Feeling Floral and Feminine

As the wind whips across the Island of Manhattan –
dievca is dreaming of Flowers with Dolce and Gabbana!

Bling Bras with Dolce & Gabbana

Costume jewelry is not made to give women an aura of wealth, but to make them beautiful.
~Coco Chanel

Jewelry takes people’s minds off your wrinkles.
~Sarah Phillips

A Black Silk Scarf – something useful

dievca’s Dolce and Gabbana
100% silk georgette scarve in black,
gets a lot of use:

Plus, its very elegant!

Thinkin’ ’bout ICE CREAM

Dolce & Gabbana Gelato Print Clothing and Purse

Forget Myers-Briggs. How we eat our ice cream may be a personality indicator.

Maybe you are a hard-line cone person, or a no-exceptions cup person. Or maybe you can’t eat ice cream unless it’s in a milkshake or a sundae. Whatever your delivery method, a recent study from Baskin-Robbins claims it aligns with certain personality traits. The company teamed with Juliet A. Boghossian, a behavioral food expert, and found these traits.

If you prefer a cone, you are an optimist and a positive thinker. But that’s not all — the type of cone you choose says even more. People who favor sugar cones are “considered the life of the party and are funny, edgy and performers,” while those who prefer waffle cones “tend to be the host of the party, more traditional and nurturing caregivers.”

If you choose a cup, you’re a realist. Cup users are generally “analytical types who are rational thinkers.” They “are responsible, dutiful, family oriented and hardworking.”

If you like your ice cream in sandwich form, you’re an eccentric. People who love ice cream sandwiches “tend to have both strong introvert and extrovert tendencies, and they are known to be artistic, impulsive and idealistic.”

If you need toppings on a sundae, you’re ambitious. People who prefer the full sundae are “open, passionate, motivated … and loyalists who take calculated risks.”

If you just want to eat ice cream out of the carton, you’re practical. People who don’t like to fuss about an additional delivery method tend to be “resourceful, dependent, pragmatic, an introvert — and are often strong leaders.”

If you like eating your ice cream with a straw, you’re a free spirit. People who eat ice cream in milkshake form “are young at heart, fearless, athletic and more likely to take impulsive risks.”

So what does it mean when dievca likes her Ice Cream in a Fish with toppings?

Photos: dievca: Chinatown NYC 06/2018
Thank you to AARP for the silliness about ice cream personalities.


sometimes a submissive needs to SPARKLE

Courtesy of Dolce & Gabbana, dievca plans to sparkle for her Master.
(Cinn might like to join her.)

The heels are a piece of joy – and the perfect thing to set them off is a LBD.
dieva will look stunning for Master.
All items available at ssense.com.



Dolce & Gabbana Black Crepe Dress

Not quite a Lynx, but something that purrs….Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce and Gabbana Leopard-print stretch-silk satin balconette bra

Dolce and Gabbana Leopard-print stretch-silk satin balconette bra


(Lynx in reference to…)
Dolce and Gabbana Leopard-print stretch-silk satin balconette bra pants set Dolce and Gabbana Leopard-print stretch-silk satin balconette bra pants set back

Master Class

Dolce and Gabbana Men in Suits

dievca snuck into the back of a University auditorium where Master was a panelist for a discussion about His work. she rarely gets to see Master in action for His job or conversing amongst His peers. she just sees the private tedious hours working at home. (The same is true for Master – He doesn’t see His dievca in action, He just hears of the highs/lows and watches the behind-the-scene efforts.)

dievca is biased. she knows that~

But, Master was so well-spoken and His intelligence traveled across the room. Almost a palatable thing — something pleasant and full of depth.

dievca was amazed and proud to be a part of His life, then she felt a bit insignificant. Useless. Until Master looked directly at her~

In that moment, when two sets of eyes caught, dievca knew that they were a whole. Master is helping dievca become a better person and dievca is helping Master become a better person. They are better together than apart. That is the point of D/s – to make a unit together which is greater than the sum of the two parts.

A “Wow” moment.

Now, on to more important things:

No. Master was not wearing a Dolce and Gabbana slim suit (top photo). Nor was he wearing the bespoke suit from London — uhh, dievca hasn’t seen that suit. Yet.

He was just His traditional American Self in Brooks Brothers Tan Pants, Checked Shirt, Jacket and Tie. Land’s End Belt and Cole Haan Shoes.


And what was dievca wearing? Nothing really creative, she was trying to fade into the background.
(No attempts to compete with the young minds, this time…it was a different crowd)
Sterling Silver and Amber Jewelry, K Jacque Sandals, Garnet Hill Maxi Dress, Project Alabama Jacket




Get Lucky ~

dievca got lucky.

These beautiful Dolce and Gabbana Lace Pumps from the runway are hers.  An amazing purchase from a sample sale. A purchase that dievca has used over and over again.  Who knew that Lace Pumps would be easy to wear? Jeans, black pants, black maxi skirt, pencil skirts, dresses, lingerie — the list goes on.

Elegant and Sweet, the shoes soften up tough outfits and bring a bit of class to High/Lo styling.

It has been a fun ride.

dievca really did get lucky.