Presentation Inspiration – Longline Corset

Standard Corset = Long at the front but not the sides: Standard length corsets work for women with a torso length of about 8″ or more (seated measurement).

Long Corset = Long or “longline” corsets will need a torso length of about 11″ or more (while seated) to allow the wearer to sit while corseted.

Glynis Johns – Longline Corset and Stockings

Thinking of a Presentation Outfit for Master.
He has a deep fondness for corsets.

This is a longline black lace corset with stocking and cage heels. Curled hair and a deep-colored lip. The only problem? dievca has a short waist, so she may not be able to sit down.

Time to get searching.

hills and valleys – elfje

Photo: Nue Galerie

Fingers Squeeze
Climb a Hill
Slide into the Valley

Pygophylia = Gluteus MAXimus


1. Your butt muscles are the largest muscles in your whole body. (Latin: Musculus glutaeus maximus, medius, minimus) The a** has to keep your whole torso up and the stronger your butt muscles are, the higher you can jump.

2. Your butt could cause alcohol poisoning far more easily than your mouth. Drinking with your butt (aka using alcohol enemas) might sound interesting but pouring alcohol into your bottom means the alcohol doesn’t have the stomach and liver (which help make alcohol less toxic) to go through before it gets into your bloodstream. Yes, you are likely to get drunk much faster, but if you do feel like throwing up, the alcohol isn’t in your stomach so you can’t throw it up and there’s no other way to get it out faster. Really not a good idea.

3. Wiping your butt with baby wipes might not actually be a great idea. A lot of people have allergic reactions and can get dermatitis from the chemicals in baby wipes, so you’re better off just sticking to soap and water or regular toilet paper.

4. If you are female, odds are you have a bigger butt than your male friends or male partner because that’s where your estrogen tells fat to go. Men’s bodies tell their fat to go to their stomachs but women’s estrogen directs it right to our butts, which is why you’re more likely to see a guy getting heavier in his stomach and have his butt stay the same size for life.

5. You can get skin cancer on your butt even if its never seen the light of day. Skin cancer can appear in unlikely places like between your fingers and toes, and on your underarms, butt, and genitals, so make sure your doctor is checking everywhere on your body because you never know and also keep an eye out yourself (a hand mirror is your friend). dievca’s Mom learned this firsthand…a spot was found where the sun don’t shine. It made dievca laugh, her Mom loved the sun in the 1970s, but the problem spot was hidden…

6. There’s actually a word that means “I totally get turned on by butts.”It’s called Pygophilia. That’s quite a word if you feel like working it into your daily conversation.

7. The larger your a** is, the smarter you are. According to a University of Oxford study, being a woman with a big butt was linked to being more intelligence, supposedly due to having more omega-3 fats which help with brain development.

8. Your larger rear actually makes you less likely to get seriously ill. That same University of Oxford study that told you your big butt makes you smarter also found that women with bigger butts are less likely to get diabetes and heart disease, even though those are two things associated with obesity. Basically, the fat in the lower parts of your body releases fewer cytokines. Insulin resistance has been associated with abnormal secretion of proinflammatory cytokines.

Marilyn Monroe – Lingerie Inspiration

“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.”


Christopher Kate Black Intarsia Special Sweater

dievca really wants to buy this sweater for a close friend. It would be given with a great deal of humor.

Because dievca is returning to Scandinavia for work, she’s been running around buying hair dye, allergy meds, Coach items, etc. Some are items people have requested and the rest are gifts dievca has found for friends.

One of her very close friends speaks excellent English. But sometimes words take a different meaning in another country.  Like the word “Special” – here’s the Mirriam-Webster definition:



spe·​cial | \ ˈspe-shəl  \

Definition of special

1distinguished by some unusual quality especially:: being in some way superior our special blend
2held in particular esteem special friend
3areadily distinguishable from others of the same category: UNIQUE they set it apart as a special day of thanksgiving
bof, relating to or constituting a species: SPECIFIC
4being other than the usual: ADDITIONALEXTRA
5designed for a particular purpose or occasion


Definition of special

1one that is used for a special service or occasion caught the commuter special to work
2something (such as a television program) that is not part of a regular series
3a featured dish at a restaurant the specials of the day


None of these definitions apply to how, dievca’s friend uses the word, “Special”. The friend uses the word to describe someone who is high maintenance and demanding or a little bit crazy. Someone who is a pain-in-the-neck.    that one? she’s special

The word is said with an inferred eyeball roll.

OK – its sarcasm.

Wouldn’t this sweater be great for someone who is (wait for it….) special herself? dievca’s friend would laugh so hard if she received this sweater as a gift.

Do you know anyone who is…..Special?


a bird’s feathers collectively.



A Goddess in vintage Lingerie

Draft of a timeless dress Madame-Grès by Willy Maywald 1939

All women are goddesses, and it’s just a matter of letting that goddess-power shine – and if you don’t try to be the biggest and baddest damn goddess you can be, you are selling yourself short.  ~Kimora Lee Simmons

Gorgeous Goddess Vintage Vanity Fair Two-Tone Soft Blue


Butterick 1950’s pattern goddess gown

Vintage Claire Sandra Lucie Ann Nightgown Dress Keyhole Greek Goddess

vintage goddess nightgown pink

Vintage Nightgown 60s Intime Negligee Greek Goddess Mad Men Brown & Black Chiffon

Vintage JULIANA LINGERIE LACE Greek Goddess gown nightgown

Vanity Fair 1970’s vintage nightgown aqua Grecian goddess long full sweep

Vintage Goddess Nightgown Etsy

Alexandra King Goddess Gown custom-made in the UK

vintage goddess nightgown red

Vintage Goddess Nightgown Etsy black

Vintage 70s JOHN KLOSS Goddess Nightgown – Draped Cowl Neck Tropical Ocean Blue

A woman dressed as Saga (”Goddess of history”)  1934. Sweden