Draped – with Bottega Veneta

past tense: draped; past participle: draped

arrange (cloth or clothing) loosely or casually on or around something.
“she draped a shawl around her shoulders”

adorn, cover, or wrap (someone or something) loosely with folds of cloth.
“the body was draped in a blanket”
wrap, arrange, wind, swathe, sling, hang, let fall in folds, cover, envelop, shroud, decorate, adorn, array, deck, bedeck, festoon, bundle up, muffle up, blanket, overlay, cloak, veil, enfold, sheathe

let (oneself or a part of one’s body) rest somewhere in a casual or relaxed way.
“he draped an arm around her shoulders”


Curves are worth the risk of discovery.

The answer to a pressing question~

My ass, nose and boobs are cold…

The more subcutaneous fat an area has, the lower the skin temperature — which is the key to explaining why women, with two forward prominences and a larger posterior, get chilly. More fat in an area = colder skin.
(More muscle in the bottom means more blood flowing and the ability to keep an area warmer…)

So when your female partner backs her cold bottom in while spooning, know that it is a part of the female development and women have an overall external body temperature which is slightly lower than that of men. Plus, the temperature is even lower over protruding or curved body parts such as the nose and fingers.

dievca finds that a toasty fire, warm stove, hot shower or Master’s body furnace helps…

(Written while sitting on a hot water bottle.)

Stripes in Summer

Striped t-shirts and dresses are always fresh for the Summer.
A Classic Look that carries from year to year.

dievca found the ATM Anthony Thomas Melillo cotton pique striped dress at Barneys, last year, and spent the money on it because its one of the few shift dresses she has been able to wear with her curves. That said, she has been wearing it in the heat. Today it is going over her swimsuit for a jaunt to the beach. With capped sleeves, a deeper “V” neckline, forgiving yet crisp fabric and pockets, it satisfies her desperate wish to wear a shift dress.

You can find the Navy Pique version at Neiman Marcus and the striped version on Poshmark.

dievca is paring it with:

Enjoy your Saturday!

Corsetry (lingerie)

Corset, a bodice worn to mold and shape the torso.
This effect is typically achieved through boning, either of bone or steel.

But they still look great.  What Women will do for a beautiful line:

They are a thing of beauty, even if they are a challenge to put on:

Corsets are still a favorite of dievca’s Master.
And she loves the look.
But now she understands why she loses her breath in them.


See something interesting?

Photo: Dismaland – Maison Bentley Style

Plump Pin-Up

Hilda –  Plump Size Pin-up Girl

Jessica Rabbit famously said, “I’m not bad. I’m just drawn that way.”
Unlikely pin-up sensation Hilda would agree.

Illustrator Duane Bryer’s love of plump women led to the birth of Hilda, an endearing and slightly goofy, beautiful curvy girl.

Bryers told the Arizona Daily Star in 2010: ‘I got the idea for a plumpy gal pin-up and thought I’d like to make it into a calendar series. But how was I going to sell a plump girl?’

He then brought the series to the U.S.’s top calendar maker at the time, Brown & Bigelow, who ‘reluctantly put it in the line and figured it would last a short time.’

Hilda lived in the 1950s to 1980s and reached the peak of her fame in the 1960s. During that time, she was one of the best-loved calendar pin-up girls, alongside the likes of Marilyn Monroe. From lounging in long underwear and teddies to biking and sailing adventures in bikinis, Hilda embodies a spirit of innocence, playfulness and effortless charm.


In past reality, Hilda may have been less prominent because of her curvaceous figure,  but thanks to the internet she is making a comeback.
dievca appreciates the glory of a Zaftig Pin-Up.
There is hope for dievca, yet! XO

Hilda Plus Size Pin Up
Thanks to RebelsMarket and the DailyMail

Panic and Solution

dievca lost weight when Master was sick. she thought she gained most of it back. Apparently, she didn’t…dievca is still smaller.

Paul & Joe Phuket leather culottes

Leather Culottes – eBay

So, when she had plans to wear the “go to” leather culottes for a large birthday bash…she was swimming in them and panic set in.  (click on the photos for the 3 corresponding posts)

Scoop NYC Black leather Strip Fit Flare Dress

Scoop NYC Leather Strip Dress

dievca whipped out about 10 dresses to try on — 3 of them, plus the culottes were out.  Even the very cute leather strip dress from Scoop NYC was out.

she was swimming in everything…

ARGH, time for another closet overhaul.

