17:37 minutes of Disco Drama to start a Tuesday

A little Disco Instrumental build up goes a long way in the morning to help you wake up and shove yourself out the door in 20 minutes. If you know the words – bonus! XO

A moment with New Jersey

dievca runs to New Jersey every couple of months to hit Wal-Mart for staples (toilet paper, paper towels, etc.) Her early morning trip is taking place after a long weekend of work – she survived.

To celebrate her time heading to NJ (and dealing with crazy drivers) plus surviving work, dievca invites you to join her with Jersey Girl, Gloria Gayner (Newark, NJ) in singing a fabulous disco-era anthem.

Good Morning! XO

Planning for Saturday Night: Sassy and Sexy

A little Goovin’ for your Sir or Madame.

Exile –
I Wanna Kiss You All Over (1978)

  • Vintage Rust Dress – White Glove Vintage,
  • Vintage Collar – Etsy,
  • Gold Rose Sandals – Moschino

Planning Ahead — Disco Options and an Outfit!

Midsummer Nights Swing 2016: Disco/ R&B

dievca is planning her outfit and gathering all her friends!
Join her.

Haute Hippie Asymmetric draped silk-chiffon mini dress Asymmetric draped silk-chiffon mini dress 2 Asymmetric draped silk-chiffon mini dress 3 Asymmetric draped silk-chiffon mini dress 4

Haute Hippie Asymmetrical Draped Silk Chiffon Mini-Dress in Claret.

And a funny that a friend sent about disco dancing in 1970’s Finland….
(honestly, it’s pretty hilarious — wiping the tears from my eyes on the 1st 10 seconds)
Finnish guy teaches how to disco

Disco Diva~ Midsummer Night Swing

No, No, No!
Disco Diva
Disco dievca!

and the Band playing the DISCO music!