Feelin’ Frisky with Charlotte Olympia

Ooh, la la! Charlotte Olympia’s Frisky slingbacks live up to their name. Adorned with a monochrome Dress Up print and black leather whip-like tassels, they perfectly embody the collection’s muse, Betty Paige. Channel pin-up glamour by teaming these statement heels with a pencil skirt, tucked-in blouse, and a slick of red lipstick.

Feeling a strong need…

to be Dominated.


The collar doesn’t lock,
but is forms a seamless tubular ring.

D/s (elfje)

Leather restraints
Dominance and submission
the mind spirals away

Tapping is Beautiful

You found me sniffing your shirt. Delighting in your smell.
“Put the shirt on, naked beneath, and come kneel before me.”

I did.
Happily surrounded by Master.

“Present your wrists and ankles.”
Master attached His cuffs to my limbs.

“Follow Me to the bed and lie in the middle.”
He gently stretched out my arms and legs to be attached to the bed frame.

Master touched my clitoris with his fingers and tapped it.
Then walked away.

I was aroused from wearing His shirt and being restrained.
So my clitoris was engorged and sensitive.

I didn’t orgasm.

Master came back after about 5 minutes and tapped my clitoris, again.
Then walked away.

I strained against the restraints towards Him.
My pussy begging for attention.

I didn’t orgasm

Master took His time and came back to tap my clitoris in a distracted manner.
My nipples and clitoris were hard with anticipation.

I didn’t orgasm.

Master took another 5 minutes before coming back,
I orgasmed before He touched me.

Afterward, He tapped my sensitive clitoris with His finger and walked away.

I waited and watched for Master’s return.
Nipples, clitoris at attention.

Master came back naked and crawled on top of me.
Tapping my clitoris with the head of His penis.

I squirted.
“Good Girl”

Then Master made His move to fit His penis into my mouth.

It was an awkward angle, but enough Cock Worship
and to cause me to orgasm.
It caused Master to orgasm, too.

Tapping is a Beautiful Thing.

It’s Monday and I have “Friday on My Mind”

“Friday On My Mind”
Monday mornin’ feels so bad
Ev’rybody seems to nag me
Comin’ Tuesday I feel better
Even my old man looks good
Wed’sday just don’t go
Thursday goes too slow
I’ve got Friday on my mind

Gonna have fun in the city
Be with my girl, she’s so pretty
She looks fine tonight
She is out of sight to me
Tonight I’ll spend my bread, tonight
I’ll lose my head, tonight
I’ve got to get to night
Monday I’ll have Friday on my mind

Do the five day grind once more
I know of nothin’ else that bugs me
More than workin’ for the rich man
Hey! I’ll change that scene one day
Today I might be mad, tomorrow I’ll be glad
Cause I’ll have Friday on my mind

Gonna have fun in the city
Be with my girl, she’s so pretty
She looks fine tonight
She is out of sight to me
Tonight I’ll spend my bread, tonight
I’ll lose my head, tonight
I’ve got to get to night
Monday I’ll have Friday on my mind

Gonna have fun in the city
Be with my girl, she’s so pretty
I’m gonna have fun in the city
Be with my girl, she’s so pretty


Songwriters: George Redburn Young / Harry Vanda
Friday On My Mind lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
The David Bowie version (click here)
or Bruce Springsteen (click here)
or Gary Moore (click here)

This was dievca last Monday –
– and her anticipation was worth the wait.

May your anticipation be worth the wait! XO


I just ran over to drop items off and pick items up.

My lips must have read:

As always, I love the taste:A quickie.
And it turned out to be a wild ride quickie.

My angle was satisfying,
but I wanted a bit more:

On this:

And you were willing:

The finish was a bit rocky when we changed position to this:

It was a shock as the futon tilted perilously.
I didn’t know I can still do backbends and my upper body strength is solid.
But, I’m sure it didn’t look like this:

Who cares, I felt beautiful.
Plus, Master said, “Wow”!

And everyone is safe.

Time for a check-up (Blog, Life, BDSM)

Time for  a check-up:
(translation = let dievca talk it out)


dievca’s views for the blog have been down, followers is up – she knew she was “hidden” by WordPress, but when she hasn’t been able to read other great posts and keep up with new bloggers — that limits new connections. Add that blog friends have disappeared: Instagram, death (literally for 3 people), new partners, new focuses, new activities, physical illness, mental illness, family, etc. You get it.

