As good as it gets~against the odds. (Father’s Day)

Photo: Reddit, Trevor3999 – His Grandma and her Dad

Look, dievca’s Dad is older.  He had a stroke/heart attack a few years ago and they determined they couldn’t operate.  Blood flow efficiency was increased from 20% to 38% with drugs. His handwriting got better, he is walking/cleaning house/gardening/driving to the hardware store/taking care of Mom — doing really well.

Dad took a “header” last summer from the heat and perhaps a little bit of medications needing adjustment.  A mess with a bleed out, broken neck and nose, etc.  He got through it.

We went for his annual heart check-up:

Weight – the same
Blood work – good
Concerns with breathing/dizziness – none
range of motion – better
Heart efficiency – 45% (up a smidgen beyond the margins for error…)

The Doctor thought about it, looked at us and said, “just keep doing what you are doing..”

I think my Dad made his day.

In the end, what dievca is learning from her Dad is that no matter how bad it gets — we know that the act of trying to work through problems may not always be successful, but sometimes it is…
And that is a beautiful thing.
So keep trying, against the odds.

and Happy Father’s Day. XO

Remembering the strange things Fathers do~JAWS 40th Anniversary


Lake Tahoe in the Summer

Lake Tahoe in the Summer

Everyone has a Father, good or bad, known or unknown, sperm donor, etc. It takes two to Tango.

An involved Dad doesn’t have a “play book” to follow when raising his children. dievca commends and honors all involved Fathers who have done their best to raise their kids. Master is a wonderful Father — he has done a phenomenal job with his offspring.

dievca, herself, is lucky to have a wonderful Father and has many fond memories of activities, situations and love shared. she is fully aware of the time, sweat and tears poured into her growth as a human being, but she also has some strange memories…

One such memory is an outing to the movies.

dievca was 6 years old and her Mother wanted her out of the house while she set up for a party. dievca’s Dad was tasked with taking her to the movies. dievca thought she was going to see a kids movie until her Dad said, “Bring a stuffed animal”.
They were going to see “Jaws”.


dievca watched the movie attached to her Dad’s arm, clinging like a barnacle, with one eyeball peering out from behind her stuffed animal. she didn’t understand the movie, but she knew her Daddy didn’t always get a chance to see his movies – so she would push through and never swim in the ocean. Ever. No problem with that, dievca lived in the Midwest and only swam in swimming pools.

There was some fear when she swam for the first time in Lake Tahoe (photo above) at 8 years old because it was a deep lake, but sharks didn’t live in lakes. And the good news was that her Dad took her on the Universal Studios Backlot Tour in Hollywood, where the Studio Tour tram passed through several sets from the film Jaws and was then attacked by the shark known as JAWS while driving by the faux Amity Harbour shoreline.

So, the fear of sharks was gone by the time dievca swam in the ocean for the 1st time at 9 years old. But, no one told her that she would be carried down the beach by the waves when she played in the ocean.

dievca and her Mom arrived early on the ocean and their rental home wasn’t ready for occupancy. They went down to the beach and her Mother fell asleep for 2 hours while dievca drifted along the shoreline and became lost. Her Mother wasn’t worried if dievca was o.k. Her Mom was worried that dievca’s Dad was going to kill her for losing his precious daughter.

Her Mom didn’t have her glasses on and started yelling at a girl who looked like dievca, but wasn’t dievca. It was dievca’s doppelgänger. When dievca was found, she was introduced to her body double and they became best friends for two weeks. Same age, same birthdays, same coloring, similar swimsuits, etc.
A surreal experience.

Mom, Dad and dievca still laugh about the story.

Yesterday was the 40th Anniversary of JAWS.
And dievca watched JAWS for the first time since being 6 years old on the big screen at SVA. she didn’t remember much, but the movie was really good. It has held up well against time.

she will be calling her Dad for Father’s Day and is going to tell him about how good the movie was…..40 years later. 🙂