Just as a strapless bra is essential when you’re wearing a summer tube dress, seamless underwear is important when you’re wearing a pencil skirt. Here are some suggestions for  different types of underwear and what you should pair them with:

1. Boy Shorts

Inspired by men’s boxers, boy shorts tend to be comfortable. They are functional and can be worn with skirts, as well as flared dresses.

2. Classic Briefs

These are regular underwear. The ones you buy in a pack of three or five. You can pair them with almost anything as long as your outfit is not body-hugging because then your panty lines would be on display. Wear with a  pleated skirts or jeans.

3. Hipsters

These panties are low-rise and have wide coverage on the sides. They go with almost everything. So make sure you have more than just a couple of them. Wear them with pants and low-waisted jeans.

4. Thongs

Nothing says sexy like thongs do. They’re the perfect underwear type for outfits where the bump of your panty line can ruin the line. Wear a thong with pencil skirts and bodycon dresses.

5. French-Cut Panties

Also known as high-cut panties, these are very 1980s retro. They have a high cut on the leg holes, which makes them better for circulation from the regular ones. They go superbly well with high-waist jeans

6. G-String

They’re very similar to thongs, but these have absolutely no coverage. They’re meant for times when you would like to go commando, but then you would also like some sort of coverage. A little getting used to is required to be perfectly comfortable with this type. Wear with leggings and bodycon dresses.

7. Control Briefs

These are super comfortable and all about functionality. They come with a tight elastic waistband to keep your excess in. They help with bodycon dresses and high waist jeans.

8. Seamless

This is one type of panty that everyone should keep on hand. They don’t have stitching on them, making them perfect for every type of dress. Good with pants and sheer dresses.

9. Brazilian Briefs

They have the qualities of both a hipster and a thong. And they are just what you need when you’re vacationing on the beach. Wear them with shorts or a sarong.

Hmm-tough to make a decision….boy shorts, hipsters, briefs or Grannies!