A weird weekend…

dievca had a party she forgot about and an 85th birthday party drop on her lap.
Both casual. One very casual Poconos…..PJ’s.
she got through 1.5 hours in NYC wearing:

PJ Party….
Someone bought dievca Cuddl Duds from QVC.com

dievca looks absolutely horrible in baby pink and she had to wear the PJs over Lululemon tights and a long sleeve top because she was freezing her a** off. That is what she is writing this post in….as everyone else is snoring away. That’s what you get when you are exhausted after work on a Sat. and you always get up early. Not glamorous.

Just weird.

Back to NYC – ASAP.

A dievca disaster….

dievca gets a manicure/pedicure when needed — about every three weeks.  she normally just gets the color on her toes because nail polish comes off her fingernails within 3 days.  Now, if she has a Gala or dinner scheduled – then she will put color on her fingers, too.

dievca was looking for something summery and different.  she tried a couple of colors on her finger nails and decided to go with OPI Hawaiian Collection: My Gecko Does Tricks.
It is a bright pearly green.


Which looks like crap on her toes….a disaster.

But, as Master is traveling for 3 weeks…dievca will survive with it…unless she keeps looking down at her toes and cannot take it anymore.

Sigh, but the Nail Technician did such a nice job~

Well…it does match her Sundance WILDFLOWER EMBROIDERED TEE:

and she can wear the Ecote Farrah Culottes with the K Jacque Black Cork Sandals

Ecote Farrah Culottes Charcoal $54.00K Jacque Cork  Sandals Black

Alright…work it.

BTW — has anyone else had some disasters  with nail polish colors?