“She’s a Fox!”

This is not referring to an animal fox, but a young and beautiful women. dievca read that this is derived from the ancient British word of Foxismonitism, meaning attractive or sexually appealing. But she is not sure — the sources were sketchy. Whatever the truth, the word fox has evolved over the years to become a more well-known, slang word, foxy.

dievca remembers her first real compliment in 7th grade at the local Park District pool.  she was sitting near a boy she had a crush on (8th grader) and overheard him talking to a High School boy.  The High School Boy said, “She a Fox!” and dievca was astounded when she realized that the guy was talking about her!

A moment hidden in dievca’s memory banks until she bought this chemise during the end of the year sales and saw the name on the tag.  she may be a bit (o.k. a lot) older and not quite as appealing, but she can still be considered Foxismonitism in certain eyes (and light). XO

dievca bought the Cosabella “Never Say Never” Foxie Chemise in Aloe

Cosabella Foxie Chemise Aloe

Cosabella Foxie Chemise Aloe person front Cosabella Foxie Chemise Aloe person back

Cosabella Foxie Chemise Aloe color