And what did dievca end up wearing for the party?

Do you remember the Copper post with the Roskanda Dress?  That dress that was $1500. NO~ dievca didn’t buy that dress, but she did something similar — see below:

Roksanda Belted Flair Midi Dress with belt $1500

Roksanda Belted Flair Midi Dress with belt $1500

dievca put together a Tracy Reese dress from Gilt Groupe ($125) and a vintage copper-colored aluminum belt from Etsy ($37) with her Stuart Weitzman black patent croc 50/50 boots, Bing Bang rose gold skull earrings, rose gold Giles and Bros. Ring/ Bracelet . Hayden Harnett Tron Clutch. Hair blown out straight, side part, subtle smoky eye, blush, sheer berry lips and L’Occitane Verbena scent.

And the Good News? dievca felt comfortable, looked great, was dressed appropriately for the crowd — while standing out just a little bit! Something to wear for Master in the future. And the time taken to dig through the 10 dresses? it’s good to have some outfits planned ahead. XO

ISSA London: stunning comfort for curves

Issa Knit Jersey Floral Dress 2

Issa Knit Floral Jersey Dress

Issa Knit Jersey Floral Dress Issa Knit Jersey Floral Dress backIssa web pattern dressIssa web pattern dress green

Daniella Issa Helayel was born and raised in Brazil surrounded by stunning tropical scenery and blazing sunshine. Her childhood weekends were spent swimming in the Atlantic, laying on the beach and enjoying the carefree Brazilian attitude to life. Helayel moved to New York to study at Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), before working as a fashion consultant and buying agent for several Brazilian companies.

Helayel moved to London at the dawn of the new millennium and she soon realized that there was little by modern designers that appealed and fitted her curvy Brazilian figure. Daniella decided to design a range of clothing that was perfect for her and so Issa was created. She began by designing clothes for herself and a few select friends but soon the word spread and her experiments culminated in the first Issa catwalk presentation during London Fashion Week. Helayel now oversees a label that boasts international sales and editorial coverage.

“Most of my team are women and we all try on each and every design. Of course we have different tastes, body shapes and styles, but if a dress doesn’t please us all, I tear up the pattern.”

The main material Issa uses is a soft fluid silk jersey in a myriad of luminous colors and singular prints. The nature of the jersey allows the designs to be both sexy and comfortable.

Issa has been embraced by a number of celebrity patrons including Madonna, Laura Bailey, Scarlett Johansson, Keira Knightley and possibly most famously, Catherine Duchess of Cambridge nee Kate Middleton. Before she was married, Kate Middleton became something of an unofficial muse to Helayel, being an early patron of the label and featuring in many articles about her sense of style.


In 2011 Camilla Al-Fayed acquired Issa and became the brand’s Chairwoman. Camilla appointed Blue Farrier as Creative Director in May 2013, tasking Blue with developing the Collection whilst retaining the design DNA. The company is now wholly owned by the Al Fayed family whose strategy is to develop Issa further to become a true lifestyle brand, with more product categories and a firm retail presence.

dievca’s Issa London dress isn’t silk jersey, though she is keeping an eye out for a silk jersey dress. It is a Cap Sleeve Double Lace Knit Dress, purchased at a sample sale – similar to the following photo, but in Grass Green.  Something for Spring — if it ever arrives.

Issa London black cap sleeved lace dress

(Background complied from StyleSequel.com, New York Magazine and the Issa website.)

dievca’s back hasn’t been slipping and….

…Master doesn’t mind at all.

Hour 8 of a 9 hour drive

Your body rulesdievca was into hour 8 of a 9 hour drive.
It was a great drive, good weather, minimal traffic, dievca wasn’t in a hurry, no Sirius radio in the rental car but her phone/Pandora connection worked well.

Heading towards the City — dievca shut Pandora down and tuned in to a local radio station for the for the traffic reports. The first song to play was this:

All About the Bass – Meghan Trainor

Please remember that dievca doesn’t own a car and doesn’t listen to local radio at all, so she hadn’t heard this song before. It is a bit obnoxious, but catchy and it talks about Body Image in a positive way. Something dear to dievca’s heart. So, if you have the patience and tolerance for Pop Music, please take a moment to watch the video and think of dievca shaking her ASSets to a really cheesy song. 😀

Cropped out~

dievca loves being in a City that embraces diversity and an “anything goes” sense of style.  she loves people watching and having the option to wear anything she wants as long it reflects well on Master.

dievca is bold.