It doesn’t matter – Staying consistent and posting daily is one way dievca finds peace and it is the only way dievca can keep the blog rolling. she knows this because when she stopped her photo blog daily after a year — she never went back to it, though she has the photos. Maybe someday…


You know that Master was very ill. You know that His elderly family members have passed and now dievca’s elderly family members are passing. Her parents are in their 80’s. Master was worried about His young family members. Master is working hard, dievca is working hard. dievca sold a house in the Midwest, she is considering to buy a co-op in NYC, her back went out, etc.

Life got in the way of BDSM for a while.


Master and dievca are still playing. But, it’s not as consistent as the beginning of the blog. Life issues, injuries, sickness, etc. that takes a toll.  Add that dievca and Master have become very close – and that gets in the way, sometimes. But after much trial and error, Master and dievca have found ways to signal that the BDSM needs to take over.

And it is needed.
Master and dievca have had their reaffirmation.

The trust creates a connection unlike any other.

So, Doctor…
do I keep the blog?
will Life get easier?
do I work to continue a BDSM relationship with Master?

XO – let dievca know.
And… a HUGE, THANK YOU, for joining her on this ride.

(dievca can be found on Instagram….nah~)


in case you were curious….

On a really hot summer day, dievca wrote a post about getting her hair cut. Master wasn’t into it.  This time, dievca has a friend who is working under a famous Hair Stylist and he needed a curly-haired model who was willing to go short.  dievca’s friend has been on her a** about getting the cut for 4 months.  So, dievca made noises to Master, again.  she explained that it wouldn’t be a “pixie” cut and Master said “ok”, but gave dievca two requirements:

  1. Honor the curls
  2. Have something that he can grab and pet

dievca has been fascinated by this French Blogger’s hair:

garrance-dore-3 garrance-dore garrance-dore-2
Garance Doré.

dievca would have to blow out her curls to get the look, but her hair is thin so it should take 5 minutes….

Other photos, dievca took in for inspiration:


After 2 hours, two Gay gentlemen nipping at each other (friend not listening to the instructor), chunks of hair falling, re-cutting of the back “lose the corners…”, dievca didn’t want it blown dry, she just wanted to head out…especially since her friend had a date.

But, dievca got gorgeousness! and ease of care.

Take the curliness/swept look of Madonna with the natural flow and back of Garance Doré.

dievca still looks like dievca – it takes people a minute to realize that she has a short haircut, but it makes her eyes even larger and her chin sharper. dievca hasn’t bothered to straighten it, yet – but wearing a headband looks fresh and tucks away the curls when needed.

And Master?

Cerebral, in His head, Master?

dievca went over to solve some problems before the Holidays — many guests, planning, cleaning, decorating, wrapping, gifting, etc. and Master didn’t really realize His curls were shorter.

dievca had to stop Master and turn around several times before He noticed.
His comment? …
“You honored the curls, its looks really good, and it’s still MINE.”

SuperMOON! Wishes and Kisses


The moon shot: Sam Garcia D800E, AF-S NIKKOR 500mm f/4D IF-ED II, 1/1250 second, f/8, ISO 500, manual exposure, Matrix metering. (click the photo for the story of the shot)

The November 2016 SuperMOON is when the Moon will be the closest to Earth it’s been since January 1948.

On the eve of November 14, the Moon will appear up to 14 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter than an average full moon. This is the closest the Moon will get to Earth until 25 November 2034…..



The moon: 225,622 miles away at its closest distance;
252,088 at its farthest;
238,900 on average.

When the Moon is at it’s closest to Earth, it will be sunrise on November 14 in western North America. In eastern North America, the moon will have set before it turns exactly full. When it rises in the East Coat on the evening of November 14th, it will be a waning moon.

But, the moon will look plenty full and bright all night long on both nights – November 13 and 14 – as it rises in the East around sunset, climbs highest up around midnight, and then sets in the West at or near sunset.

Make appropriate wishes on the Full Moon

It is popular to write 10 wishes on the night of the New Moon.
There are also wishes to be made during the waning of the Full Moon.

How to use the power of “waning”:

With the waning, the keyword is “release” or “letting go”.
It is the best night for those who wish “to be released from present self”, or “to be released from distress”.

Prepare a piece of BLUE paper, if possible.

