Revenge: A Sexy Romp in the Country


The always provocative Ellen von Unwerth has created a sadomasochistic story told in pictures. A sexy romp in the country, where three young women arrive at a Baroness’ estate expecting a relaxing weekend, and find something entirely different. In these startlingly erotic photos, von Unwerth explores the vocabulary of bondage; the chains, ropes, masks, corsets, and hardware. The participants in the story; the girls, the Baroness, her chauffeur, and the stable-hand, combine the dark and dangerous along with the fun and games of contemporary life in the fast lane.

Ellen von Unwerth was born in Germany in the mid 1950’s. She worked in a circus as assistant to the knife thrower and as a model after being discovered walking down the street in her native Munich. Von Unwerth’s fashion work is published in American, Italian, and British Vogue, Interview and Vanity Fair. Her books include “Snaps”, “Wicked”, and “Couples.”

A Thank You to the Staley-Wise Gallery for hosting this exhibition (click here)