Curves are worth the risk of discovery.

The answer to a pressing question~

My ass, nose and boobs are cold…

The more subcutaneous fat an area has, the lower the skin temperature — which is the key to explaining why women, with two forward prominences and a larger posterior, get chilly. More fat in an area = colder skin.
(More muscle in the bottom means more blood flowing and the ability to keep an area warmer…)

So when your female partner backs her cold bottom in while spooning, know that it is a part of the female development and women have an overall external body temperature which is slightly lower than that of men. Plus, the temperature is even lower over protruding or curved body parts such as the nose and fingers.

dievca finds that a toasty fire, warm stove, hot shower or Master’s body furnace helps…

(Written while sitting on a hot water bottle.)

Stripes in Summer

Striped t-shirts and dresses are always fresh for the Summer.
A Classic Look that carries from year to year.

dievca found the ATM Anthony Thomas Melillo cotton pique striped dress at Barneys, last year, and spent the money on it because its one of the few shift dresses she has been able to wear with her curves. That said, she has been wearing it in the heat. Today it is going over her swimsuit for a jaunt to the beach. With capped sleeves, a deeper “V” neckline, forgiving yet crisp fabric and pockets, it satisfies her desperate wish to wear a shift dress.

You can find the Navy Pique version at Neiman Marcus and the striped version on Poshmark.

dievca is paring it with:

Enjoy your Saturday!

Corsetry (lingerie)

Corset, a bodice worn to mold and shape the torso.
This effect is typically achieved through boning, either of bone or steel.

But they still look great.  What Women will do for a beautiful line:

They are a thing of beauty, even if they are a challenge to put on:

Corsets are still a favorite of dievca’s Master.
And she loves the look.
But now she understands why she loses her breath in them.


See something interesting?

Photo: Dismaland – Maison Bentley Style

Plump Pin-Up

Hilda –  Plump Size Pin-up Girl

Jessica Rabbit famously said, “I’m not bad. I’m just drawn that way.”
Unlikely pin-up sensation Hilda would agree.

Illustrator Duane Bryer’s love of plump women led to the birth of Hilda, an endearing and slightly goofy, beautiful curvy girl.

Bryers told the Arizona Daily Star in 2010: ‘I got the idea for a plumpy gal pin-up and thought I’d like to make it into a calendar series. But how was I going to sell a plump girl?’

He then brought the series to the U.S.’s top calendar maker at the time, Brown & Bigelow, who ‘reluctantly put it in the line and figured it would last a short time.’

Hilda lived in the 1950s to 1980s and reached the peak of her fame in the 1960s. During that time, she was one of the best-loved calendar pin-up girls, alongside the likes of Marilyn Monroe. From lounging in long underwear and teddies to biking and sailing adventures in bikinis, Hilda embodies a spirit of innocence, playfulness and effortless charm.


In past reality, Hilda may have been less prominent because of her curvaceous figure,  but thanks to the internet she is making a comeback.
dievca appreciates the glory of a Zaftig Pin-Up.
There is hope for dievca, yet! XO

Hilda Plus Size Pin Up
Thanks to RebelsMarket and the DailyMail

Panic and Solution

dievca lost weight when Master was sick. she thought she gained most of it back. Apparently, she didn’t…dievca is still smaller.

Paul & Joe Phuket leather culottes

Leather Culottes – eBay

So, when she had plans to wear the “go to” leather culottes for a large birthday bash…she was swimming in them and panic set in.  (click on the photos for the 3 corresponding posts)

Scoop NYC Black leather Strip Fit Flare Dress

Scoop NYC Leather Strip Dress

dievca whipped out about 10 dresses to try on — 3 of them, plus the culottes were out.  Even the very cute leather strip dress from Scoop NYC was out.

she was swimming in everything…

ARGH, time for another closet overhaul.

And what did dievca end up wearing for the party?

Do you remember the Copper post with the Roskanda Dress?  That dress that was $1500. NO~ dievca didn’t buy that dress, but she did something similar — see below:

Roksanda Belted Flair Midi Dress with belt $1500

Roksanda Belted Flair Midi Dress with belt $1500

dievca put together a Tracy Reese dress from Gilt Groupe ($125) and a vintage copper-colored aluminum belt from Etsy ($37) with her Stuart Weitzman black patent croc 50/50 boots, Bing Bang rose gold skull earrings, rose gold Giles and Bros. Ring/ Bracelet . Hayden Harnett Tron Clutch. Hair blown out straight, side part, subtle smoky eye, blush, sheer berry lips and L’Occitane Verbena scent.

And the Good News? dievca felt comfortable, looked great, was dressed appropriately for the crowd — while standing out just a little bit! Something to wear for Master in the future. And the time taken to dig through the 10 dresses? it’s good to have some outfits planned ahead. XO