Lingerie: obsessed with Fishnet

We’ve spoken about Fishnet stockings and lingerie several times.

dievca would like to bring it back up, this week, in the lingerie section because
Agent Provocateur is offering Fishnet, again, as Riho

dievca is feeling that this is something for Master…
Is it something for your Sir or Madame?

Embellished (lingerie)

dievca knows that we touched on Fishnet Tights in the lingerie category, here.
But, if you are willing to step up your sassy, sexiness for the Holidays. Embellished Fishnet Tights might do it. Just add a Rhinestone Collar and heels, you will have a stunning presentation (and/or) “Night of Seduction” Outfit.

Or have an Embellished Lingerie Set.(Bra/ Panties) :

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What are Fishnets? (lingerie history)

Sophia Loren Fishnet tights

What a way to show off your legs! FISHNETS!  The graphic pattern of this lingerie piece highlights the curves and muscles of the legs and blurs the imperfections – but where did the idea come from?

The origin of fishnet stockings or fishnet pantyhose is hard to pinpoint. The earliest mention of “fishnet clothing” actually goes back to one of Aesop’s Fables in the early 1900s, “The Peasant’s Wise Daughter”. In the story, the king tells a peasant’s daughter that if she can solve his riddle, he will marry her. He challenges her to “Come to me not clothed, not naked, not riding…” and she solves the riddle by wrapping herself in a fisherman’s net. This idea of being covered and not covered has been a major reason in the appeal of fishnet.

E.J. Bellocq photograph circa 1915

Roland Barthes, philospher, writes in his 1973 essay, The Pleasure of the Text, about the eroticism of the interplay of seen and unseen that fishnet embody. Including the grid pattern visual properties of netted clothing.
These eye-catching characteristics follow along the same path which striped pantyhose were great attention-grabbers on Prostitutes.

People say that fishnet stockings began in the early 1900s with the showgirls of the famous Moulin Rouge, but most images of women from the time were adorned in black stockings, not fishnets. The New Orleans Red-light District wore vertically striped pantyhose to catch the eye.

Fishnet stockings became popular with flappers and showgirls in the 1920’s as hemlines rose to just barely below the knee. They were popular for a couple of reasons:  from a distance the fishnet encased legs look as though they were adorned in black tights, but under the bright lights of a stage, pieces of flesh would show through. And fishnet tights were more functional  than standard silk and rayon because they allowed the flappers to dance more freely. Silk and rayon stockings were not ideal for a large range of motion.

Bettie Page

Fishnet continued to be associated with a ‘loose’ type of woman especially as they gained popularity with print-porn and the pin-up girls of the 1950’s.

In the 1960’s, with the rise of the miniskirt, some women took to playing with the amount of leg they showed by wearing  tight weave fishnet tights in various colors.

Subverting mainstream fashion, punks and goths of the 1970’s took control of the fishnet tights and made them more extreme by ripping holes in them. Along with safety-pin earrings, patched denim jackets, and more, female punks found this a great way to give the mainstream idea of proper women’s clothing the finger.

Fishnet tights graduated to any fishnet piece of clothing with Madonna in the 1980’s. This pop singer and fashion icon was often dressed in fishnets, but she didn’t limit herself to just stockings.

By the 1990’s, a number of fashion and knitwear designers were creating fishnet stockings and loose-knit, nearly nude dresses.  Thereafter, fishnet tights and clothing became normalized “fashion”.

Present day fishnet clothing is offered by Alexander Wang, Helmut Lang, Marchesa, Cushnie et Ochs, and more
And as fashion designers often do…they took this provocative piece of clothing material and turned fishnet mainstream.   Offering pieces that range from conservative layering pieces to risqué ripped garments.

What is made out of fishnet in your closet?

In dievca’s? gloves, lingerie, stockings, tights, bodysuits

Sources: dievca, Vice, CR Fashion Book, Foot Traffic, Amy Boone

And if you would like to source a pair of traditional Fishnet stockings or tights – click here!

Caught in the net!

Caught in Your Net
Captured by the Sea
Sun and Sand surround Me

Kissed by the Salt
Caressed by the Breeze
Sultry, Languid, Elegant ease

Will You, Master?
May I?

Wolford Netsation

solution to the obsession

Fleur de Mal fishnet bra

dievca’s obsession and sadness about the Agent Provocateur Bubbles set is solved.
Fleur du Mal‘s fishnet offering is less expensive
and with the smaller holes – much better looking on dievca.
A Win-Win for dievca’s unpinnings collection.
(Now, Master has to weigh in on the set!)

