“Khrystos Voskres!” (Христос воскрес! )

“Voistyno Voskres!” (Воістину Воскресе!)

bunny-yeager self potrait tree

Whoops – wrong type of Bunny…

Happy Easter, anyways!

What day is it? Ah – Easter Sunday

Photo: Irish McCalla

dievca is prepping late. she forgot about the Holiday.
“and on the 3rd day He rose again.”
So, will NYC rise again? Good question.
All dievca can do is keep hoping (hopping) and work hard.

she sends her best wishes to you for renewal and revitalization.
Stay Healthy or Heal Well.

Some innocent fun and then the REAL treat!


Morning with Family,
Afternoon with Master!

Can you guess which activity might be more fun?
May a treat be waiting for you, too!

Where it began~

Happy Easter!

Somewhere in London…is HOPPING!

Happy Easter!

dievca walked past the Playboy Club in London on her way to dinner.  It sparked memories of her Parent’s belonged to the Playboy Club in Chicago, going skiing in Lake Geneva, WI, and seeing Bunnies, though kids weren’t allow in the lounges if dievca remembers correctly~

So, now she knows that the Bunnies are still HOPPING in London.

(PS. Might be a Presentation Outfit for Master!)

Photo: dievca 3/2017 Playboy Club London


Amazing = a bit of irreverence

Cali Hermes Suit supply halo

Photo: Carli Hermes: Suitsupply

Your command of my Body and my Mind is complete.
My Trust in You is a thing of Beauty.
You are my Master.

Hoppy Easter – Meow!

not happy kitty



Bunnies for Easter

6 famous easter_bunnies_