Elaborate Fantasies

what-a-way-to-say-good-morning-goodmorning-hello-sexyDon’t get all excited – dievca’s excellent fantasies have not returned…yet.  she was just pondering where they went.

Were they lost with COVID?
Or taking care of her Parents?
Did perimenopause take a toll?
The knee surgery?

All of the above?
Honestly, dievca thinks that the dressing in various items of lingerie and feeling good her body helped create the fantasies and since the perimenopause/knee – she’s been more focused on getting her body to move effectively.

That doesn’t mean that the Play with Master has diminished – the Fantasies were a separate venue.  dievca thinks they came with having some spare time.  Maybe they will come back in the future.

Cross-country travel

PSA vintage photo

As dievca watches Master’s plane fly over Ohio (flightaware.com) on His way westward – she is having  an inkling of a fantasy:  Flying during yesteryear – no masks, no TSA, elegant or sassy flight attendant uniforms, meals with silverware – the Mile High Club.  Hmmm~ the Fantasy might need to be developed further.

PSA Airlines is an American regional airline headquartered at Dayton International Airport in Vandalia, Ohio, that flies under the American Eagle brand for American Airlines. PSA is a wholly owned subsidiary of American Airlines Group.

BDSM in the trees

Can you imagine being an exhibitionist to an audience of Trees?

Impact Play while bending over a bench viewing Nature?

Kneeling to your Sir or Madame in front of a fire?

Being bound or chained to a Tree?

Becoming a part of the scenery?

Aftercare in a hot tub and finishing with a rain shower rinse.

The epitome of a family retreat, Forest House sits nestled among tall trees in a forested hill area in Northern California. The dwelling was designed by the Envelope A+D architecture studio as a space that perfectly blends into the landscape, making the most of the natural setting at the same time. Unlike traditional cabins, the house features not one, but nine separate structures connected to each other and to the forest. The expansive building aims to provide a welcoming retreat space for the clients’ family, friends and colleagues.

Click HERE for the Gessato Post about the house

Photography © Richard Barnes

le papillon

Something perfect for a submissive’s Presentation Outfit
SS2014 Jean Paul Gaultier runway show featuring Dita von Teese
offers glamour with a bit of whimsey.

Master triggered the start of a Fantasy

Anita Ekberg La Dolce Vita Trevi Fountain

Master told His dievca a story about D/s in the outdoors.

Anita Ekberg and Marcello Mastroianni – La Dolce Vita

Thoughts floated around in her head for a while and she fixated on the fountains around NYC.

dievca doesn’t know where her fantasy may go during nighttime dreaming, but her practical side has acknowledged the logistical nightmare D/s play in a NYC fountain might offer: dirty water, too many people, temperature, slipping, clothing – or lack of, legalities, voyeurs – might be a bonus, etc.

Maybe the Hamilton Fountain in Riverside Park — ok, it’s a horse trough.

Let’s see what dievca dreams up this evening.
Might be fabulous – might be a dievca disaster…

D/s dreaming

A hint of the dream lingers
throughout the day.

A smell, a touch,
a glimpse of satiation.

Collected wisps and pieces
solidify elusive memories.

Enough captured
to create an Orgasm.

Sometimes simple is interesting.

La femme au Masque by Henri Gervex 1885

Nude and a Mask
Sounds like an excellent start to a D/s Fantasy.

Feeling like a failed submissive

Master asked for a Fantasy. Something to bounce off of – dievca is sure.
He’s back from traveling and tomorrow is convienient to meet.

But as dievca worked 9 hours, had an issue with a plumber after work, passed out on the sofa for an hour, ate spaghettios, wasabi peas and fruit for dinner. she is finally having a glass of wine – but, no BDSM fantasy is coming to mind.

Just a blog post.
A short one at that.

Merriam-Webster defines burnout as “ the condition of someone who has become very physically and emotionally tired after doing a difficult job for a long time”. As much as we s-types do love being submissive and serving, I doubt anyone is going to debate the fact that what we do can be a difficult job and is definitely a long term job.