Write what you want to be released from.

Strongly imagine yourself being released from that item or situation.

At the end, tear the paper into pieces and throw the pieces away.

After your mind has been  refreshed, get a good nights sleep.
And in the morning you will wake with a lighter heart and spirituality.

You will be able to step forward to into happiness.

The Full Moon is the best for succeeding in Love

Do you know a “success moon”? It is the Full Moon.

In calendars of the United States or Europe, the lunar age is always written.
Important conferences and business talks are scheduled on the day of the full moon.

The Full Moon not only lifts our moods, but also has the power to harmonize our consciousness. This is when you need to act for success in love!
Tonight’s Full Moon is the best chance for your happiness!


Tutoring dievca: if she were to do it again~

NJOY Training Plugs

NJOY Training Plugs


dievca came to Master to let her submissive side shine.
she also arrived without a great deal of creative sexual experience. One of the first items Master addressed was Cock Worship. It was considered a necessity for the relationship to proceed and in the post Tutoring dievca: Camille Crimson and Fellatio, Master sent dievca on a wonderful tour of Cock Worship.

Anal Sex was another area that Master was interested in but it wasn’t a deal-breaker. Master touched upon it but never set-up a training program or game plan for dievca. dievca quietly took it upon herself to start training her anal sphincter to relax.

When she finally told Master what she was doing, He assumed that because His dievca was so physical and she had trained her bum a little – anal sex would be a breeze. Wrong. dievca wasn’t able to relax enough.

Master and His dievca discussed options for more training. 

SHHHH…dievca admits…she stopped listening to Master’s “advice” when it didn’t give enough baby steps to make sense to her.  dievca continued with the smaller sized plug she had used.  she wore it at home, multiple times, for longer periods to train her muscles to relax. Then dievca bought the next size plug when she felt she was ready. The plugs were a “mishmash” of styles chosen by trial and error, plus availability and wearing comfort.

The progression:

Silver clear crystal anal plugThis small plug hurt to wear for a long period of time, so dievca sought something more comfortable for training in the next size.

Bootie Plug and Sliquid Booty Lube Combo

Bootie Plug and Sliquid Booty Lube Combo

This black plug was the workhorse of dievca’s training, something she could wear comfortably for a long period of time.

Gold Anal Plug A medium-sized option was weightier and gave dievca a more “full” feeling.

The large crystal plug dievca bought was…too large.

This is the point where dievca asked Master if they could try anal sex, again.
It still didn’t work well. Master’s Cock doesn’t get small at the top like the plugs do — dievca’s sphincter muscles needed to stay open.

Glass Anal Plug dievca added a glass plug with a wider neck and a homeopathic muscle warmer to help with relaxation,  The effectiveness of the “warming” spray might have been just mental, but…Anal Sex is a “mental” sport.

It worked!

It worked beautifully. dievca gained so much pleasure from anal sex and she knows that Master was thrilled, as well.

Would dievca do it the training again? Absolutely, in a heartbeat — BUT she would choose the NJOY training set in metal with an “o”-ring pull (first photo). Why? They look nicer, the curved shape avoids angles, the plugs should be easier to pull out of the bum and the 100% seamless metal looks easier to clean.  dievca would then finish the training with a large neck glass plug to mimic Master’s girth.

diecva hopes that you are inspired and helped by her tail (whoops!) tale. It’s not as glamorous as her Cock Worship learning experience, but the results are just as good! XO


Mmmm….Muscle Cars!

Sir, may I wash your car for you?
We are raising money for our Pep Squad to travel to a College Bowl Game.
Yes, I am a Senior this year – graduating with a degree in Business.
I enjoy creating a positive entrepreneurial atmosphere and am quite creative with my business plans.

Muscle Cars Wash

Mmm, let me lean across the hood to reach that far corner.
Whoops, my skirt flipped up.
It’s been so hot, I guess I didn’t bother with underwear, hmmm~
You would interested in taking me for a ride in your Muscle Car after the fundraiser is over? Great.
Maybe we can get an ice cream so I can cool down?
It’s been so hot, I will have to be licking the dripping sides, but that is o.k.
Messy is good.

dievca doesn’t consider herself  a car buff, but during her trip to the Midwest she spotted three Muscle Cars that turned her head.  Considering she was driving at the time – she will have to offer photos off the web. Which car would you like to take a ride in?

