Borrowing from the Boys = Flashback lingerie

Remember the 1990’s?  dievca was out of college and trying to get it together in her first job – 16 hours from home, with her first apartment and her first car payment (Jeep Cherokee).

Listening to ‘HFS and working on the Severn River and NRL/NIH in the Summer. (now you know where dievca was located out of college 😉)

It was all about Calvin Klein underwear.

Urban Outfitters and Calvin Klein has brought it back and dievca couldn’t resist purchasing some pieces.  she hasn’t worn them for Master. We all know that Master loves diversity, but dievca suspects that Calvin Klein cotton isn’t His type of lingerie for His dievca (corsets and stockings).

dievca is curious to know if other Ladies and Gentlemen find the pieces sexy. Let her know.


Coffee, heat, Jury Duty, ships~

Good Morning!  It’s going to be warm and humid in NYC the next couple of days.  It looks like the Southwest is going to be REALLY toasty, too. but its a dry heat ~ she whines

dievca has planned a leisurely coffee before working the morning and then a jaunt to Jury Duty….she has to defer, as she is leaving for Europe  later this week. The travel? It’s mostly work and a bit of pleasure.  Master has returned from the West Coast, did a quick hit with dievca, then took off for Europe.  Master and dievca will be ships passing in the night.

Falls of Halladale (ship, 1886) Wrecked off the coast of Victoria, Australia in a fog – 1908.

Caught the eye~

Not the most gentle of advertisements in the windows, right? diievca had to stop.

In Nolita since 2003, Rice To Riches was brought to life by a simple journeyman.  He was vacationing through Italy one summer, and was inspired by the beautiful gelaterias he saw in Milan and Florence. Motivated by the assortment of flavors, and the ultra-inviting design, he set out to re-create that experience back home in NYC.

The minute he returned the little men in his head began to work… Having played one year earlier, with the idea of a restaurant which would feature a menu made up entirely of rice based dishes, along with his relentless drive to be completely unconventional, sparked the vision of the world’s first rice pudding snackateria.

For the next three years, this rice pudding architect worked seven days a week toward what he dreamt would someday become a NYC landmark.

First, there was the high-tech rice pudding test kitchen. Six months of (never good enough) simmering with a team of expert pastry chefs, honing their techniques until they arrived at the sacred recipes.

And then another year of intensive design for the store … every detail, even the bowls and spoons had to be meticulously styled to match the wild vibe of the Rice To Riches concept.
It all came together with a bang and a buzz in April 2003. And Rice To Riches has roused the passion of New Yorkers and dessert adoring people around the world.

  1. dievca’s Mother loves rice pudding….and its been hard to get her to eat.
  2. It’s been in business for 15 years – it’s a keeper.

location, location, location

Show inner wear as outerwear
Wandering the Parisian Night
Walking the streets in silk garters
Exhibitionist’s delight

Do you wear your lingerie out in the real World?
Tell dievca about it.
she wants to know your lingerie fantasies~

photo: Cervin Lingerie advertisement

Searching for the Key

Master’s drinking beers at a double-header
and dievca is drinking one beer, pondering Life.
Who is having more fun?
Definitely Master…

dievca is just…wandering in her mind.
Trying to decide what she wants.
Enjoying the silence.

The heat is back. Not quite as bad because the humidity is much lower. Still its hot enough to strip down and drink a beer. Modelo in dievca’s case.  The Carlsberg can was too large. dievca has to work in the morning.

dievca is in the “zone” pondering what she wants out of Life.
No answers are coming forth~

Life is rather like a tin of sardines – we’re all of us looking for the key.

Alan Bennett

Basque, Guêpière, Bodice, Corset = Clarification

Sometimes the words seem to describe the same types of lingerie, let’s clarify these four pieces:

A basque refers to a fitted garment, with a cup, extending down to the waist line or just above. It is usually made of lace, or stretch lace and has plastic boning to support the shape of the body. It has suspender straps for holding stockings in place, which are sometimes removable.

A gureêpiè is fitted garment, with a cup, extending down to over the hips with suspender straps attached. Like the basque, it is usually made of lace, or stretch lace and has plastic boning to support the shape of the body. The basque, guêpière are loosely the same thing apart from the length of the garment. These days basque is the more common term, so you might even find a longline basque that extends over the hips, so I would usually follow the naming convention of the brand to describe the garment.

A bodice tends to be a less structured garment, something that laces up and goes over another article of clothing.

A corset should not be confused with the three garments above. A corset is a structured garment with steel or plastic boning that can be tightened to manipulate the shape of the waist. This is the only garment that will physically change the shape of the body and can do so permanently if you are corset training.

Awkward – yet beautiful.

Photo: Bruno Bozon

The definition of Master’s dievca.