A D/s relationship requires two individuals to Tango. One partner cannot be expected to be the one to act or plan or suggest all the time. The other partner has to step up, sometimes. Make sure in your relationships, Vanilla or BDSM that you put your time and input in — your partner might need your help. Planning and fantasies are not just the submissive’s domain or the Dominant’s domain — sometimes there needs to be flexibility, communication and a bounce-off platform from the other side.

Master asked for a Fantasy.
His dievca is just not able to produce one at this moment.
she will ask for His help.

A "Thank You" to the submissiveguide.com for voicing some of the feelings swirling around in dievca's head (above quote).


Master asked dievca what she wanted for Christmas and, of course, her immediate answer was:
(cue Mariah Carey)

The visions of Master with a hard, jutting cock,
jingle bells and a Santa Hat danced through her head.
Not very submissive — dievca’s knows, but she was on a roll. See?

dievca doesn’t think Master appreciated her demented humor.

Perhaps He prefers this vision of Santa:

A Presentation Outfit possibility — via Bettie Page
(OK, distracted – Master just sent fabulous photos of Himself and His Grandchild – better than Nude Santa’s)

Let dievca leave you with this video for the morning:

On the same page~

If I tell you, YOUR fantasies
will you tell me, MINE?


Fantasy vs. “Rain”ality

Photo: dievca NYC 09/2018

It would be nice to look like this in the Warm Rain…
But, it seems to end up like this:

Zpacks Ultralight Rain Poncho

Innocence Exposed (nsfw 18+)

model-posing-in-billowing-light-colored-sheer-nightgown-and-peignoirMaster told dievca that it would be of interest if she requested emotions to feel instead of scenarios for play. He would like to try to envoke an emotional response. A challenging thing to do; to sit and think how one wants to feel without considering the situation to get there. It is hard to determine the right words to describe an emotional response.

dievca finally came up with some emotional words to offer to Master. If Master was interested, dievca would like to be powerless with some sense of tension and frustration.

What would be Master’s response? dievca has no idea, but she had to laugh because her mind created a scenario immediately:


Nightgown High Collared victoria_fullMaster asked dievca to come to Him in a very innocent way. Her mind immediately moved towards presenting in a White Cotton Victorian Nightgown fully buttoned. Hair braided and tucked over her shoulder, face scrubbed clean, barefoot, no nail polish.

dievca stepped into the living room and Master requested that she turn 360 degrees. He wanted to view the innocence offered by the old-fashioned nightgown encasing His submissive. All assets hidden.

“Kneel”- the voluminous folds of fabric billowed upon dievca’s descent. Master reached for dievca’s hand and kissed the knuckles, then touched dievca’s face to direct her to look into His eyes and said, “Mine.”

Cuffs Fur lined with lock“Wrists”, dievca extended her wrists to be cuffed. It took longer than normal and dievca realized that Master was closing locks on the cuffs, something that has never happened before. “Ankles”, dievca sat to the side and rotated her body to offer her ankles.  After receiving Master’s locked cuffs, dievca returned to her kneeling position and Master touched her mouth softly, “Silence”.

BlackMarketChicago Abyss BlindfoldMaster picked up the fur-lined blackout blindfold and placed it over dievca’s eyes. Light ceased. dievca waited, kneeling. she heard Master move away, but nothing happened. she wasn’t sure if Master had left the room or if He stood behind watching her. Nothing.

Finally, dievca broke the silence and sent a query, “Master”? she then felt Master slip behind her and insert the ball gag into her mouth, “I knew you wouldn’t be able to keep the silence.”New-Sexy-40mm-Leather-Harness-Mouth-Soft-Solid-font-b-Rubber-b-font-Red-Gag-Ball

dievca felt Master circle around to the front of her, He unbutton the top of the nightgown with His nimble fingers. A collar was placed upon her neck and she heard the click of another lock. The Fur Collar was new to dievca, a different feeling, she rolled her head to sense the softness.Collar fur Lined locked

Chain leash with two clipsThe chain lead was clipped to the Collar. “Rise”, chain jingling as Master took dievca’s hand and led her into the study. The lead was connected to something in the room and a tension created between the chain and dievca’s neck. dievca knew that she had been led in front of the room’s windows where the shades were open because she was exposed to the sun’s warmth. dievca was also aware that the windows offer a direct view to balconies and open patio terraces opposite of Master’s building. Cosy. Nosy. dievca imagined that she could hear voices from outside.