Muscle Cars 1972 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray 454 (C3)

1972 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray.  Spotted in a parking lot.

Muscle Cars-1966-Ford-Mustang

1966 Ford Mustang Hardtop. Spotted driving behind me.

Muscle Cars 1971 Pontiac Le Mans Sport Convertible

1971 Pontiac Le Mans Sport Convertible. Spotted in a parking lot.

dievca’s favorite? The Pontiac Le Mans Convertible. XO

Missed it the 1st time around: Carli Hermés

We missed these photos the first time around. In looking for a little fantasy inspiration, dievca was rewarded with 4 new photos from the Shameless Suitsupply Ad Campaign by Carli Hermés.  The link to the first post is below, if you would like to see the original photos, again. XOSuitsupply BDSMSuitsupply BDSM 2 Cali Hermes Suit supply missed photo2 Cali Hermes Suit supply missed photo

Shameless Suitsupply and Carli Hermes: Something for Master

A BDSM ice cream flavor?

Dripping Ice Creamdievca ran into a blurb about Three Twins Ice Cream creating flavors in honor of San Francisco’s Gay Pride.

Among its LGBTQ provocative offerings there was one hinting at BDSM:

•Two Tops Don’t Make a Bottom
(Vanilla ice cream with muffin tops)

A gentle reminder Top does ≠ Dominant and Bottom does ≠ submissive.

For example:

bottom – The receiver in a BDSM scene or session. This is the basic BDSM term for any person on the receiving end of scene play. By itself, the term simply refers to anyone who takes the passive part in play or relationship.

submissive (sub) – Unlike bottom, which is a simple statement of wanting to be the passive in play, sub refers to someone who, as a personality trait, prefers to surrender control of part of their lives to a Dominant. While a bottom’s part in a session ends when the session is over, being submissive is a more constant situation.

Anyone up for some ice cream? XO


What I miss

Master’s touch
The strokes that calm me, settle my nerves and soothe me like a thoroughbred.
Master's Touch

Master’s grasp
That melts the day away, shifts my mind and allows me to become submissive.
Master Hug

Master’s grip
That adjusts my body and mind, asserts his ownership and controls my direction.
Master pulling hair

Master’s focus
That pays attention, notices detail and helps me obtain higher awareness.
Master spanking

Master’s control
That is never wavering, generously given and plays me like a violin.
Cock Worship

Master’s roar
That takes him deep as he wants and allows me sublimity.
Master Sex

Master’s care
That cherishes and adores my stages of emergence from total submission.

Summertime Presentation: Kirna Zabête does Dresses

Kirna Zabête is a NYC boutique with a sense of fun.
dievca created a short post about a quote they have on their wall (and Master’s reply) early in her blogging career: Unicorn Quote .

The owners of the boutique have created a set of 10 dresses for Gilt.com — they are selling out quickly, but here are three which dievca would have loved to buy for summertime dressing for Master:

Kirna Zabete Dinner with a Straight Man Dress

“Dinner with a Straight Man” Silk Dress $295

Kirna Zabete Bike to Lunch Dress

“Bike to Lunch” Silk Dress $450

Kirna Zabete Saturday After 6 Dress

“Saturday After 6” Silk/Spandex Dress $550




  1. a temporary way of dealing with a problem or satisfying a need.
    “masturbation is only a stopgap until Master’s more sophisticated alternative is available”
    (The simple thought of dievca rubbing herself on Master’s thigh puts dievca over the edge.)
    Photo: Cropped Alexander Wang Jeans Advertisement

When Master and dievca survived an IKEA piece~

In the very early days of their relationship, dievca and Master put together a piece of IKEA furniture.  It was something for Master’s living room before he decided to hire a decorator. The desk/side table was used for one week before being given to a friend.

The process cemented the beginning of dievca and Master’s friendship.
Not their D/s relationship.

dievca is very spatially-oriented. she did a lot of house repairs with her Father and has refurbished a number of antiques .

Master is more cerebral. He has the basic skills for maintaining a home properly, but no real desire to putter around tools. He would prefer to hire someone to do those items.

Enter the IKEA Bestå Burs desk:

IKEA Bestå Burs desk

The TEST PIECE: an IKEA Bestå Burs desk

Master was going to hire someone to assemble it on Craig’s List.
dievca said, “We can do it!”

