Yee-Ha (causing Master to laugh)

dievca has 6 pairs of boots sitting on the kitchen table sorted for resale.  They are favorite boots that were a size 7-7.5, she now needs a size 8 to hold her right foot.

Here’s what is leaving – you’ve seen these on the blog (roll over the photos to see the brands):

dievca had success on eBay finding the Rodeo Brava Motorcycle Boots in the next size ($40), she’s eye-balling the Roberto del Carlo blue suede boots on eBay, two sizes up – nib.

she’d like to get a pair of cowboy boots and the red ones above caught her eye, they are the Free People New Frontiers Western Boots in red $148she thought they would make Master laugh. He is always entertained by dievca’s boots.

But dievca cannot justify buying those cute red boots because she owns these Chloe Rylee Python Booties in red:

Chloe Rylee Python Print Leather Ankle Boots

Ah, well.

(show it) at the beach

Feet at the Beach

Oh they won’t let us show it at the beach no they won’t let us show it at the beach
They think we’re gonna grab it if it gets within our reach
And they won’t let us show it at the beach

But you can show it in your parlor to most anyone you choose
You can show it at a party with your second shot of booze
You can show it on the corner wearin’ overcoat and shoes
But they won’t let us show it at the beach
No they won’t let us show it at the beach friends
Ah they won’t us show it at the beach
Oh they’re sure we’re gonna grab it if it gets within our reach
So they won’t let us show it at the beach

But you can show it in the movies on the cineramic screen
You can show it in the most sophisticated magazine
You can show it while you’re bouncing on the high school trampoline
But they won’t let us show it at the beach

But if you’ve got a gun it’s legal to display it on your hip
You can show your butcher knives to any interested kid
But if it’s made for lovin’ then you’d better keep it hid
And they won’t let us show it at the beach
Shel Silverstein
Photo: dievca Fire Island 2018

Something of use to fight~


    The heel is the first bone to contact the ground when walking and takes the full force of impact and the resulting shock of bearing weight during motion, resulting sometimes in sore heel pain. General heel pain tends to dissipate overnight and can reappear or worsen during prolonged periods of walking or standing. The pain is commonly intense when getting out of bed or a chair but often lessens when walking – although that is more common in the case of Plantar Fasciitis.

With each step you take, your heel pounds the ground and puts tension on your plantar fascia. Heel cups — heel-shaped pads that go in your shoes — may help. They raise your heel to relieve tension and give you extra cushion. They often don’t work as well as inserts, but they’re a cheap option to try.

When dievca was hit by a car while biking, these heel cushions helped with the heel fracture recovery. dievca has also used them with plantar fasciitis.  They were useful with her calf tear and making certain shoes fit more properly to avoid Achilles microtears.

Note: dievca doesn’t use the heel cushions constantly. They come into play for relief of symptoms but are removed when pain and flexibility/loading are needed for healing and strengthening.

Foot Fetish or just a passion for feet….

Foot Fetish

The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering
and a work of art.

Leonardo da Vinci

Andreas H. Bitesnich Sylvie-Vienna 1999

Andreas H. Bitesnich
Sylvie-Vienna 1999

At one point, dievca considered enrolling in a Podiatric Medical School. she took the MCAT, did well, and then realized that she was really not able to move where one of the 9 schools in the United States were located.  dievca was disappointed, but there were many other avenues of life to explore as a woman with a degree in Science.

dievca brings this up for two reasons:

 1.) she is considering taking the MCAT, again…..time to fire up those brain cells. And, there is a school where she is currently living.  The idea is a far reach — age, cost, dedication, discipline, loss of income.  But, again, firing up the old science brain cells to study will be a treat and Master suggested it.

2.) dievca loves feet, she is amazed by their strength, agility and coordination while Master HATES feet. To see the love and the hate side-by-side is quite funny.

dievca loves to receive a pedicure, a foot massage, stretching and maneuvering her feet.  Master cannot stand to have someone touch His feet, barely pays attention to them, ignores any pain or problem.  Now, Master, doesn’t mind rubbing dievca’s feet during aftercare or cuddling — it is just His feet which are not to be touched.

When dievca and Master were just learning about each other, the foot topic came up when Master mentioned that He had to deal with a corn. dievca’s ears perked…..feet, feet? Did Master mention feet?  Would He allow dievca to look at His feet?  Would He allow dievca to touch His feet? treat His feet? dievca went in for the kill and grabbed a foot, she moved way too fast for Master and Thwack! dievca learned about Master’s feet being touchy through her ass.

After the spanking, dievca told Master about her earlier dream to be a Podiatrist and asked if she could be allowed to look at His feet sometime.  Master thought about it and after two weeks decided that dievca could take a look at His feet.  It was very slow going process and it mirrored dievca’s training and transformation to D/s.  As dievca trusted Master and became more submissive, Master began to trust dievca to serve Him fully and allowed dievca to touch and work with His feet.

dievca can shift submissive with a look = Master no longer has a corn pain

dievca know which positions Masters prefers = Master’s foot no longer has a knot on the bottom

dievca knows how  to present and serve Master = Master has gained foot flexibility through stretches

dievca knows how to focus exclusively on Master = Master has well-maintained toenails and no heel cracking

So, does dievca have a foot fetish or just a passion for feet?
OK, dievca isn’t into photos of feet, she doesn’t want to kiss feet (except for Master’s), she doesn’t seek out other people’s feet unless they ask for help.  dievca does view working with Master’s feet as part of her servitude to Master, she takes great pride that He feels better through her work.
It’s just a passion, right?


Martin van Maele - La Comtesse au fouet

Martin van Maele – La Comtesse au fouet