Biting the bullet – Master’s bespoke suit

It took a while – 3 years to be exact – for Master to bite the bullet and agree to get measured for another custom suit. He’s attending an event in the UK and needs to look “spot on”.

dievca will be reviewing her own advice (above link) and checking out what is currently in fashion for suits. she does know that the “Thom Browne” look isn’t going to fly for Master.

Charcoal grey is in the initial plans, excellent fabric quality and a slimmer cut (but not shrunken) for Master’s solid physique. He’s been working hard on it.

A well-informed dievca is a “prepped and ready” dievca.!

Master just passed on a note. He only has to wear a suit jacket and pants. An easier option from the closet. All of dievca’s research is null and void.
Ah, well.


If you describe someone or something as pathetic, you mean that they make you feel impatient or angry, often because they are weak or not very good.

dievca is calling herself pathetic….not in the real sense. In the sense that she knows she is weak and she is laughing at herself.

Photo: dievca NYC Neiman Marcus 03/2019

The custom $400 sweatshirt…The sweatshirt itself is Atelier Notify and $110 — so the custom graphics (only a silk screen – not embroidery, mind you) is $300+.

That dievca is even thinking about this is bad…
Now you know why she calls herself pathetic

To resist the urge to buy — dievca is finishing off the last of her taxes, grocery shopping and visiting to three open houses on the UWS. Housing prices are going down and it might be time to buy~
Umm, the sweatshirt would be cheaper than buying a co-op. Co-op will last longer, hopefully. 😁

Have a lovely Sunday!

Customized (lingerie): Bordelle and Impish Lee

Bordelle Bondage Angela Dress + Harness + Etc.

dievca had a reader recommend a lingerie brand from the UK, Bordelle.
she wrote about a piece, years ago, Bordelle Roxelana.
In taking a second look at the website,
the first thing dievca was drawn to was the “Ultimate Bespoke” section:

An amazing thought, lingerie made for you body, but hard to do if you are not living in the UK

So, dievca has begun the quest to find places that offer bespoke lingerie options, here’s her first stop,

IMPISH LEE – customizable intimates

Inseparable duo, owners, and sisters Noelle Lee Ventresca and Kali Taylor Ventresca are the creative minds behind Impish Lee, Custom Intimate Apparel. Founded on Etsy, their company has evolved from a small handmade boutique lingerie line into a fully customizable intimate apparel brand.

The screenshot is the first piece dievca doodled with — the cost for the two pieces is about $216.00 and they are made in NYC.

As soon as she can find them, dievca will be offering some other sights for custom lingerie.🤞