Ask and you shall receive~

dievca read an email from the handbag brand ,Jack Gomme, and spotted a bag she was interested in:

Jack Gommer _Mandarine_A_800x

The Mandarine color was sold out online – 3 hours after the email arrived.

So dievca dropped an email to the French Brand’s customer service to ask if there was a orange bag available in a physical store or something.  she opened and closed the email in French – but that was the limit of her skills….

Fresh tangerine on white groundIt worked!  Customer service replied within 24 hours and put an extra bag online for dievca to buy.  The bag has arrived and its a breath of Citrus for the Spring.

If you like the shape and size it looks like Cyprus and Noir are the only two colors still available from the six. Click on the title below to see the bags online:


SKU: 23E1768.AC01D-2750

295,00 €


ATELIER CUIR – NAPPA: A refined style and subtle shades underline the beauty and quality of this Nappa leather with soft and resistant finishes, carefully selected in Europe

– Crossbody bag
– Adjustable shoulder strap
– Zipper closure
– 1 outside pocket
– 2 inside pockets
– Comes with a cotton storage pouch
– Capacity: pocket book, large wallet, 8″ tablet, small water bottle
– Composition: 100% cowhide leather

Dimensions: 26x12x7cm
Weight: 365g

BDSM Ads: Masochism

This cheeky advertising campaign reveals that more people than it seems are into BDSM (and this is why)

French property management company wants ‘Bellman’ to be your safe word


bellman-4The owners of flats or houses tend to take time to change their real estate agent, even if they are not satisfied with the current one. This is the main reason that has led the French real estate management company Bellman to create a brazen advertising campaign in which it claims that whoever is willing to put up with frustrating service must be a masochist.

The action is based on a study carried out by Bellman with Harris Interactive in November 2021. This indicated that almost half of the respondents, 45%, who were co-owners of a home said they were dissatisfied with the management company in charge of their co-ownership .

Developed by the Steve agency , the campaign presents four images of a person at home doing daily activities, such as vacuuming or watering the plants, while dressed from head to toe in a bodysuit associated with BDSM.

The eye-catching cutscenes are accompanied by lines like, ” If you’re stuck with your building manager not answering after 36 calls, you’re probably going to enjoy it .” “If you stay with your building manager despite continuous roof leaks, you probably like him,” says another of the phrases.

The ads launched in Paris on February 8 and are supported by a six-week media plan across subways, buses, bus stops and stations, along with PR, digital and social activity.

“Among the co-owners, a certain feeling of fatality has settled, but also of boredom,” says Antonio Pinto , CEO of Bellman. “Through this campaign, we wanted to tell them with a touch of humor that their suffering can come to an end. And we are not exaggerating with the suffering: the disappointments that stand out are the unfortunate reality of some co-owners », he continues explaining.

“To appeal to these too often frustrated co-owners and show the efficacy of his model, Bellman had to come up with a strong message to shock effect, but do so with the humor and sense of kinship that immediately creates a bond,” adds Guillaume. Lartigue , co-chairman and creative director of Steve.


Advertiser: Bellman
Brand Director: Virginie Deprost
Agency: Steve
Co-Chairman & Executive Creative Director: Guillaume Lartigue
Creative Director: Edouard Dorbais
Artistic Director: Isaora Le Jeannic
Copywriter: Aymeric Druaux
Chief Strategy Officer: Laure Lagarde
Group Account Director: Louis Tierny
Account Executive : Pierre Van Elslande
Photographer: Sacha Goldberg

A “Thank You” to

Shopping the Sale at Simone Perele

Simone Perele Comete Flamingo
Comete in Flamingo (above)
Caresse in Anthracite (below)
Simple and Lovely under Master’s Presentation outfits.
Simone Perele Caresse

comme ci, comme ça

Chinti and Parker COMME_CI_COMME_CA_SWEATER_CAMEL $250dievca’s holding up.

How are you?


comme ci, comme ça Wool and Cashmere Sweaters from Chinti and Parker $295

Tattoo You – Aubade Paris


A new lease of life for tattoos

Etched into our skin for thousands of years, tattoos have become artistic as well as aesthetic. A phenomenon that has broken all the boundaries of fashion.

For a long time, tattoos conjured up the tribal images of ancient cultures and exotic peoples, with enormous symbols covering the arms, backs and torsos of Polynesian, Maori and Japanese people, for example. And rightly so: for centuries, tattoos represented a rite of passage, symbols of protection or a sign of belonging to a particular clan or tribe.

Until the trend took off again around 1990 to 2000. From the shower of tiny stars on the back of Rihanna’s neck to the giant words and patterns on David Beckham’s body, these permanent markings have become extremely fashionable. The Musée du Quai Branly in Paris hosted an exhibition on tattoos in 2015.

As a way to stand out from the crowd or express your personality, tattoos have become like a second skin. They can be proudly shown off, or reserved for only the most intimate views.

Tattoo Boxer Aubade

May Day – Sing a Song of Spring!

p-nadarpaul.jpgSing a song of May-time.
Sing a song of Spring.
Flowers are in their beauty.
Birds are on the wing.
May time, play time.
God has given us May time.
Thank Him for His gifts of love.
Sing a song of Spring.

Photo: Paul Nadar 1874-1939
Rue d’Anjou, Paris, France

The son of the Famous French photographer Felix Tournachon (Nadar). Paul began working at his father’s studio in 1874. He investigated the many possibilities of photography such as capturing views from hot air balloons. In 1890 he made a trip to Central Asia using George Eastman’s new flexible bromide film. The collaboration worked so well that Nadar became the representative for Kodak products in France. Both Paul and his father photographed many famous people of their time but Paul’s emphasis on those at the cutting edge of society strained their relationship. Paul not only produced portraits of celebrities of the stage, he hosted the first exhibition of Impressionist painters.

In the 1920’s a good number of real photo postcards were produced under the Nadar name, most of them of full nudes with some of them having hand coloring. But there is serious doubt to whether the cards of nudes were actually made from Nadar’s photographs. Another unknown publisher may have borrowed Nadar’s logo to enhance the prestige of these cards and make them more sellable.

A “Thank You” to

Understanding a friend’s behavior – after years of friendship.

In France, there are several words for “to complain”: there’s se plaindre”, used for regular old complaining; there’s porter plainte”, for complaining more officially. And then there’s râler”complaining just for the fun of it. A curmudgeonly grumble.


In France, a complaint is an appropriate – and frequent – conversation starter. “To Americans, saying something negative sounds like you’re closing the conversation”, in France, such comments are perceived as “a way to invite other people’s opinions”. North Americans, she said, are not as comfortable with confrontation – or with criticism – as the French are. Râler, then, “comes across as something that’s more intelligent than being too starry-eyed and optimistic about things”. (Julie Barlow – Canadian Journalist)

dievca’s friend is half-French, but it is a large half of her Life.  That consistent grumbling is an invitation to an intelligent conversation….and dievca has missed the boat a number of times. XOXO

BBC Article: Why the French Love to Complain

An additional note from dievca – when Americans hear a complaint, they think they need to fix the issue. Apparently, the “râler” creates no such obligation. Good to know!

A little italiàno travels well

So, dievca has been at a caffeine loss since Scandinavia.  The French coffee is not as strong.
dievca was forced to seek alternative coffee and espresso filled the bill.
Thank goodness for the Italians!
(and a heck of a lot of them are wandering Normandy and Brittany)