So, they took one afternoon to open the package, count the pieces and put the side table together.  All was going well until dievca flipped one of the drawer’s sidewall the wrong way. she caught the problem early, but the piece needed to be pulled apart.  It turned out to be stubborn and stuck firmly…so dievca set it up so Master could step on the piece for leverage and use his arms/shoulder strength to separate the drawer pieces. Good idea until Master slipped back and stepped in the middle of the piece. It snapped in two after it popped undone.

And dievca learned that her Master has a bit of a temper~ she was impressed with verbal outpouring.

After the “cool down”…dievca and Master put their heads together and figured out how to save the situation.
Wood Glue and Duct Tape!

Master ran out to get wood glue, while dievca put the rest of the pieces put together.  He was able to glue the sidewall back together and then use duct tape to make sure it stayed firm. The duct tape did not interfere with the drawers rolling action and was not visible. SUCCESS!

The experience taught Master and dievca how each other works on a project, what their irritation thresholds look like, what their tempers look like and how they work together as a team. The verdict? — those who can IKEA together, hang together.

What prompted this post?

NY Magazine: The Cut — IKEA

So, what was your experience with IKEA furniture? XO

Robert NYC – a place to celebrate with a view.

Master was nominated for an important Prize — sadly, He didn’t win.
Still, the nomination was such an honor it warranted a celebration in style.

Museum-of-Arts-and-Design3 robert-at-mad-nyc-s-museum-of-arts-and-design-opens-new-resturant-large5Master chose to reserve a window seat at Robert NYC, located on the top floor of the Museum of Arts & Design. The restaurant has a spectacular view of Columbus Circle and the SW entry to Central Park.010910RobertZM14.jpg

Master and dievca were tucked into a private corner with windows on two sides, effectively creating a small personal cocoon, cut-off from other diners. A true treat in NYC, where privacy is at a premium.

robert menuThe menu offered American Fare. Master decided to order a salad and four “to share” plates for Himself and dievca. He accompanied the food with an excellent bottle of white wine.

dievca did her best to look elegant for Master – she’s a bit out of practice with the weather being so cold. dievca wore a Yoana Baraschi rust-colored pleated silk dress. More comfortable than cutting edge, she stood out in a sea of diners with black tailored looks. Plus, dievca knows that Master loves to see His submissive in a feminine/ladylike dress.

dievca completed the look with black Manolo Blahnik heels, Master’s Giles & Brother gold collar, gold cuff, black silk/beaded vintage clutch, tan Max Mara cashmere/ wool coat. Hair – wild curly with the front pulled back, heavier grey smoky eyes, lighter blush and neutral lips, nude buffed nails.

20150202_132334_resized 20150202_132400_resizedmanolo-blahnik-classic-black-pumps-profilegiles-brother-shopbopcom-necklaces-archer-necklace

18K Gold Plated Cuff

beaded clutch black

Master was handsome in His black cashmere top coat from Barneys. Then clean and crisp in His sportcoat and tie. Perfect for Robert NYC (and an excellent backdrop for His dievca – XO).

Now, Master may not have won the award — but the celebration was worthy for a job well-done.
Robert NYC is an amazing place and offers a spectacular view of NYC.



Morning Moon

May I rest my head upon your shoulder
to watch the Waning Moon face the Dawn

Absorbing solace from the Night
to greet the Day

Photo Source: Inga’s Angle: Inga Sarda-Sorensen WP Site – gorgeous photos of NYC

Focus: a point of concentration

Dom Sub Focus
Focus fully on your Sir
He will focus fully on His submissive.

An Open Letter to Master


Dear Master,

Today is a Big Day in your life.  You have done some amazing things in the past, but the true test of success in your field of expertise is being able to stay valid. You continue to offer excellence and be strongly productive in a challenging World.  I have seen the amazing amount of self you put into your work, watched you bleed to create, witnessed your frustration and growth. I am amazed by what you produce and knowing the pain of the process, I can only look at you in awe.

We both came to New York City at low points in our lives. We needed change, somewhere that was anonymous yet accepting, a place to set down roots that wouldn’t strangle and allow a vertical expanse of growth. NYC absorbed us, tumbled us and kicked us out to be stronger and better.  You shot up to the sky and have used your opportunities to the fullest. I can only aspire to achieve your success. Where you lead, I follow.