That said, there is a place where dievca no longer feels that she can tread and it makes her feel sad….Crop Tops.

dievca is Cropped out~

Let dievca show you four looks from Alice & Olivia by Stacey Bendet:

alice_and_olivia_davenleathercenterpleatlongskirt_dustysage_pire crop top alice_and_olivia_HWELASTICWAISTGATHREDPANT_blossommontage_stripe crop top alice_and_olivia_caitlinfringemaxiskirt_black_black crop top alice_and_olivia_davisshortpleatpoofskirt_blackmulti_davis crop top

Gorgeous, are they not?

But, dievca is not in her 20’s anymore….she has breasts (Thank You very much!) and though her waist is not large, her abs could use more definition…truly sad.  Baring a slice of belly skin is not an option.

The answer? Layering a crop sweater over a tank top, button down, high-waisted skirt or jeans.
Some options:

Crop Sweater topshop-coral-crop-sweater- Crop Sweater bcbgmaxazria-orange-long-sleeve- Crop Sweater-phillip-lim-grey-boxy-crop-sweater-gray-

Not as sleek, not as form-fitting, not as sexy just a hint of the fashion in a more forgiving way.
BTW, dievca has a vague memory of this layering trick from the early 90’s.

Is she thinking correctly?

Welcome Spring!

Alice and Olivia pre-spring-headers_pants_2The first day of spring is one thing,
the first spring day is another.
The difference between them is sometimes as great as a month.
Henry van Dyke (1852-1933)

What dievca is wearing to welcome Spring — with a down jacket nearby just incase…
Alice and Olivia Ethan Ombre Boxy Sweater and Red Floral Wide Leg Pants
Pattern diversity for Master.

(Click on the left photo for sweater information, click on the right photo for pants information)

alice_and__olivia_ETHANOMBREBOXYSWEATER_red_and Super Flared Wide legged pant alice_and__olivia_ETHANOMBREBOXYSWEATER_red_and Super Flared Wide legged pant back

What to wear with that black tank top ~ Clover Canyon


What to wear with a black tank top is very simple, a CLOVER CANYON skirt or pants.
The ornate patterns, the jewel tones~a gorgeous bottom needs something simple on top.

Clover Canyon Skirt Printed Neoprene Saks Clover Canyon Skirt Peacock Revolve Clothing Clover Canyon Skirt Russion China Clover Canyon Skirt Endless Summer Clover Canyon Skirt Desert Home Clover Canyon skirt -inked-flower-skirt-profile Clover Canyon Skirt blackwhitegreen-how-high-skirt-Clover Canyon Skirt Golden Panther

In a word, the look of Clover Canyon is jubilant.
Designed and produced in Los Angeles, each Clover Canyon collection reflects the eclectic, joyful spirit of California through vivid prints and streamlined silhouettes. Working collaboratively and drawing on their shared passion for travel and art, the team designs original prints then hand-engineers them to frame and enhance the body. New technology meets old world craftsmanship as garments are designed, patterned, cut and sewn in-house.

Clover Canyon invites women to join them on a journey of the imagination:
Where do you want to go when getting gorgeous for your Sir?

Clover Canyon Pants Wide Leg Revolve Clover Canyon Pants silk de chine Saks Clover Canyon Pants Printed_crepe_de_chine_wide_leg_pants Clover Canyon Pants Leaf

staying toasty….pushing though winter and a celebration

dievca has completed her move. It was a slog, but she has gotten her groove back because she is where she belongs. It was stressful to be in the wrong place….lesson learned.

That said, not all the boxes are unpacked so finding items becomes a challenge. dievca needed a warm outfit to battle the cold windy elements and Master stated that He would like to see His dievca in a corset for her presentation. Time crunch with work….what could dievca find?!?!?

Here goes:

Marilyn Monroe Black Cashmere Turtlenecksplendid-black-very-light-jersey-tee- Black Cashmere Knit Skirt UO Green Fleece-lined tights Stuart-Weitzman-Gilt-5050-boot-Green Suede Ann Taylor Loft Pieced Flower Belt Green burberry-camel-wool-cashmere-trench-coat- lacoste-large-croc-beanie-black- Portolano Black Cashmere Mittensrebecca-minkoff-willi shoulder bag

