Sprinkled Kisses

A lipstick ring around your cock is a beautiful way to start cock worship. But to change it up, should we try sugar sprinkled lips? A sweet taste with a light massage and lots of spit to dissolve the little balls which can be used to massage the larger balls.  Envision a lot of licking and kissing. Sounds like a very nice way to brighten up the day.

Ummm, busy, please call back later.

More ways than one~

From Zazzle, $15.95. Click the photo. 40% off with code ZAZ2020GOALS

Took a moment…..

I wouldn’t say “shocked”, just caught off-guard when I saw this t-shirt.

Eric Schlösberg Tee Opening Ceremony $275 (click on photo to purchase)

I love to swallow, but the phrase and the price?

Too hard to swallow.


I just ran over to drop items off and pick items up.

My lips must have read:

As always, I love the taste:A quickie.
And it turned out to be a wild ride quickie.

My angle was satisfying,
but I wanted a bit more:

On this:

And you were willing:

The finish was a bit rocky when we changed position to this:

It was a shock as the futon tilted perilously.
I didn’t know I can still do backbends and my upper body strength is solid.
But, I’m sure it didn’t look like this:

Who cares, I felt beautiful.
Plus, Master said, “Wow”!

And everyone is safe.


You taste like chocolate on my Lips,
and its divine.



“Pop Rocks”

“Orange Crush”

Marilyn Minter:
Decades’ worth of her work is on display at The Brooklyn Museum until May 7th, in an exhibition called “Pretty/Dirty.” There you’ll find portraits she took of her mother ― a glamorous addict who embodied the paradoxes that Minter has come to represent. You’ll find videos of tongues brushing against some kind of goopy green product, commentary on consumption in all its forms. (Huffington Post)

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Tutoring dievca: Camille Crimson and Fellatio

Years ago, when Master and dievca connected — dievca needed to be trained as a submissive, but she also needed to be tutored in certain skills. Master, being the Gentleman He is, didn’t want dievca to feel bad — but He did want to have a submissive who could take care of His needs correctly.

Cockworship Brock-and-Sandy

Brock and Sandy

This is what Master e-mailed dievca.

This is beautiful porn….not ugly.
Let me know what you think.

she took it from there….

As dievca is reviewing her Life, she thought that perhaps this is something she should share:
(click on the link)
Fleshbot: Camille Crimson’s Quiet Fireside Blowjob

dievca watched, learned, developed….and Master has not been disappointed.

Camille Crimson’s website is just as lovely:

The Art of the BlowJob