Master, so often you cannot accept the accolades that should be heaped upon your head.  You move forward without acknowledgement trusting in yourself and your sense of ego. Any disappointment is limited because it is the process which drives you; the information, gain of knowledge and the creativity in your head. I still insist that everyone needs a moment of recognition. Please accept my humble acknowledgement of merit, a private accolade in a semi-public forum.

I am proud of you and proud to know you.  You are gifted, talented, and valid. You are amazing.


Dear New York, this is a love letter
To you and how you brought us together
We can’t say enough about all you do
Cause in the city we’re ourselves and electric, too

...New York you make it happen

♥ An Open Letter to NYC – Beastie Boys



After the Gala

09_02_BG_Evening_02 After Sundown
Looking outward
Looking inward

Did I please
Did I honor

My Ownership
Is there a question

None on my end
None on Your end

You hold all of me
In the palm of Your hand

Strong submissive

You always say it with such surprise
“You are really strong”
I don’t know whether to be embarrassed or proud
“I forget how strong you are”
OK, proud


Another One Bites the Dust

♥ Another One Bites the Dust – Queen

Master and dievca had a lingerie “sort fest” early in their relationship. This has continued as presentation outfits have been reviewed, accepted and rejected. Sometimes, the choices surprised dievca — maybe they will surprise you. Two outfits Master rejected in the first sorting:

AP Esme

Agent Provocateur Esme

AP Debbie

Agent Provocateur Debbie

The beige color did these two Agent Provocateur sets in. Master really despises beige.

What Master has recently told dievca to discard and why:


Mimi Holliday by Damaris bodysuit Bisou Bisou

The bodysuit didn’t offer Master direct access to dievca’s assets. It was hard to unsnap and looked messy unsnapped. If  the bodysuit would be used as an accent when dressing up for a hint of cleavage or a peep show, then dievca was allowed to keep the piece. she hasn’t decided what to do with it – any suggestions?

Oscar-de-la-Renta-Printed georgette Chemise

Oscar de la Renta printed Georgette Chemise

Master said that the babydoll style doesn’t show of dievca’s curves well enough — too much material under the bust, hiding dievca’s waist.

Leather Teddy Harness Playsuit

Leather Teddy Harness Playsuit

Raunchy. The idea was not bad if dievca was in the mood to present in a rough way (Options, dievca, options). But when the diaper-like bottom was unsnapped it offered unattractive gaping with the tension lost between the rings. Plus, the rings had nickel in them and they irritated Master’s skin.

What did Master keep?  We can save that for another day. XO

Things you do for me.

Things you do for me.

I let go and give all to you.

You lead, I follow.
Yours to command.

In return, you read me closely.

Feed my hunger.
Fulfill my need.

I am spoiled.


And you just smile at my sprawled silence.


Three Meetings (over 18, nsfw)

Cartoon about Desire

Ahh Master, remember?

Three amazing meetings in a short time:
The first meeting was highlighted by cock worship at its elegant best, after a huge emotional release. Being allowed to swallow Master’s cum was such a pleasure and an honor.
The second was a Voyeur scene turning Your dievca into an animal who was desperate to be fucked in the ass by her handsome Master. He looked so gorgeous in His suit and sunglasses, His dievca couldn’t get enough. And the sounds…the mewling noises which dievca made, cannot be described.
The unexpected third meeting put Your dievca over the top and exhausted her with an erotic shower, cunnilingus, being restrained, multiple orgasms on command and finishing with deep hard pounding sex.
After fucking Your dievca senseless and cuddling her for aftercare, she lay prostrate on Your bed in a stupor for another 20 minutes then made her way slowly to the shower to sooth her engorged pussy and sensitive nipples.
A sniff test of her clothes signalled her need for clean underpinnings.
Your slut asked to raid Your underwear drawer and chose the pair which would hug her ass snuggly.  she was amazed to find the pair she wanted on top.
Your dievca currently smells like You from the soap, from Your favorite t-shirt encasing her breasts and Your underwear hugging her ass and pussy. she is cozy and safe, drinking coffee and dreaming of Master’s Kiss.

Ahh Master, dievca remembers. she cannot forget.

Master’s Reply:

I’m happy when you’re chatty…
I’m happy when you’re sassy…
I’m happy when you’re lost in a sexual mist, staring up at the ceiling…
I’m happy.