Red Moon Fitted Cashmere Turtleneck black
Splendid Fitted Tee black
Ply Cashmere Knit Pencil Skirt black
Urban Outfitters Fleece Tights green
Stuart Weitzman 50/50 Suede Boots green
Ann Taylor Loft Leather Flower Belt green
Burberry Cashmere/Wool Blend Trench camel
Lacoste Beanie black
Portolano Cashmere Mittens black
Rebecca Minkoff Willi Bag black

dievca went digging for corsets and she built around the first corset she could find~
Master’s Presentation Outfit:

Black Satin Corset hanky-panky-black-stretch-lace-briefs PHILLIPE MATIGNON_black pinstrip thigh high stay ups ralph_lauren_leopard_kailee_platform_pumps_ Black Leather collar

Satin Corset black
Hanky Panky Lace Briefs black
Philippe Matignon Pinstripe Thigh High Stay Ups black
Ralph Lauren Kailee II Leopard Platforms multi
Locking Leather Collar black

When dievca arrived at Master’s, Master locked His black leather collar on dievca and told her that He had an hours worth of work to do. So, dievca sat at Master’s feet and went through some of her work, too.  When Master was finished, He asked if dievca’s presentation outfit was comfortable enough for sitting  and chatting.  dievca said that it was and went to change. With practice, dievca is getting better at putting corsets on by herself and she was able to present to Master without asking for help.

Corsets are a safe bet for dievca with her curves — always flattering.  Marilyn Monroe wavy hair, cat eyes, red lips and cheeks – Glamorous under pressure!

As dievca presented for Master, He was very pleased – then told her to sit on the sofa and close her eyes.

Master surprised dievca with a glass of Taittinger Brut Champagne to celebrate her move and then made an excellent dinner for His dievca. she was not allowed to help or clean up.  It was absolutely decadent (and a smidgen confusing) but the dynamics completely reversed in the bedroom – which is how both Master and dievca like it.

A diverse and exquisite evening.

What Katie Did….Oh, My!


What Katie Did — a Success Story


Not being able to afford fully fashioned stockings Katie Thomas decided to invest £100 in nylons to sell at The London Fetish Fair. This led to a homemade website where customers could order by sending checks to a PO Box and during the early years of the internet this actually worked!

Katie gave up her full time job in November 1999, opening a stocking stall in London’s Camden Market and launching her first ‘proper’ website. Camden market was rather shambolic during the late 1990s and Katie’s unit didn’t have planning permission so 3 months after opening she was thrown out – only to be rescued by Rachel who worked at alternative shoe shop ‘Cobblers to the World’ a few yards away and gave her a corner of the shop to work from. Rachel also became the first face of What Katie Did.

The fancy dress shop next door to Cobblers to the World complained that Katie was selling the same brand stockings as them (Jonathon Aston) and wanted her out. Katie came to a deal with the market landlords offering to repackage the nylons in her own packaging. They agreed and two weeks later What Katie Did’s first own brand nylons were for sale.

The first few months weren’t easy. Katie found a temp job at London Transport Police and would check for orders at her home office, before working the 8-4pm shift, then running up to Camden to pack orders and get them to the Post Office before it closed. Saturday and Sunday were spent working at Cobblers to the World.

In spring 2001, Cobblers to the World closed. Katie decided to concentrate on the website and not open another store.


For the first couple of years Katie re-invested her money in more stockings and eventually built up a great selection. Seamed stockings were available in every color! She decided the logical next step was to start selling suspender belts. Katie’s first suspender belt was made in a small factory in Somerset. It was made from stretch lycra and featured 6 metal suspender clips – something not found on the high street. The suspender belt was extremely popular so Katie looked to expand again, this time into waist cinchers. These did not go so well, the seams kept on splitting and when she complained to the factory they told her it was because her customers were too fat and that it was probably best not to work with her anymore. They went out of business a few months later.

Katie looked to the USA where a couple of brands – Rago and Lady Marlene – were still manufacturing retro style lingerie. Lady Marlene made a fabulous Bra-s-lette virtually unchanged from the one they made in the 1950s. Unfortunately the size choice was also stuck in the 1950s with the only cup sizes available being B, C and D and the smallest back size being 32. The same applied to Rago whose products were great, but didn’t cater for the growing number of vintage girls who wanted (not necessarily needed) to wear shapewear.

One thing these companies didn’t make was a circle stitch bullet bra. Katie had a bit of an obsession with bullet bras after finding one in Portobello market in the mid-1990s. She knew this was a niche product and thought she might sell a hundred or so.  She began searching for a company to make them and eventually found a factory in India who had been making them since the 1960s. It seems bullet bras never went out of fashion in India! Katie’s first bullet bra came in plain black and white cotton: just the same as they were in the 1950s.


