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Something perfect for a submissive’s Presentation Outfit
SS2014 Jean Paul Gaultier runway show featuring Dita von Teese
offers glamour with a bit of whimsey.

dievca needs to work on her moves…

dievca worked her “Bearcat” outfit for Master and did o.k., but her delivery wasn’t as polished as:

The Divine Dita von Teese

Dita Von Teese’s hologram at the Christian Louboutin launch event at the Design Museum in 2012.

Something for dievca to emulate~


A “Thank You” to Simon G. http://theverysimong.com/ for sharing the video.

Dita von Teese’s “Madame X”

Dita-Von-Teese-Lingerie Madame X

Can you imagine what the public would have said 130 years ago, if they saw Dita von Teese’s photos for her new lingerie line?

Madame X with should strap offOver the next several years, his reputation grew but Sargent knew that he needed to paint something or someone who would take his career to the next level. Sargent was determined to paint Amelie Gautreau. He speculated that if his painting of her was a success, soon all of fashionable Paris would follow in her dainty footsteps. Unfortunately neither Sargent nor Amelie could imagine the public reaction to the portrait that he painted of her. After Amelie agreed to pose, Sargent found that she had the attention span of a gnat. He was also slightly infatuated with her, and that led to a kind of block in getting the painting on canvas. It wasn’t until his infatuation with her died, that he was able to create. He personally went through her wardrobe and chose the black dress that she wears in the portrait.

When Amelie first saw the finished portrait, she was pleased with Sargent’s depiction of her. While Sargent had doubts and worries about the painting, she was sure that it would be a sensation and that she would get more attention than ever. Sargent’s success would be her success, when Paris would formally acknowledge his talent and her beauty. An early review in Le Gaulois had called ‘Madame X’ remarkable, of rare distinction and interest.”

To Sargent and Amelie’s horror, the public reacted differently. They thought that she looked monstrous and decomposed. The dress suggested to viewers that she wasn’t wearing a petticoat underneath. The falling strap and lack of any adornment, (Amelie wore no jewelry apart from the diamond crescent in her hair), made it seem as if she were naked. She looked shameless and shocking. Women were particularly vocal in their disapproval. Amelie was in despair at the reaction to the portrait. Amelie’s family tried to convince Sargent to remove the portrait from the Salon but he refused. He told Amelie’s mother that he had painted exactly what he saw. Madame X with its subject’s artificial pallor and stylized pose was an accurate reflection of the woman. Of course, there was no chance now that the Gautreau’s would be buying the portrait.

Thank you to Elizabeth Kerri Mahon at scandalouswoman.blogspot.com

The Lingerie is available at Bloomingdale’s.

Dita von Teese Madame X Bodycon Slip