Your Master

Switchy Vixen: Mackage for SSENSE

The number one job of the dominant is to continually seduce consent from the bottom.
– Joseph Bean

Master was willing to allow dievca to switch for a bit.  dievca commanded Master to lay spread eagle on the bed and not move, so that she could kiss, bite, suck and lick where she liked – when and how she liked. It was a beautiful 10 minutes — both Master and dievca relished the switch.
Until dievca got lost and Master got antsy —

“dievca, may I have your permission to switch back?”
“Yes, Master, of course —  may we try this again?”
“Yes, dievca. But it’s time.”

dievca offered her ass and was immediately impaled from behind then spanked to redirect her focus.

dievca’s Switch has shown her that she is not quite Dominatrix material….
too bad because the Mackage leather pieces for SSENSE would look AWESOME on a Domme!


Designers, Eran Elfassy and Elisa Dahan launched Mackage in 1999 and have since grown to become one of the most prestigious contemporary outerwear brands in North America. Mackage was created around the belief that outwear is an integral element of fashion, it is now expanding to include clothing  and handbags
Mackage collections are creatively designed with sexy detailing and tailored cuts in leather, puffy and wool, made to compliment any silhouette. The contemporary brand is exclusively distributed in the most sought-after boutiques, department stores and renowned online retailers. Mackage is now sold in over twenty countries on three continents.



Black Stretch Leather Sierra Tank Top
Relaxed-fit tank top in black. Scoopneck collar. Stretch textile paneling at back. Contrasting grained leather front panel. Zippered vents at side seams. Tonal stitching. Shell: 100% lambskin. Lining: 68% rayon, 27% nylon, 5% spandex. Specialty cleaners.

Black Stretch Leather Navi Leggings
Stretch lambskin leggings in black. Zip closure at side. Raw edge at ankle cuffs. Bonded textile backing. Tonal stitching. 100% lambskin. Specialty cleaners.

Both pieces are Made in Canada.



Didn’t we have a conversation about this? XO

Didn't we have a conversation about this? XO

Agent Provocateur: Therese Dress

Or was it this?

Healthy Hoovering

Does anyone have a spare $Million for dievca? She’s feeling Royale~

Does anyone have a spare $Million for dievca? She's feeling Royale~

Warning: this is an adult toy. A vibrator encrusted with diamonds, sapphires and pearls and cast in solid platinum. To turn the device on you use the button which is a large pearl that is removed. The pearl button then fits into a necklace setting which is included. Not sure about the batteries…

Colin Burn and Nicole Gallus have created and designed this extreme luxury play toy. This vibrator has been named the ‘Pearl Royale,’ and if the name doesn’t get the buyer hot, the one million dollar price tag certainly will. This exclusive play toy is cast in solid platinum and heavily embellished with more than 1,000 pink and white sapphires, diamonds and pearls for your pleasure.

According to Mr.Burn, “This is designed as a luxury product for art and erotica enthusiasts.” dievca’s mind is spinning with the idea of one million dollars caressing her hooha, apparently she is an erotica enthusiast. XO~

One Leopard Print Piece?

Sad, but true, dievca doesn’t own any leopard print pieces (you cannot count the lining of a purse).  she has been on the look out for something unique.  The Nicholas Jungle Leopard Print Dress could be that unique item…..but alas, the halter top puts it out of the running for dievca except in the bedroom. dievca is a little too generous on the top to bounce freely in Public.  Maybe this could be the dress for dievca’s slender-framed friends — it is too gorgeous to hide.

Wait a minute….this might be another dress to wear when Master commands dievca to go braless.


Nicholas Jungle Leopard Gown Black Nicholas Jungle Leopard Gown

The Australian designer brand, Nicholas encapsulates the spirit of the quintessential Melbourne girl. With a versatile offering of wardrobe staples and must-have pieces, Nicholas apparel and accessories are notable for clean lines, innovative detailing, and a rich color palette. With a distinguished eye for quality, fit, and superior fabrics, the brand is proud of its Down Under heritage; all Nicholas products are designed and made in Melbourne.

Leopard Maxi Dress
Elongated slits relax the skirt
Snaps secure the halter straps
Hidden back zip.
Mini-dress lining.
Fabric: Silk chiffon.
Shell: 100% silk.
Lining: 95% polyester/5% elastane.

Master instructed you to go braless? – wear Lanvin