Lady Marlene (owned by Gelmart) ceased production leaving Katie only with Rago shapewear and a couple of bullet bras. She started to go through her collection of vintage lingerie picking out pieces she’d like to recreate. In mid-2004 she received a telephone call from Topshop who wanted to see her collection. Armed with a few sketches and vintage pieces she headed to their head office in London. This was the beginning of her wholesale range and What Katie Did,  as we know it today. The Maitresse range was launched in Topshop Oxford Circus in autumn 2004.

Katie gradually added more lingerie ranges built around the bullet bra and gradually phased out Rago. She launched her own range of shapewear ‘Glamour’ which started at a 32 back, in cup sizes B-F.

Having started her career at the London fetish store, Skin Two, Katie had always been fascinated with corsets and in 2005 launched her first two steel-boned corsets: overbust Sophia and underbust Gina. Both corsets are still available today though there have had a few tweaks over the years.

After years of working from home and running out of attic space and spare rooms she moved into her first warehouse. Katie’s husband joined the company soon after concentrating on building the wholesale business.


What Katie Did soon had stockists worldwide but found it frustrating that whilst they could recommend a stockist in Iceland or New Zealand, they didn’t have one in London, 50 miles away from head office, which carried the full range. Katie started to look around for retail space in London and decided on the Portobello Green Arcade by Portobello Road market, where she found her first vintage bullet bra several years previously. The London boutique opened in October 2008 and remains in the same location today – although it has expanded into the next door shop too.

Katie devoted some of her shop space to a press office, and soon the brand was making regular appearances in the press. This era saw Kate Moss on the cover of I-d magazine in What Katie Did, one of their earliest covers. The Daily Mail voted What Katie Did the best Bullet Bra in November 2009.

By 2010, What Katie Did had begun to look closely at where their lingerie was selling. One area it wasn’t doing as well as they thought it should do was the USA. While on holiday in Las Vegas, Katie and her husband Richard discovered that the brand was well known but people were hesitant to order from overseas due to duty fees and returns issues. What Katie Did set up a dedicated US website with landed prices in USD (including duty), a US telephone number and returns address.


Most of 2011 was devoted to developing What Katie Did’s business in the USA. In April they started looking for retail locations in Los Angeles and in September they opened their Melrose Avenue store. US mail order started to be shipped from their store and was given a little push in the US press with Julia Roberts wearing a What Katie Did corset in W magazine, Rihanna wearing a bullet bra in GQ and their Glamour Corselet on the cover of Maxim. Although What Katie Did had been providing lingerie for film and television productions for years, 2011 saw them achieve their first film costumer credit for the movie, My Week with Marilyn.

In 2011 Katie was nominated as Cosmopolitan’s Business Woman of the Year.

WhatKatieDid union jack corset WhatKatieDid stars stripes corset what katie did stars_and_stripes_corset_back what katie did_morticia_corset_pink_ what katy did pink-corset what katie did_sophia_silk_pink_MEDwhat-katie-did-pin up photo pink what_katie_did_dot_suspender dot what katie did pointy bra black what_katie_did_sheer_red_suspender_belt what_katie_did_red bra panties what katie did pink what-katie-did-maitresse-narrow-suspender-belt-lifestyle-back WhatKatieDid Girdle what-katie-did-nautical girdle what-katie-did-maitresse-narrow-suspender-belt-back-zoom what-katie-did-harlow-suspender-belt-back-zoom WhatKatieDid Girdle white sheer what katie did red whitewhat katie did high waist red white girdle what katie did black satin french knickers what katie did black lingerie what katie did nude dottie seamed stockings what-katie-did-stockings black red what katie did black stockings what katie did bernie dexter

I think we know where dievca will be shopping
for her next pieces of lingerie….

dievca’s favorite dress: Moschino

I saw it in the Window.
It spoke to me.
Curve hugging, Punk, Winter Wonderland sparkly.
It was out of my price range.
I walked away.

I saw it in a Magazine.
It spoke to me.
Glorious on a Curvy Girl from TV.
It was out of my price range.
I walked away.

It wasn’t in the Window.
The sign said, “Sale”- whee!
I had to check the availability.
It was my size.
We walked away.

I went to a Museum.
What did I see?
An Exhibit that looked Almost like me.

