for dievca’s hand and kissed the knuckles, then touched dievca’s face to direct her to look into His eyes and said, “Mine.”

Cuffs Fur lined with lock“Wrists”, dievca extended her wrists to be cuffed. It took longer than normal and dievca realized that Master was closing locks on the cuffs, something that has never happened before. “Ankles”, dievca sat to the side and rotated her body to offer her ankles.  After receiving Master’s locked cuffs, dievca returned to her kneeling position and Master touched her mouth softly, “Silence”.

BlackMarketChicago Abyss BlindfoldMaster picked up the fur-lined blackout blindfold and placed it over dievca’s eyes. Light ceased. dievca waited, kneeling. she heard Master move away, but nothing happened. she wasn’t sure if Master had left the room or if He stood behind watching her. Nothing.

Finally, dievca broke the silence and sent a query, “Master”? she then felt Master slip behind her and insert the ball gag into her mouth, “I knew you wouldn’t be able to keep the silence.”New-Sexy-40mm-Leather-Harness-Mouth-Soft-Solid-font-b-Rubber-b-font-Red-Gag-Ball

dievca felt Master circle around to the front of her, He unbutton the top of the nightgown with His nimble fingers. A collar was placed upon her neck and she heard the click of another lock. The Fur Collar was new to dievca, a different feeling, she rolled her head to sense the softness.Collar fur Lined locked

Chain leash with two clipsThe chain lead was clipped to the Collar. “Rise”, chain jingling as Master took dievca’s hand and led her into the study. The lead was connected to something in the room and a tension created between the chain and dievca’s neck. dievca knew that she had been led in front of the room’s windows where the shades were open because she was exposed to the sun’s warmth. dievca was also aware that the windows offer a direct view to balconies and open patio terraces opposite of Master’s building. Cosy. Nosy. dievca imagined that she could hear voices from outside.

Master touched her on the shoulder to kneel. “Spread your knees and sit up”. Master adjusted the nightgown in the back so it didn’t cover the ankle cuffs. “Hands behind your back” A chain restraint with some play connected dievca’s ankle and wrist cuffs together on the outside of the nightgown.

Hogtie chainrear_window_blu-ray_1_There was silence as Master left the room. dievca could hear Him walking around the apartment, closing His iPad, washing His hands, putting something in the dishwasher, opening and closing the refrigerator, walking past the study, moving around the bedroom.  The sun from the windows was sharing its warmth and causing perspiration to gather along the fur linings of the blindfold, cuffs and collar.  The window treatments still had not been closed, dievca was on view to the neighbors.

Master returned and unbuttoned the nightgown as far as it could go, then used a pair of scissors to cut the gown to the bottom of dievca’s ribcage. He spread the fabric to expose her breasts and stepped behind dievca to play with her nipples while whispering “Yes, everyone can see that you breasts are magnificent, the restraints make sure they jut out, fully on display.”

redchromaChrome minipinMaster left the room, again, and returned to pinch a chilled metal clothespin on each hard nipple. He tweaked the tips, so a bit of pain and wetness shot through to dievca’s pussy.  The scissors returned to slit the gown to the bottom and Master spread the fabric open to check how wet His dievca had become with anticipation. “Soaking” He then sat down next to dievca, not blocking the view from the windows and held a cold metal vibrator on her clit.  dievca came immediately.
“That’s my good girl, shall we show everyone how you like to cum for your Master? Do it again.”

Master then cut a slit from the middle of the back to the hem of the nightgown and spread it open to expose dievca’s ass. Lube was applied to an anal plug and inserted. Again, Master left dievca exposed to the windows. Sounds of hands being washed, a drawer being opened, Master returned to the room.  “I know My dievca is such a whore, she loves to have all of her holes filled – lets show the neighbors what happens when we fill her pussy with the vibrating rabbit.”JimmyJane Rabbit

The ball gag, anal plug, nipple clips and rabbit did their job of helping Master’s whore cum violently. dievca’s wreathing jangled and pulled on the chain connecting her collar, her muscles were clenched from kneeling with the restraints, she whimpered into the ball gag — not caring who was watching or what she looked like. dievca’s body was primed for anything Master wanted from her. He turned off the rabbit, removed it and tapped her engorged clit with His finger. dievca exploded.

Master replaced the rabbit with a dildo and dievca finally registered why the anal plug had something hanging from it – the dual anal plug and dildo were connected together with an air pump.  Master used the hand pump to fill His divca’a ass and pussy more fully.Double Penetration Inflatible.

“I am going to remove the ball gag and I want silence.” Silence reigned as Master unzipped His pants.

Master touched dievca’s face gently, allowing her jaw to flex from the ball gag then opened her mouth with his thumb. dievca’s free hole was immediately filled with His hard Cock. Master held dievca’s head with one hand and His Cock with the other. He guided His Cock firmly to fuck dievca’s seeking mouth.
“All three holes filled, slut.”

It’s rare when Master decides to Orgasm into His slut’s mouth.  Master prefers to be buried deep inside His dievca’s pussy or ass. But this time, in her demure innocence, dievca received the Gift of Master’s Cum.  dievca was surprised to taste Master’s cum and tried to swallow as much as possible.

Then Master’s Cock left dievca’s mouth. He reinserted the ball gag, buckled it firmly, removed the clothespins from her nipples and left His dievca alone.

In silence – dievca was left collared, chained, locked, restrained, exposed, blind, filled, on her knees, with the taste of Master in her mouth and on her face~

…. to be espied by the City.


Rear Window Film Still