Master touched her on the shoulder to kneel. “Spread your knees and sit up”. Master adjusted the nightgown in the back so it didn’t cover the ankle cuffs. “Hands behind your back” A chain restraint with some play connected dievca’s ankle and wrist cuffs together on the outside of the nightgown.

Hogtie chainrear_window_blu-ray_1_There was silence as Master left the room. dievca could hear Him walking around the apartment, closing His iPad, washing His hands, putting something in the dishwasher, opening and closing the refrigerator, walking past the study, moving around the bedroom.  The sun from the windows was sharing its warmth and causing perspiration to gather along the fur linings of the blindfold, cuffs and collar.  The window treatments still had not been closed, dievca was on view to the neighbors.

Master returned and unbuttoned the nightgown as far as it could go, then used a pair of scissors to cut the gown to the bottom of dievca’s ribcage. He spread the fabric to expose her breasts and stepped behind dievca to play with her nipples while whispering “Yes, everyone can see that you breasts are magnificent, the restraints make sure they jut out, fully on display.”

redchromaChrome minipinMaster left the room, again, and returned to pinch a chilled metal clothespin on each hard nipple. He tweaked the tips, so a bit of pain and wetness shot through to dievca’s pussy.  The scissors returned to slit the gown to the bottom and Master spread the fabric open to check how wet His dievca had become with anticipation. “Soaking” He then sat down next to dievca, not blocking the view from the windows and held a cold metal vibrator on her clit.  dievca came immediately.
“That’s my good girl, shall we show everyone how you like to cum for your Master? Do it again.”

Master then cut a slit from the middle of the back to the hem of the nightgown and spread it open to expose dievca’s ass. Lube was applied to an anal plug and inserted. Again, Master left dievca exposed to the windows. Sounds of hands being washed, a drawer being opened, Master returned to the room.  “I know My dievca is such a whore, she loves to have all of her holes filled – lets show the neighbors what happens when we fill her pussy with the vibrating rabbit.”JimmyJane Rabbit

The ball gag, anal plug, nipple clips and rabbit did their job of helping Master’s whore cum violently. dievca’s wreathing jangled and pulled on the chain connecting her collar, her muscles were clenched from kneeling with the restraints, she whimpered into the ball gag — not caring who was watching or what she looked like. dievca’s body was primed for anything Master wanted from her. He turned off the rabbit, removed it and tapped her engorged clit with His finger. dievca exploded.

Master replaced the rabbit with a dildo and dievca finally registered why the anal plug had something hanging from it – the dual anal plug and dildo were connected together with an air pump.  Master used the hand pump to fill His divca’a ass and pussy more fully.Double Penetration Inflatible.

“I am going to remove the ball gag and I want silence.” Silence reigned as Master unzipped His pants.

Master touched dievca’s face gently, allowing her jaw to flex from the ball gag then opened her mouth with his thumb. dievca’s free hole was immediately filled with His hard Cock. Master held dievca’s head with one hand and His Cock with the other. He guided His Cock firmly to fuck dievca’s seeking mouth.
“All three holes filled, slut.”

It’s rare when Master decides to Orgasm into His slut’s mouth.  Master prefers to be buried deep inside His dievca’s pussy or ass. But this time, in her demure innocence, dievca received the Gift of Master’s Cum.  dievca was surprised to taste Master’s cum and tried to swallow as much as possible.

Then Master’s Cock left dievca’s mouth. He reinserted the ball gag, buckled it firmly, removed the clothespins from her nipples and left His dievca alone.

In silence – dievca was left collared, chained, locked, restrained, exposed, blind, filled, on her knees, with the taste of Master in her mouth and on her face~

…. to be espied by the City.


Rear Window Film Still