Moschino Dress AW 2009 10 Punk Chaos to Couture DIY Hardware Gallery Photo by Ingrid Mida 2013

Moschino A/W 2009 Punk Chaos to Couture DIY Hardware Gallery Photo by Ingrid Mayer 2013

Juxtaposition: floral innocence vs. sexy cut from Dolce and Gabbana

DOLCE-AND-GABBANA-Sicilia-Floral-Garland-Print-Corset-DressDate Night.
dievca knows what is going to happen later. She knows that it will be dark and depraved.

The stark contrast of floral innocence against fitted sexiness of the Dolce and Gabbana dress begins the dance early. dievca’s hips encased in the straight skirt will sway enticingly. Her breasts will look voluptuous.

When Master takes dievca home and tells her to turn slowly so he can admire the new dress then unzips the back. dievca knows she has done well in her presentation for Master. Juxtaposition.

“Get in good physical condition before submitting to bondage. You should be fit to be tied.” -Robert Byrne


“Get in good physical condition before submitting to bondgage.  You should be fit to be tied.” -Robert Byrne

A BDSM lifestyle can be quite physically challenging:

Kneeling, Stretching, Hogtied, Restraining, Restrained, Tying, Tied, Bending, Spanking, Corsets, Heels, Latex, Relevé, Lifting, Beating, Serving, Crawling, Furniture, Being, etc. Many Kinks need some form of  training to complete.  It is wise for Partners,  Dominant and Submissive alike,  to workout.

Lululemon has got you covered.

Male or Female the brand has technical clothing that is fashionable as well as functional.  dievca is a former National Competitor in two aggressive sports. She has had her fair share of injuries and workout clothing.   After a serious back injury she has made a successful return to the land of the fit and Lululemon has been a great choice. The brand has held up to sweat, tears and multiple washings.  Plus, dievca decided if she is going to “shake that ass” as Master watches — she might as well  look the best that she can.  Lululemon Fashion is flattering!

Take a look online sometime.     http://www.lululemon.com

An elegant solution for Master’s demands: Fleur of England’s Tiger Suspender Cami

Fluer of Enland tiger-suspender-cami-and-thong-back

Let me state the problem:  

dievca’s Master loves stockings and Master insists upon easy access to dievca’s bottom attributes.

Yes, panties and hold-ups are a solution and perhaps an “ouvert” panty would work. Well, the standard panties will come off at some point and perhaps catch on the stockings rolling them down (it happens quite a bit). Or the “ouvert” isn’t quite well placed for dievca’s ASSets.  Sorry, couldn’t resist.

dievca’s solution is chemises and camisoles with suspenders attached.  They offer a flattering silhouette for ALL body types and allow for stockings and easy access.

Now, remember that Rule #1 is “dievca’s Master likes diversity”. She is not throwing away the other options, but this type of outfit eliminates some of the small irritating issues.

dievca is attempting to be fashionable and practical. Not an easy task.

Fleur of England’s Tiger Suspender Cami is an elegant solution to the problem.

An ass made for spanking, but sometimes hard to dress.

An ass made for spanking, but sometimes hard to dress.

Hourglass. Curvy. Athletic. Voluptuous. Zaftig.

dievca’s body has an ass made for spanking and other pleasurable activities. The body belongs to Master and Thank Goodness he savors my build. But, dievca desires to dress nicely for Master and it becomes a challenge when Fashion leans towards less curvy builds.

After many years of dressing the ass, dievca can offer up some thoughts on dressing the body attached to it:

  • Be honest with yourself when you look in the mirror. If it doesn’t fit, it doesn’t fit. Even if you got that Isabel Marant piece at the Barneys Warehouse Sale for a steal.
  • Dress for your body type. If the Retro 1950’s look is best for your curves – wear it. That 1960’s shift dress belongs on a straight body. A well-fitted dress never goes out of style.
  • Don’t obsess about a size. Size is just an assigned number. Blue Jeans are cut in stacks, the size assigned to a lot can vary widely.
  • Try on a variety of clothing and sizes to learn your best styles and fit. That ugly dress on the hanger just might be fabulous on you. Be open.
  • Be confident. Confidence can mask a multitude of sins.
  • You don’t have to spend a fortune to be well dressed. But if you have a fortune, there is a dress from Dolce and Gabbana that dievca would like you to buy for her!

In the end, if all else fails, you can wear your own variation of Master’s favorite outfit:

dievca naked in a pair of heels wearing Master’s collar. Kneeling. Ready to serve.