Self Care Sexy…

Sensual Self CareBody Exfoliated
Legs Waxed
Toenails Painted
Hair Cut
Skin Lubed

Feeling Divine~

Something for a slow start and the mists~

It’s a slow morning in NYC – clouds are hanging low.
The perfect time for elegant non-sense before the grind begins.
The 1974 female cover-version is stunning.
Good Morning!

~feeling ‘dainty’~

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Masculine/Feminine (part 3) Master is back

Omar-Sharif_in_Lawrence_of_ArabiaFrom Master:

In the two previous posts, dievca and I have tried to show how difficult it is to put someone’s sexuality into a particular box. But what about D/s? How does that play into it?

As you’ve seen, dievca’s presentation outfits are usually “hyper-feminine.” Master prefers that and dievca enjoys planning a particular costume.

Omar Sharif the eternal male book coverAnd “costume” is a relevant word for this because Master wouldn’t want – or expect – dievca to be wearing a latex skirt on the subway.

The costumes are a form of play that is part of a general moment when both Master and dievca express the masculine/feminine aspects of themselves.



Angelina Jolie TattoosHmm–there is a big difference in dievca from “before Master” and “after Master”. she’s found that she no longer worries about being too masculine or too feminine.  she is just herself.

monroe-marilyn Milton H. GreeneWithin D/s,  dievca was given permission to be hyper-feminine for Master. she delights in dressing for Him and leaning towards the 1950’s Household Kink (works with her curves, nicely). Finding feminine outfits and wearing them to be admired by Master (and others) is an aphrodisiac in of itself. But, Master really likes when His dievca changes it up, too.

So as she write this post, dievca realizes how lucky she is ~ Her Master has His preferences, but He cherishes diversity more and that allows dievca to hold on to her Masculine side.

What changed with their relationship was that she had been given permission and the opportunity to explore her Feminine side with a strong Man. It worked because her Master cherishes both aspects of His dievca’s sexuality.

In the end, you cannot really define or limit Master’s expression of sexuality, nor dievca’s.

They have the gift of being comfortable with themselves all along the sexuality spectrum.

PS. Umm, Master? BTW. dievca is actually considering wearing one of her latex skirts on the subway — not in the BDSM form, but as a part of an outfit. diversity….is that o.k.?
Or might that be a dievca disaster?

Masculine/Feminine (part two) dievca

So what about dievca? Where does she fit on the sexuality “spectrum?”

Marlene Dietrich

In Part One of this series discussing Masculine and Feminine Characteristics, Master’s activities were discussed and what they might mean to people, when perhaps reality is a bit different.

Master asked dievca to answer the question listed above for Part Two of this series.

You might think dievca is hyper-feminine because of Her choices of dress and actions as a submissive.  That is true.  But we are going to focus on the reality that dievca runs more masculine….outside of D/s.

Let’s take a look at some Masculine and Feminine characteristics:

Feminine qualities:

  • receptive
  • creation
  • instinctual wisdom
  • relating
  • nurturing
  • compassion
  • intuition
  • empathy

Masculine qualities:

  • action-oriented
  • focused
  • assertive
  • passionate
  • transforming
  • stability
  • protect
  • support
Gender Photo

Where does dievca fit?

dievca grew up in a household established with boys. Her Mother and Father were thrilled to have a little girl and they desperately wanted to dress their princess in girly clothing. dievca wanted none of it. she wanted pants, mud, sports and to be like her brothers. But her Dad insisted that if his princess was to compete in a sport, it should be a more feminine sport – gymnastics.  Looking back, dievca’s Dad might have been the 1970’s version of a Dom.

Dorothy Hamill Wedge HaircutLet’s just say when dievca cut her hair to look like Dorothy Hamill (“America’s Sweetheart”) after the 1976 Winter Olympics and people starting calling dievca a boy — her Mom was directed to let dievca’s hair grow back. ASAP.

So, dievca was a more masculine kid in a very feminine sport.  Then as an adult when dievca started to play soccer — she was a very feminine player of a more masculine sport. Her teammates would laugh at her gazelle-like gait and elegant leaps to get to the ball.

Basically, dievca is topsy-turvy — she has been told by Gay friends that the Lesbian crowd would love her because she isn’t a Lipstick Lesbian – she’s more Butch. Hmmm~any comments from Lesbian readers on that feedback?

Sports-wise? It didn’t matter because dievca was an excellent athlete and brought great skills to both sporting endeavors. No one cared about her masculinity or femininity because she could make play for either team.  It did mix-up dievca’s view of herself — she thought that she was unattractive in either venue because she didn’t fit the correct sexual stereotype for either sport.

Thank goodness, dievca has a strong personality…

Hot businesswoman sitting with high heels feet up on office desk, holding cigar, looking at camera confidently.

Actually, her strong personality comes into play, too.  It’s often considered a more masculine trait.  dievca does needs to be dominant in her daily life. she has to be a play-maker and get things done in a timely manner — no time to be sweet as sugar…in fact, there have been some adjectives used to describe dievca that are not necessarily nice to a Lady (but if a Man was called the adjective – it would be no problem~ so dievca will take them as a compliment….)

So, does dievca dress in power suits with a lit a cigar?

On a daily basis dievca runs more downtown chic in dress. Master calls her real-life dressing: “urban chic with a touch a wit”.

So, dievca has an eclectic closet and wears many different hats (or clothes). she takes joy in dressing masculine, feminine and androgynous and because it means she has no limits, which is quite freeing. No labels.

So to answer the question at the beginning of this post?

dievca is a strong female who runs more masculine in her daily Life.

But what about D/s?
How does that play into Master and dievca’s definition of sexuality?