I am a mess. I am a disaster.

Chaos Coffee

I will crawl back from the Gates of Hell and get this sh*t done.

~ dievca

Doing Lunch – a (small) dievca disaster


So, dievca met Master for lunch at a lovely rooftop restaurant. It was a gorgeous end-of-summer day in NYC and she was wearing a French Blue Raquel Allegra hammered satin Peasant Dress, nipped in with a Ralph Lauren Orange Cotton-toggle belt to match the ACNE Studios/Fallraven Backpack….with ACNE Studio sunglasses and Master’s Earrings.

The shoes were supposed to change from sneakers for walking through the city to heeled clogs, but when dievca went into her backpack to grab the clogs – only one was there….the other was found later at home, hidden.

Master just laughed at His dievca and handed her a lovely Birthday gift – which worked perfectly with the dress (Zimmermann Aloha 14K-plated Beaded Earrings) and reminded dievca of her College Days:

The challenges of ordering with a mask on…


dievca thought they asked what kind of milk to use for the cappuccino — she said, “whole milk”.  Apparently they heard, “oat milk” so they made a ‘normal’ cappuccino, then added additional oat milk.  The coffee was about $6 and kinda “nutty”.

Does anyone else have any good ‘ordering with a mask on’ stories?


A weird weekend…

dievca had a party she forgot about and an 85th birthday party drop on her lap.
Both casual. One very casual Poconos…..PJ’s.
she got through 1.5 hours in NYC wearing:

PJ Party….
Someone bought dievca Cuddl Duds from QVC.com

dievca looks absolutely horrible in baby pink and she had to wear the PJs over Lululemon tights and a long sleeve top because she was freezing her a** off. That is what she is writing this post in….as everyone else is snoring away. That’s what you get when you are exhausted after work on a Sat. and you always get up early. Not glamorous.

Just weird.

Back to NYC – ASAP.

A dievca disaster….

dievca gets a manicure/pedicure when needed — about every three weeks.  she normally just gets the color on her toes because nail polish comes off her fingernails within 3 days.  Now, if she has a Gala or dinner scheduled – then she will put color on her fingers, too.

dievca was looking for something summery and different.  she tried a couple of colors on her finger nails and decided to go with OPI Hawaiian Collection: My Gecko Does Tricks.
It is a bright pearly green.


Which looks like crap on her toes….a disaster.

But, as Master is traveling for 3 weeks…dievca will survive with it…unless she keeps looking down at her toes and cannot take it anymore.

Sigh, but the Nail Technician did such a nice job~

Well…it does match her Sundance WILDFLOWER EMBROIDERED TEE:

and she can wear the Ecote Farrah Culottes with the K Jacque Black Cork Sandals

Ecote Farrah Culottes Charcoal $54.00K Jacque Cork  Sandals Black

Alright…work it.

BTW — has anyone else had some disasters  with nail polish colors?