Fleur Du Mal Fishnet High Waisted Knickers

Obsessing and then your bubble pops…

Agent Provocateur bubbles red

Agent Provocateur bubbles_rihanna-esquire1dievca saw Rihanna in the Agent Provocateur “Bubbles” fishnet bra in black. she was obsessed. Lurking on eBay. Trying to determine if the playsuit would have the same impact as the bra. Justifying the costs. she never found the black bra…

This Spring the “Bubbles” set was re-issued in red. Hah!  dievca thought “here we go, Master will love it – fabulous” and she trotted down to SoHo to make the purchase without trying the set on.

Then dievca was intrigued by another lingerie set and was persuaded to try it on. And if she was stripping – she thought should really try-on the “Bubbles” set, too.

Uhhhh — glad she did. It was awful on her.

Talk about being deflated…dievca’s bubble popped.

Agent Provocateur bubbles black Agent Provocateur bubbles red plain

Wiggle it, just a little bit!

Daniel James Black Latex Skirt

Daniel James Black Latex Skirt

The classic definition of a Wiggle Skirt (Dress): A dress whose hem is narrower than the hips, this narrowness keeps your legs close together at the knees causing the wearer to walk in short strides with legs close together which produces a sway or a wiggle of the hips.

Marilyn Monroe - Some Like It Hot Walk

Master loves when dievca presents in a very feminine way. He’s also partial to her curves. Now, she lost a little bit of weight while Master was sick, but her curves can still wiggle! And wiggle she did, channeling a burlesque 1950’s look in her Daniel James full zipper long black LATEX pencil skirt.

It was ALL about that LATEX skirt.
(And dievca’s wiggle…. she did a lot of walking.)

Now, we all know about dievca’s troubles with latex, but the full zipper helped with putting on the skirt. The thick latex was forgiving enough for the garter belt and dievca chose to wear the zipper in the back, so that Master could unzip to view His ASSets.
Hurrah — no Disaster.

The trickiest part of this presentation outfit was the Wolford net gloves — fingers or nails popped through the holes while putting them on. It was worth the extra time because Master loved the visual of dievca’s gloved hands against His skin.

Hmm, Gloves…something to talk about in the near future.

Here’s the rest of the outfit:

Hair down, blown out big with some flip. Smoky eye shadow and a “cat” eye with black liner, just a little blush and RED lips. The gloves and lips were a beautiful visual on Master’s Cock – or so he said. Photo Op?

Master told dievca to go braless —

In the beginning, Master would tell dievca what to wear — but when He figured out that she loves fashion, He gave dievca free reign as long as the focus was dressing for Him. Now, Master rarely tells dievca what to wear because He likes to be surprised, but as a change of pace — Master commanded dievca to go braless.

This is a bit of a challenge, as dievca has a full Bust.  she decided to face the challenge full-on and wear one of her favorite semi-vintage lingerie pieces. A Cosabella Sheer Fishnet Thong Turtleneck Bodysuit.

Here is the gist of it:

Alexander Wang Do-It-Like-A-Boy-Kelsey-Van-Mook-Emma-Tempest-UK-Elle-September-2012

dievca’s piece is NOT the Alexander Wang Mesh/Fishnet Turtleneck.

But, dievca’s piece IS a green tighter weave fishnet Cosabella turtleneck thong bodysuit.
When she takes off her leather jacket she hopes the effect will be very similar to the photo above.

she couldn’t find a photo of her exact turtleneck, but here are some green fishnet samples to get you in the frame mind:

FishnetGreen lanvin-blue-and-green-fishnet-stitched-sweater- maison-martin-margiela-green-dark-green-fishnet-body- intimately-evergreen-fishnet-racer-back-bra-


  1. The weave on the fishnet tights is very similar to dievca’s turtleneck
  2. The color on this Lanvin Sweater is the color
  3. This is a bodysuit from Martin Margiela that dievca covets
  4. This is a bra from Free People that dievca covets

dievca’s planned outfit:

Akris Tulle Turtleneck Bodysuit golden-goose-deluxe-brand-black-belted-jacket-alexader-wang-black-pencil-skirtWolford thigh highs Azzedine Alaia Thigh High Boots Wedgealexis-bittar-gold-necklace-liquid-gold-thin-collar-Alexis Bittar


  1. This is an Akris Tulle turtleneck body suit, insert dievca’s Cosabella favorite instead
  2. Golden Goose belted black leather jacket
  3. Black knit skirt
  4. Wolford Stay-Up Tights
  5. Alaia Thigh High leather Boots
  6. Alexis Bittar Liquid Gold Thin Collar

Depending upon where Master takes dievca, she will leave the jacket on closed or open, but if there is an opportunity, she will take the jacket off. (Look—her breasts are an asset and well-shaped. BTW, since 1992, it is legal for Women to bare their breasts for non-commercial activity in NY. No Laws broken. XO)

In her search for the Cosabella photo she did run across the information that Cosabella is celebrating 30 Years of Color.  Look for a future post about the brand!

And wish dievca luck going braless! She will be taking deep breaths to be BOLD!